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Supernatural: Top 10 Brotherly Love Moments (Seasons 1-5)

It's time for my next Supernatural top ten list! Are you ready, kids? (Aye aye, Captain!... Uh, sorry. You know you have a little brother when you can recite the Spongebob theme song by heart.) Up this week, we've got the Top Ten Brotherly Love Moments. D'awwww. Get ready for some of that.

Please keep in mind, that while some of their fights may be love in disguise, for the most part I'm counting those as ze angst, which is getting its very own list next week. So do not despair! You will see those next week. But this week? This week is all about love. That platonic love between brothers. Please, none of that slash business here. Also, I'm warning you ahead of time that I'm cheating on some of these, lumping a few repeated moments together so I can get a little more juice out of only having 10 spots on this list.

Oh, and remember, the titles are links to youtube clips of each moment I'm talking about. Without further ado...

10. Sam begs unconscious Dean to stay alive (approx 9:30 in)

(2x01 "In My Time of Dying")

This last spot was highly contested. I had many different options fighting it out to gain their spot here, but in the end, I had to go with my gut and choose between this moment and one other (the other was when Dean wouldn't leave Sam to die in Croatoan, in case you were wondering). Unfortunately, I cannot find a clip for this scene no matter what kind of search I try on youtube! Blast it all! Anyway, I chose this scene over the other one because we see Dean being sacrificial for Sam quite a lot, so it gets a bit old hat. This moment is a short but sweet one where Sam asks Dean to hang on, because he and John would kill each other if Dean wasn't around, but also, as Sam says, they'd just started to become brothers again. Too bad Dean doesn't actually get to hear any of this, though.

9. Jerk. Bitch.

(1x01 "Pilot"; 2x10 "Hunted"; 2x20 "What is and What Should Never Be")

The above clip features a few different times where our favorite terms of endearment between the boys are thrown back and forth. If there are more than those three, I am not recalling them. Though you may not think calling someone a jerk or a bitch would be a term of endearment, think again. For these two, it might as well be them declaring their undying love. I mean, just take a look at the third one. In the alternate reality, Dean tries to call Sam a bitch, but since their relationship has not exactly been peachy in this world, Sam does not get why in the world Dean would call him that. Hilarious, yes, but it also just underscores the fact that it is indeed their "I love you" to each other.

8. Wanted: Dead or Alive

(3x16 "No Rest for the Wicked")

In an episode full of panic, trying to get Dean out of his deal, the boys have a nice little moment in the Impala singing along to "Wanted Dead or Alive" by Bon Jovi. They get to rock out together, and Sam gets to relax a little, which he hasn't really been doing at all since he found out about the deal. Of course, the moment is rather short-lived once Dean starts to realize how much the song pertains to his quickly dwindling life, and how much he's going to miss moments like these. Which are already few and far between, let's admit.

7. Sam says he'd die for Dean

(2x22 "All Hell Breaks Loose, Part II")

Though we got some glimpse into just how much Dean didn't value himself as a person, it really all came to the forefront in this episode. I mean, he gives up his soul to bring his brother back to life. Though he manages to keep it a secret from Sam for the majority of the episode, by the end Sam gets him to admit it. Sam also gets to knock some sense into him when he tells Dean that he'd do just as much to save him as he does. Wow, sorry if that sentence gets confusing, lots of hes and hims. But you know what I mean. It's like Dean has never even considered that Sam would sacrifice himself like he would, and the look in his eye when Sam says it is... well, it's basically Sam saying he loves him, which Dean has never really been sure of. Cue the awww.

6. Dean didn't want to let Sam down, apologizes

(5x18 "Point of No Return")

Most of season five found Dean struggling to trust and have faith in Sam. All of that came to a head in this superb episode, where Dean was ready to say yes to Michael. He went so far as to get in the room with Zachariah and say he would, but then he looks over at Sam, and something clicks. He refuses, and kills Zachariah to boot. Afterward, Sam wonders why Dean didn't say yes, and Dean replies that he just didn't want to let Sam down. He then goes on to apologize for not having faith in Sam and constantly treating him like a child. Yes, Dean! Way to grow.

5. Fixing the Impala

(3x07 "Fresh Blood")

Though this episode was filled with lots o' the angst thanks to Dean acting all cavalier in the face of impending death and Sam wanting him to tone it down and act normal, in the end Dean pulls through and shows that he's actually been listening to Sam after all. While working on the Impala along the side of the road, Dean starts showing Sam how to fix it, which we can safely assume he has never done before, seeing as Sam barely ever gets to drive the thing. Sam wonders why he's doing this, and Dean replies that Sam has to know it for the future, and besides, that's what big brothers are supposed to do - show their little brothers the ropes. Aww. (I did warn you there'd be a lot of the "awww"ing, yes?)

4. Fireworks

(5x16 "Dark Side of the Moon")

When Dean gets sent to Heaven, one of his top moments is one 4th of July when he took Sam out with a bunch of fireworks and set them off together, just the two of them having a nice time. The look of pure joy on young Sam's face and the way he thanks Dean and gives him a hug for taking them out there, coupled with the look on Dean's face as he re-lives the moment are so awesome. Not to mention the scene looks and sounds amazing with the lights of the fireworks and Bob Dylan's "Knockin' on Heaven's Door" playing in the background. I tell you what, I didn't want it to end.

