Tuesday, September 14, 2010

...Set: Life Unexpected 2x01 "Ocean Uncharted"

Confession: I completely forgot this was premiering tonight. I noticed my DVR was recording something and turned it on to find: oh! Life Unexpected returned tonight! Ummmm.... I suppose I did not miss it oodles and oodles?! I did love all of the various Portland references in tonight's episode, though. Yes, it's "set" in Portland, but it's always nice when they actually refer to it specifically in the show itself. (In case you forgot, I'm from Portland. So, you know, Portland for the win!)

Anyway, on to tonight's premiere. It pretty much picked up where things left off in the finale last season, only a couple weeks or so later, once Cate, Ryan and Lux get back from a Vegas honeymoon of sorts. Cate and Ryan are lovey-dovey, Baze is mopey that he missed his chance with Cate, and Lux is avoiding Baze because she told Cate to choose Ryan. The drama-rama has not abated.

Recap/review of Life Unexpected 2x01 'Ocean Uncharted' by freshfromthe.comFirst up, let's talk about Lux. She went to visit with Bug, and then he did something completely idiotic. He asked her to marry him. Really, Bug? The girl is sixteen. I don't care how much life she's lived already, that is still only sixteen. She says yes because she feels obligated, but clearly she is not feeling that yes. Later, she meets this new dude, Eric Daniels, at the bar. They end up going on a spontaneous road trip, trying to get to the beach so that Lux can "see what's out there" or something. He somehow runs out of gas, and they have a super special moment, leading to a kiss. Surprise, surprise! Lux decides to tell Bug she can't agree to marry him at this point in her life, he gets all huffy puffy about it and takes off. Then, back in school, Lux finds out that this Eric dude is actually a new English teacher! I was not at all surprised by that turn of events, then again I think I already knew about it.

In the land of Baze, he's still hung up on Cate. He decides he's going to tell her even though she's already married now, and she reacts poorly. He takes out his sorrows in drink and sex with the new bartender, Paige, who ends up leaving her cigarette in a trash bin (idiots all around tonight), which sets the bar on fire. Baze and Cate don't know where Lux is at this point, and, thinking she might be in there, Baze runs into the burning building. She wasn't in there, of course. Cate visits Baze in the hospital (he'll be okay, obviously), and they patch things up. Baze has now determined that he is going to set his life straight after all of this.

Cate and Ryan are back at the radio station, but things are changing up there too. First, they are introduced to a third co-host in Kelly something, a born again virgin marriage expert. Cate is of course most displeased by her addition, and voices her displeasure at every turn. The producer lady decides that she's had enough of that, and decides to fire Cate and hire this Kelly person full time to do the morning show with Ryan.

And, Paige? It turns out that she's Ryan's sister. That is one twist I, in fact, did not see coming. There was also mention of a mysterious Julia from Ryan's past, who sent some kind of fancy vase to the newly married couple. You know she'll be turning up at some point.

That's pretty much it. Does anyone even care about these recaps? If I have too much on my plate this TV season, I might have to drop a show, and this one would most likely be it.

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