Monday, September 27, 2010

...Set: Chuck 4x02 "Chuck vs. the Suitcase"

Though Chuck's premiere last week was solid, I think this week really stepped things back up. Just look at the amount of quotes I have this week versus last week! Of course, that is mostly due to the fact that we got to see more of our side players this week, with the return of Jeff and Lester, and the lovely Captain Awesome himself, Devon.

So what exactly have Jeff and Lester been up to since the Buy More blew up? They've been living in Jeff's van, evading the po-po, and being generally creepy, I'm sure. But how do they get back into the loving arms of the Buy More? It's all thanks to Morgan, who informs General Beckman that while the CIA version of the Buy More may run more efficiently, it's all too much. She agrees to let him bring back some of the old crowd to make it look more normal, and in the end hands him the reins of store manager. What does this mean for the future of Big Mike?

Devon, meanwhile, is going a little bit psycho over Ellie being pregnant. He's buying 10 different sound machines and vegan baby food and generally not letting her lift a finger. Eventually, it becomes too much for Ellie, and she wants to know why he's acting crazy. He confesses it's because he doesn't want her to take on too much and not ask for help since she basically had to raise Chuck by herself without her mom around. Ellie convinces him they need to just work as a team like they always have, but in the end we see that she does have worries about her mom, which is convenient since I'm guessing about 1/4-1/2 of the season is going to be about finding her.

Before I get to the big Chuck and Sarah story of the evening, there was also a little side bit with Casey that also showcased the night's big theme of planting roots and coming home. He's been brushing off his daughter Alex, but gets a wake up call from Morgan that if he's ever going to feel at home in Burbank, he should step up and spend time with her. In the end, he calls her. Aww.

Recap/review of Chuck 4x02 'Chuck versus the Suitcase' by freshfromthe.comOf course, the big story of the night that also played into the spy story of the night was Chuck and Sarah. On the spy side, they had to track down this spy/model Sofia Stepinova who has been selling special bullets that have tracking devices, or something. On the personal side, Chuck is worried about their relationship because Sarah hasn't unpacked her stuff, even though she's been living there for 8 months. These issues play into their mission, which seems to otherwise go well until they realize the weapons they manage to get from Stepinova are actually fakes. That means they have to go back and therein follows a whole bit where Sarah wears a dress made of tracking sequins and ends up fighting Stepinova straight out onto the catwalk.

In the end, Sarah decides to unpack, and everything looks like it's all peaches and cream. That is, until Chuck mentions that maybe they are headed in the direction of Awesome and Ellie - marriage, kids, the works. Her eyes pop wide and we can tell that is most certainly not where she envisions her life going. Surely more drama to ensue!

This week also featured a small guest appearance by Lou Ferrigno as Stepinova's lovestruck bodyguard, as well as the Old Spice guy, Isaiah something, playing one of the spies in the Buy More. And next week Steve Austin and Nicole Richie are both reappearing. Is Chuck becoming the new go-to show for random semi-famous/formerly famous guest stars? It seems like there's at least one every week!


"You're a very tiny man, aren't you?" - old spice guy, not sure he had a name?

"Dude, what is up with the Buy More? Everyone is, like, scary and efficient." - Devon
"Hadn't noticed." - Casey & Morgan

"Put some clothes on." - Sarah

"Day 184. Still running from the po-po. Oh sweet Buy More, why and how did we ever burn you?" - Jeff
"It's been dark days. We've been taking gigs at the Whisper Lounge for scraps of ???" - Lester (I could not make out what he said, feel free to help me out in the comments)
"And we live here now. In the wild. With my van. Where no one can find us." - Jeff
"It's not all bad. Expanding my understanding of the universal mind. Jeff has a new pet rock named Bruce. I asked him, "Why Bruce?" and he said when he hits it, it doesn't bruise..." - Lester

"Do you ever miss Ace of Base?" - Lester
"Always." - Jeff

"What are you talking about? Cars have been following us for months." - Lester
"How do you know they weren't just driving behind you?" - Casey

"But, I was in the Buy More. Everyone there was super attractive and highly skilled. It was like I worked there. And why would I work at the Buy More... unless I was a spy?" - Devon

"Rumor has it you're pregnant. Is there room in there for two?" - Jeff

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