3. "I'm not gonna leave you."

(5x22 "Swan Song")

Nothing has gone according to plan for the boys at this point in the season five finale. Sam wasn't able to hold off Lucifer in order to jump into the cage, and vanished off to points unknown to wreak havoc. Dean won't give up on finding Sam, though, and eventually gets the intel from Chuck. As Lucifer/Sam starts giving Dean the beating of a lifetime, Dean still manages to get out that he's not leaving Sam, and that, along with a glint off an army man in the Impala, stirs the Sam within, flooding him with memories of him and Dean, and giving him the chance to take over and get himself, with Lucifer in tow, back into the cage. Their love saves the world, people! I almost put this one at number one just because of that alone, but there were a couple other moments that edged it out. But if this is your favorite, I wouldn't blame you. It's pretty powerful.

2. Exchanging gifts

(3x08 "A Very Supernatural Christmas")

Quite possibly two of the sweetest moments ever in the history of the series. The first clip features a flashback to the young Sam and Dean during a Christmas where John left them alone. Dean, in an attempt to make it a good Christmas for Sam, steals some presents from a nearby house, which turn out to be girl presents. Whoops! Sam then gives Dean the present he was going to give to John, since Dean was actually around and cared about the holiday. And it's Dean's necklace, that he still wears to this day! Aw man. Then, back in the present, after much squabbling over how Sam doesn't want to celebrate Christmas this year because it will be Dean's last, he decides to give Dean the Christmas he's been wanting after all, and they exchange gifts over plastic cups of eggnog, afterward settling in to watch the game. There is a lot of unspoken love in this scene, and that last shot of the Impala, Christmas lights twinkling in reflection on its hood, with the boys inside the hotel behind it, and the soundtrack... Well. Pardon me while I get a little teary eyed.

1. Hugs

(2x22 "All Hell Breaks Loose, Part II"; 3x11 "Mystery Spot"; 4x01 "Lazarus Rising")

This seems like an obvious choice, but I almost switched some things around and had a different moment as number one. But I had to give it back to the hugs. We have three big hugs to discuss here. Two of them are a bit one-sided, with the third being a genuine both-boys-hugging-each-other moment. First up, we have the one Dean gives Sam after he's been brought back from the dead in "All Hell Breaks Loose, Part II." That was their first hug in the series, and showed Dean's complete relief at having Sam back, though Sam had no idea what was going on. The second was when Sam hugs Dean after he's brought back to life after the whole Trickster business of "Mystery Spot." Bit of the same thing going on as the other one, as Dean didn't really get what Sam had gone through. But the big Kahuna hug goes to the one in "Lazarus Rising" when Dean and Sam first see each other after Dean's come back from Hell, with Bobby watching, struggling not to get all teary-eyed himself. Aww, boys. You may only hug when one of you is brought back from the dead, but hey, I guess that's a pretty good reason for a hug.

Do you agree with my list? I had a bunch of other options that I thought about including, but these all seemed to rank higher, to me. Let me know in the comments if I missed your favorite moment!

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Supernatural: Top 10 Brotherly Love Moments by freshfromthe.com


  1. I love all of 'em! I am not too concerned with the order; all of them made me squee and melt.

    Thank you for sharing!

  2. in your "hugs" you forgot the hug (which you even have a shot of) in "Dark Side of the Moon." Great list. The fireworks scene made me cry all over again.

  3. Great list! I'm never able to settle on my favourite brother moments. There are just too many. :) By the way, the brothers' hug in 'All Hell Breaks Loose II' is technically not the first hug betweeen them. In 'Home' Dean pulls his exhausted brother into his arms and hugs him (after the evil lanmpcord tries to strangle Sam) - blink and you miss it, as the scene fades out just there, but it's clearly a (one-sided) hug. *g* So, basically we have one hug in every season. :)

  4. Love love love. Excellent list. Thanks for the reminder of all these wonderful brotherly moments.

  5. @Snuze - glad you enjoyed the list!

    @hezio2 & galathea-snb - yeah, there have been other hugs, but I didn't really count them in the hugs section because they were either too brief or in a kind of dream/memory. Plus that youtube clip had those three hahaha! ;)

    @wynefred - Thanks! It was fun to go through them!

  6. This is absolutely wonderful!
    I totally got all teary remembering these loving moments!

  7. Thank you what an awesome and beautiful list. You brought tears to my eyes

  8. Happy to be a tear-bringer! ;)

  9. Dude you missed out my most beautiful brotherly love moment the 'cos I know you, i've been following you around since I was four dean, studying you trying to be just like my big brother...i wish you'd drop the show and be my big brother again cos...just cos...' I cried for the first time ever in SPN. CRIED.

  10. Yeah, that moment was somewhere between brotherly love and brotherly angst, so that's why it wasn't included. I do have the moment later in the episode where Dean shows him how to fix the car, though. ;)

  11. Great list and I agree with you, but I also agree with Charli above. That moment in 'Fresh Blood' when Sam tell Dean that he just him to be his big brother again..cos...just cos, and then Dean relents and stays for him, *sob*, break my heart everytime.