Monday, October 11, 2010

...Set: Chuck 4x04 "...vs. the Coup d'Etat"

I should've started a running count at the top of the episode to see how many times the word "communication" was used. I'm thinking it would have ended up somewhere around, oh, twenty. Maybe more. Because yes indeedy, that was the theme of tonight's episode! A theme so bludgeoned and battered into our collective brains you would've had to be really dense not to get it.

Of course, the main two people having the communication issues are Chuck and Sarah. They are the central couple, after all! After a fake out non-proposal thanks to a wayward coincidental engagement ring falling down an air shaft, Chuck's a bit worried about his relationship with Sarah. Morgan only compounds this worry, and suggests he look to this self help book about conversations to have before you get married. I feel like I just saw something really similar in another show. Oh yes, it was Life Unexpected. Snooze. Anyway. So Chuck starts bringing up all of these random questions to start the flow of communication between them, but, like usual, it gets a bit derailed by the spy action at hand. OR DOES IT?! Because you know that the spy action at hand, while seeming like a derailment from the emotional story, always somehow connects back. This time it was even more blatant.

Recap/review of Chuck 4x04 'Chuck versus the Coup d'Etat' by freshfromthe.comBecause the spy story had to do with the Generalismo from Costa Gravas being usurped by his wife during a party, which Chuck and Sarah happened to be at, because the General had so conveniently invited Devon and Ellie to come down for a vacation to thank him for saving his life (and how long ago was that? Plot device, mayhaps??). They escape back to LA with the General in tow, but that doesn't last long, because the General's top guy has been secretly plotting with his wife to complete this coup, so they take the General back down to Costa Gravas. There is a lot of flying back and forth on this show lately. Tax payers dollars at work, clearly.

Once back in Costa Gravas, things are about to go nuclear (literally, because Chuck also saw this nuclear device thing in the Palace while they were on the vacation part of their trip before) between the General and his wife, so Chuck decides to step in to try to mediate the situation, because he believes they still love each other. Sarah also joins the fray, and their conversation has so many "hidden" meanings that they become generally not hidden at all. In the end, the General and his wife make up, Chuck and Sarah disarm the nukes. Happy dance for them. EXCEPT! In what continues to be a trend, right as they're about to leave, Chuck happens to notice something on the nuclear device linking it to Volkhoff, and therefore his mom. Because naturally since that is our new big bad, they are going to be linked to every single thing, no matter how out of the blue! There's not really any new information learned, except that these nukes were part of that Operation Beacon thing we heard tell of last week, or the week before, or whenever.

In side plot land, Ellie and Devon had a very tiny plot that served mostly to get Chuck and Sarah to Costa Gravas. Ellie is getting a little sick of Devon going crazy over the baby and wants to take a baby-cation. They go to Costa Gravas and get "caliente" after seeing a giant statue of Devon, but when their vacation is cut short, decide to continue it in Malibu. Also, Chuck tells Ellie that he's looking for their mom, but not that he's still a spy.

In the other side plot, Casey finds out that Morgan and his daughter Alex have been spending some time together. Morgan has to decide whether to try to pursue something with Alex because of the Casey connection, and Big Mike advises him to just go for it. He's still not sure when Alex shows up and goes for it herself. The girl who plays Alex either really reminds me of someone, or I've seen her in something before. Hmm. She does look sort of like Emily Blunt (and is therefore way too hot for Morgan, but whatever).

Anyway, as I predicted, it looks like we're going to be meeting Mama Bartowski in the next couple of episodes. Is she good? Is she bad? Some combination of the two? We shall see.


"I needed some fresh air." - Casey
"In an underground bunker..." - Chuck

"A little bored, Casey?" - Sarah
"Dead God, please give me something to do." - Casey

"Way to go, marble me." - Devon

"Keep heading down the hall. Follow the stink of Commie." - Casey

"Dude, they blew my head off!" - Devon

"Yeah, well, that's a daddy you don't want giving you a spanking." - Big Mike

"What is that smell?" - Chuck
"That is the stench of tyranny." - Casey

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