Tuesday, October 5, 2010

...Set: Life Unexpected 2x04 "Team Rebounded"

Let's see, was there anything surprising about this episode? I'd say only one thing: that Lux apparently once lived with a woman for almost two years who wanted to adopt her. For some reason, it looks like Lux purposefully made that not happen. Who knows why. I am also betting it is involved somehow in why Lux hates the schooling as much as she does. But how did this mystery woman come back into Lux's life? Why, because another blast from her past came blasting back! That would be Tosh, who I had not missed in the least, but who apparently the writers felt they needed to bring back rather than have Lux make any new friends.
Because not only does Tosh come back, she also joins right up with the basketball team that Lux is on, which also happens to feature Math as coach and now Baze as assistant coach. They have their first game, they suck, they all get happy because by the end Tosh is able to score their one basket of the game. There were speeches flying about being winners even if you're not winning, all rather a big yawny yawn yawn to me.

Recap/review of Life Unexpected 2x04 "Team Rebounded" by freshfromthe.comMeanwhile, Cate is still butting heads with Kelly at the radio station, but decides to try to take the high road. And by the high road, she means taking Kelly out and getting her drunk so that they can be "friends." Of course, Cate lets slip some of her own issues with Ryan that, surprise surprise, Kelly uses while on the air! SHOCKER. This causes some more fighting between Cate and Ryan, this time to do with kids. He wants to have some, she is less than open to the idea. By the end, she's agreed to try, but when he leaves the room, she continues to take her birth control. SHOCKER x 2!

And, in the itty bitty sideplot department, we had Math crushing on Paige. They go on a date of sorts, he thinks it's gone well while she of course does not. It turns into this big hullaballoo that seemed rather exaggerated - do guys really get so huffy about girls? And, also, Paige sat down next to Eric, so you know they're going to start dating. Because apparently everyone in the cast can only get involved with each other!

I'm not sure I can continue watching if things are so predictable and cheesy. Sigh.

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