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...Set: Glee 2x04 "Duets"

Guys, I'm a little burnt out on how many songs they've been doing each week. Seven. It just seems extreme. At least this time the songs were part of an assignment/competition in class and not just random. The competition was a duet for a chance to win a dinner at Breadsticks, which apparently everyone loves even though the breadsticks we saw there at the end look nasty. I do think they handled the songs with the stories a little bit better this week. Pretty much all of the teenage storylines were serviced in some way tonight. Let's just do a rundown, shall we?

Rachel & Finn - At first, they think they have this competition in the bag, but then Rachel starts to wonder if that's a good thing. If they win, then new member Sam (who has just decided to actually join) may not want to stay in the group, and they need him to win Nationals. Therefore, they decide to help Sam and purposefully lose the competition themselves. Bing, bang, boom. Easy enough when they decide to make their song overtly religious, particularly after last week's hoopla over everything religious.

Recap/review of Glee 2x04 'Duets' by freshfromthe.comKurt - Kurt is immediately smitten with the new kid, and wants to be his duet partner. Finn, however, tries to talk him out of this, reasoning that if Sam sings with Kurt, he's going to be basically an automatic pariah, which is bad for everyone. Kurt is upset by this, but after lamenting to his dad about it, Burt basically tells him that while it may not be right, what Finn is saying is nonetheless true. Kurt withdraws as Sam's partner and does a "duet" with himself instead.

Sam & Quinn - As already mentioned, Sam was supposed to do a duet with Kurt at first. He didn't seem to have any real issues with that, so we know he's not a homophobe. But, when Kurt backs out as his partner, he and Quinn gravitate toward each other. And things are looking mighty steamy between these two. Quinn puts the kibosh on it when he tries to kiss her, though, because she's already been through so much and doesn't need that kind of crap again. But, they do end up doing a very cute duet together, and end up winning the competition thanks to the votes of Rachel and Finn. They have dinner at Breadsticks and it looks like there could be more brewing for them. At least until Puck gets back from juvie! Are you guys liking Sam? He's kind of goofy and a little bit weird in an endearing way. I'd be fine with him sticking around.

Brittany & Artie - After Santana is a bitch to Brittany and basically dumps her to partner up with Mercedes in the competition (and if anyone had any lingering doubts that there was more than just a friendship between Brittany and Santana, I think that was cleared right up in this episode!), Brittany goes to Artie for partnership. Which apparently means automatic relationship in her world. They end up doing the nasty, but then Artie gets hurt when he finds out that Brittany was just using him to win the competition. It was a brief but rather sad scene where he explained to her how it meant more to him because he wasn't sure he would even be able to do it at all. We also got to see some rare emotion from Brittany, who actually seemed to feel bad, and also lonely without her Santana (or Satan, as someone wrote on their voting form! Loved that!).

Tina & Mike - Mike was really unsure about doing a duet with Tina, as he said he's really only there for the dancing and not for the singing. Tina was also upset because apparently all they do together is eat dim sum with his mom. Then he suggests going to Asian couples therapy ("Why does it have to be Asian?"). She tries to re-team with Artie for the duet, but he rebuffs her. This results in a fun duet back with Mike, where he doesn't really have to sing at all, but dance around a lot. Ah, Mike. Love him.

That's pretty much it in terms of story. Now on to the songs and quotes... As for the song that I am most likely to listen to, I would have to go with Lucky. Too much Broadway/showtunes for me this week in the songs otherwise. And also, random note: Rachel/Lea Michele needs to stop making such horrendous faces. I know a lot of people mention this, but damn. It was crazy-face central tonight.

The Duets:

Rachel & Finn - Don't Go Breaking My Heart
Santana & Mercedes - River Deep, Mountain High
Kurt - Le Jazz Hot
Mike & Tina - Sing!
Rachel & Finn - With You I'm Born Again (can't find this one)
Sam & Quinn - Lucky
Kurt & Rachel - Happy Days Are Here Again/Get Happy


"He may be the dumbest person on the planet, and that's coming from me." - Brittany

"Hi everybody. I'm Sam. Sam, I am. And I don't like green eggs and ham." - Sam

"What's a duet?" - Will
"A blanket." - Brittany

"For a while I thought you were a robot." - Brittany

"Welcome to glee club, lady lips!" - Football dude

"All I want is a normal salad that doesn't have chicken feet in it." -Tina

"How can you do a duet by yourself? That's like, vocal masturbation or something." - Santana

"I'm mad at you, but you're still so hot." - Brittany

"I thought I was over somebody, but I think I still have feelings for them." - Artie
"The Clintons?" - Brittany

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