Wednesday, July 7, 2010

...Set: SYTYCD S7 Top 8 Performance Show

First of all: ALEX! Seriously, you guys, I will be so upset if he isn't able to continue in the competition. Seeing as he is probably the best dancer on the show and he had a legitimate chance at winning (often the best dancers only come in second or third for whatever reason). Seriously, let us all hope that his injury is not one that will require months of recovery. Fingers crossed. 

Otherwise, this week found the remaining contestants dancing two dances - one with an all-star that they hadn't yet been paired with, and one with one of their fellow contestants. I wonder what they will do next week when the numbers are uneven again? Because I enjoyed seeing them dance with each other. Didn't you?

Who had the worst night:

Recap/Review of So You Think You Can Dance - Season 7 - Top 8 Performance Episode by freshfromthe.comAdechike - Though I don't think he deserved quite the harsh criticisms he got, he definitely got some of the harshest of the night. His first dance was with all-star Courtney for a Mandy Moore jazz that mostly just required Courtney to look sexy. Not a whole lot o' dancing going on in that number, which Mia outright seemed to loathe. Adechike also was unlucky because he was supposed to have his contestant dance with Alex in a Nakul bollywood number. Instead, he had to dance with Nakul's assistant. I feel like the routine was probably a lot different when Alex was doing it, because it didn't seem like she was actually doing very much but circling around Adechike. And while he did better than Jose did a few weeks ago, he still wasn't as good as we have seen in the past (Joshua!). The judges, though, got very harsh here, and I have to give props to Cat for actually bringing up the fact that mere weeks ago they actually sort of praised Jose for the very thing they nit-picked Adechike on, which was infusing a little bit of his own style into the bollywood. But, despite all of that, he may be spared the bottom three again. Why's that? Because he still hasn't been in it! It baffles me.

Who had an okay night:

Jose - It's interesting with Jose. The judges were quick to address various notions that they are light on criticisms of Jose because of his personality. Their response was basically to call everyone nanny nanny boo boo heads with a bit of pish posh thrown in. Basically, they say he has a lack of ego that shows through in his routines, and that is appealing. I don't disagree, he seems like a completely sweet guy. But his dances tonight were only okay for me. His first dance was a Mandy Moore contemporary with all-star Lauren. Maybe I'm getting a little over contemporary, because it just seemed like more of a bit of fluff. The judges liked it, but I was left kind of... eh? I didn't expect it to end when it did, and thought he had kind of a stiff neck. Jose's second dance was with Billy for an African jazz piece, choreographed by Sean Cheesman. The choreography itself? Amazing. But the judges didn't think Jose brought enough power to it, which I can see too. But I'm pretty sure Jose won't be seeing the bottom three this week.

Billy - Billy had an interesting night. His first dance was supposed to be with all-star Allison in a Spencer Liff Broadway piece, but Allison got injured during their rehearsal, so they brought in.... KATEE! OMG! Sorry, I'm a big Katee fan. So happy to see her back. Anyway! The routine was fun, I do enjoy Spencer Liff's Broadway choreography so much more than some *cough* Tyce *cough* others we see so often on the show. The routine was one of Billy's best of the season so far, but the reason he's only in the okay category is because of his African jazz. I actually thought he did a rather good job in the number, but was seriously distracted by that outfit, which looked liked it was meant for a lady. Billy comes across as too fay sometimes, so that just doesn't help. But, I did think their roles fit them well in the dance. I don't think they deserved quite the lashing they got. Though certainly they both could've put a little extra oomph, because the routine itself was so cool, it wasn't as bad as it could've been.

Robert - Robert is in between an okay and a good for me, but because he got so many comments in his second routine, I'm going to put him in the okay. I fear he may be in the bottom three again merely because he got the kiss of death routine. Gee, producers, give someone you keep saying shouldn't be in the bottom three the kiss of death routine? What are you trying to do? ANYWAY. Robert's first routine of the night was a Sean Cheesman jazz number with all-star Kathryn, and it was tons and tons of fun. It was about a couple of dolls who break out of their boxes to have some fun. It was sort of hilarious to see Rob be purposefully cheesy when he sometimes is too cheesy on his own. The concept was made for him, really. I don't think any of the other guys could've pulled it off quite as well. His second dance of the night, however, was the dreaded quickstep with Ashley. I actually thought they did a pretty good job, but Nigel started going on and on about all sorts of things. Mia also commented on the song being too jarring for the type of dance. The song was "The Man with the Hex" by The Atomic Fireballs, and I actually thought it might have been a help in getting votes, to be honest. We'll see come tomorrow. 

