Tuesday, September 28, 2010

...Set: Life Unexpected 2x03 "Criminal Incriminated"

I noticed while the credits were rolling in tonight's episode that one of the producers has the last name Basile. Is that a coincidence? How common can that name be? Anyway, like any episode of our dear Life Unexpected, this one was filled with melodramatics and much of the getting mad and yelling at each other, followed by understanding and making up. Really, that's every episode in a nutshell.

Recap/review of Life Unexpected 2x03 'Criminal Incriminated' by freshfromthe.comBut what were the melodramatics about this week? Lux is feeling the pressure from both sides when Baze wants her to join the basketball team while she still has to get A's on her English tests, of which there is a brand spanking new one right after the midterm she just took/cheated on to get an A. She has a run in with Jones at school and overhears his friends talking about cheating on the upcoming test, so uses Jones to get in with the cheating ring. The jig is finally up, this time, and she and the other dudes are caught fake-blue-book-handed. Math manages to get her sentence minimized to detentions rather than a suspension. Jones feels betrayed that she used him, but it turns out he'd rather just make up and get to the making out... sometime. Lux is open to the idea, but then! Then she goes to meet with her new tutor, and who is it but... Mr. Eric Daniels! Did anyone not see that one coming? And if she's having problems in English, why is a math teacher her tutor? And wouldn't they do a peer tutor first? All questions left unanswered.

Meanwhile, Baze has started up his new job at the finance place. His first task is to help get some celebrities to appear at a golf tournament to try to land this new client. Though he is at first unsuccessful, he ends up coming up with the obvious plan of getting Ryan and his new co-host Kelly to do it. But when Cate comes along to the tournament, things take a turn for the bad when she "accidentally" hits Kelly in the head with a golf ball and Cate, Ryan and Baze all get into a tiff right there on the course. Things are looking rather grim with the potential client dude, but Baze goes and talks to him after hours and manages to use his charm and honesty to get him to sign on, much to his boss', and I'm sure his own, surprise.

So what was Cate in such a tizzy about? Well, when is Cate not in a tizzy about something? But this week she was annoyed with Paige, Ryan's layabout sister who was also the one whose cigarette burned down Baze's bar. A bunch of money goes missing from Cate's wallet, and she is convinced it was Paige who took it. Ryan wants to give her the benefit of the doubt, and they have a whole big thing about it. Eventually it does come out that Paige did in fact take the money, which she used to start to pay off her debt for the aforementioned fire-starting. They kick her out and she ends up taking the empty room in Baze's loft. And Cate and Ryan decide to pay Baze the $10,000 she owes him for the bar. Man, radio must pay pretty well for them to just have $10,000 lying around.

I have to say, though it was certainly cheesy, I rather enjoyed the ending basketball scene of Cate, Baze, Lux and Ryan all playing basketball together. They can all get along sometimes! At least when it's the end of an episode, anyway!

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