I'm taking a quick break here to mention the awesome Old Spice guy, who had a commercial in there somewhere. I even stopped and rewound it to watch. Love it. Okay, recap recommencing...

Who had a good night:

Ashley - For coming out of nowhere with virtually no background given before being on the show, Ashley has made it really far (same goes for Robert too, in that case). This week Ashley finally go to do something other than contemporary, starting out the night with a NapTab hip hop piece with all-star Dominic. I have to say I didn't really see their supposed story coming through in the choreography, because it was pretty old school hip hop, a lot of side by side synchronized moves and such. However, Ashley was pretty damn good at it! Dare I say, I think she was even better than all-star Comfort in her routine, whose style is hip hop. Adam called her a quiet contender in the competition, and I think he's right. Her second routine of the night, however, was that dreaded quickstep I just talked about. The judges didn't lambaste her quite as much as they did Robert, though. I think she'll be safe, but now that Melinda's gone, who knows with the girls!

Kent - Kent actually kept his face mostly under control tonight, and didn't play to the audience - way to listen to criticisms, Kent. I salute you. His first dance of the night was a Dave Scott hip hop with all-star Comfort. And do you know, he was actually not bad at hip hop! Who would've thought? It was a very smooth hip hop, though, if he had been trying to do a krump, it would've been a different story, I'm sure. But do you know what I wrote, even before his second piece? I quote: "Why do they insist on making it look like he's making out with every girl?" Seriously, does this not happen every week? Because it happened again in his second number with Lauren, a Travis Wall contemporary piece about the prom. How fitting for these two, the youngest contestants on the show. It was a very sweet number, and I don't really have much more to say than that. I will mention that Adam seemed to have a lot of double entendre comments about Kent's routines tonight, though. Adam!

Lauren - Wow, who would've thought I'd be putting Lauren so high up? She really impressed me this week, particularly with her first routine with all-star Pasha, a cha cha choreographed by Jean Marc and France. My comment for her here, and I'm going to just quote my notes again: "Who knew Lauren had that kind of sexy beast in her?" And also, the costume! Whoa. Nigel of course made some dirty old man comments about that, as he always does. But that dance was sexy, and she was really great in it. We even got a crazy Mia comment: "Pure murderation." Yeah, there you go. Her second dance was the prom one with Kent, which, as I said, they both danced very well.

And, I'm spent. Who do you think is going home this week? That's assuming it's not, gasp, Alex, and his poor hurt foot! Seriously, please don't let it happen. He looked like he was in near tears the entire night watching from the stands.

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  1. #1 I was SOOOO excited to see Katee last night, she is one of my absolute favs! (although I follow her and Allison on twitter so I put 2 and 2 together when Allison said she was injured and Katee said she would be on the show last night on twitter). #2 If Alex goes home, I may shed a tear. Although he will have left on a ultimate high from last week. #3 I think Adechike is going home tonight if he's in the bottom for sure! Unless Alex has to by default. HOWEVER, I think the judge's OBVIOUS plan may backfire on them--they criticized Adechike so much and over praised Robert on his first routine (and consistenly said and pleaded w/ America not to put him in the bottom...judge's it's AMERICA's fav dancer, NOT YOURS!) that I think America will vote for Adechike to save him and ignore Robert, thus putting him in the bottom 3. Whatever happens I know my girls are safe!! I enjoy them both and I'm hoping they will make it to the point where America has the final say--when is that gonna happen btw!?! So, those are my thoughts...

  2. Yeah I'm wondering if Adechike will actually be in the bottom or not, considering he hasn't been so far, even though the judges have been fairly harsh on him all along. Not that I like him, because I don't, but still.

    I will be SO SO SO sad if Alex has to leave. Poor guy.