Friday, October 8, 2010

...Set: Supernatural 6x03 "The Third Man"

I really think I should start fast-forwarding through the "THEN" segments. They really give entirely too much away. Oh, Raphael is in the "THEN," might we maybe, possibly, see him at some point in the episode? Why, what a preposterous notion to think up with your brain! In case you hadn't figured it out, this episode brought back the angels and what's been up with them. Which means the return of our favorite trench-coating wearing socially awkward buddy, Castiel. And who knew I missed him so much!
Before Castiel re-joins the party, however, we have some other business to take care of. In the form of some really nasty grossness that made me literally put a hand up to block the screen. The first of which came in the opener, with some cop dude having strange nicks on his face that eventually turned into him pulling skin off and generally bleeding everywhere until he like, full on just plopped down into a big splooge of bloody pulp. A fellow cop dude was there to witness the whole thing and that actor gave one of the most hilarious reaction shots I think I have ever seen. Sorry man, that reaction made me laugh my head off.

Recap/review of Supernatural 6x03 "The Third Man" by freshfromthe.cmoMeanwhile, Sam is somewhere working out, shirtless, and HOT DAMN. Can we just take a moment to worship at the body of Jared Padalecki? I mean, whoa. Whoa whoa wow whoa. Pardon me while I collect myself. Phew. But, Sam! Why in the world are you paying for a woman? You do not need to pay. Seriously, you don't. But in any event, he's totally acting weird anyway. All mysterious drifter dude who says but one word and has a body like whoa. But! Okay. I am moving on from the body, really. I promise. In a sec.

So! Sam and Dean meet up to work on this new case Sam's been scoping out - which has to do with the previously bloody pulp cop dude, and also another cop who started having boils bubble up all over his body in the second of the gross out moments that made me run for cover. They go to talk to that witness cop, who we learn is named Ed, who saw the first cop go ka-plop into a puddle. This Ed dude is acting peculiar indeed, but he does let slip that there was something with some Christopher Birch kid that went wrong. He had no face or some such, and they shot him even though he didn't really have a gun, so this is some form of justice. But suddenly, Ed starts dribbling blood from his head, and we find out he's got locusts emerging from inside of his brain!

Sam and Dean wise up to the fact that these particular deaths are sort of similar to biblical plagues, though on a much smaller scale. Dean decides they need to get Castiel all up in this biz-natch. Sam is all, "But he completely ignored me! Why would he come for you?!" Because it's Dean, silly. And Castiel does show up, though he claims it's because it was about the plague stuff. But we all know better, wink wink. Sam gets all prissy about being ignored, but Castiel just tells him he didn't have any information to give him on why or how he came back from the dead, so meh, what was the point?

Back to the matter at hand! Castiel informs the boys that Heaven is in chaos. Raphael wants to take over and re-start the apocalypse while Cas and others are like hellz to the no. Also, a bunch of angelic weapons are missing, and the one causing these particular biblical like symptoms is the staff of Moses. What! Yep. In order to find it, they figure they should go find out some more about this Christopher Birch kid, since Ed had mentioned it being like some kind of retribution. Turns out, Chris' little brother Aaron had sold his soul to an ANGEL to get a piece of the staff to wield his revenge on his brother's killers. Now angel's are buying souls too! What! The team is confused indeed by this, and need to find out just who did the selling. This requires Castiel to like, shove his hand inside the kid to find that out. Dean is very against hurting the kid, but Sam and Cas? They need to get this bitch handled like now, so in the hand goes. It turns out, the angel who did the bidding is one by the name of Balthazar, which disturbs Cas, because they were friends, and he thought Balthazar was dead.

Unfortunately, one of Raphael's minions hears this bit of news and there is a bit of a scuffle before Cas & the brothers Winchester can pay Balthazar a visit. They eventually do have this visit, only Dean and Sam wait outside while Cas has a more private chat. They blather on about angel stuff for a bit, Cas tries to get him to hand over the many weapons he has apparently stolen, but then Raphael shows up and gets to the fighting. As it turns out, though, Balthazar has some kind of crystal thing that basically disintegrates Raphael's host body, so they're rid of him for now. Balthazar's about to make his getaway, but then Sam and Dean show up with a special ring of holy fire to get him to release the kid's soul. He does, and they want to make him do some more stuff, but Cas lets him go, presumably because he had some former debt to him, which has now been paid.

Wow, there was a lot going on in this episode. But we're not done yet! Castiel wings off to points unknown, leaving Sam and Dean to have one of their patented end of episode roadside chats! A Supernatural episode is not complete without one of these angsty chats! This time, it's Dean questioning what is up with Sam, who we can all agree has been acting different. Sam chalks it up to being out on his own hunting for a year, but Dean thinks there is something more going on. He tries to talk to Sam about his time in Hell, but Sam gets kind of rude about that, basically saying that just because Dean was all tortured and broken after getting out (and he insinuates that it still haunts him, which I would think so too), that doesn't mean that he, Sam, has been affected in the same way. Wow. I mean, sure, but he said it in kind of a douche-y way, though he didn't seem to intend it to come out like that. Hmm. HMMMMMM.

Is there a new episode next week? Because they did one of those "SOON" thingies rather than a regular next episode preview, which is usually reserved for when they go on a break. But it surely cannot be a break already! Either way, episode four is the one that Jensen Ackles directed!

Random thoughts & whatnot:

- About halfway through this episode I thought to myself, "This is a good episode. I bet you Ben Edlund wrote it." And then I checked, and wouldn't you know it? He did indeed.

- I accidentally read the TV Guide blip for an upcoming episode that totally had a huge spoiler, which I find upsetting. I won't post it here.

- The "SOON" segment looked kind of awesome. I had my doubts after the first episode, but it looks like things are picking back up.

- How often will Dean actually go back to see Lisa and Ben? Will it eventually have to come to an end or can they actually make it work?

- I hope we don't get too bogged down in angel business. Some is fine, but as Dean raged at one point tonight, there is such a thing as "Too many angels!"

- Where's Adam? Is he still down in the pit? Poor thing, if he is.

- Could Grandpa Campbell be working for Raphael? He was up in Heaven, after all. Castiel said he didn't know what brought Sam back, but what about Samuel? Conveniently not mentioned. I am probably completely off, but who knows.

- Jared. Padalecki. Shirtless. The END.


"Who died and made you boss?" - Dean

"You. Molding the minds of tomorrow. Who knew." - Sam

"Oogh. Bad news." - Dean

"We're the Fed, Ed." - Sam

"So, what, you like him better or something?" - Sam
"Dean and I do share a more profound bond. ... I wasn't gonna mention it." - Castiel

"I think we can rule Moses out as a suspect." - Castiel

"Sam. Dean. My 'people skills' are 'rusty.' Pardon me, but I have spent the last year as a multi-dimensional wavelength of celestial intent." - Castiel

"Suck it, ass clown." - Dean, always classy. He also said douchewad earlier. Like I said, classy!

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  1. Awesome recap is awesome. I mostly agree with everything, except you didn't mention the best bit of the episode: CAS KILLED SAMMY'S CAR, BB!!!

    I'm rather confident of this season, though I know it won't match the fifth, I think we'll have a decent closure.

    (BTW, this is doxxed_up, from lj, I followed your link :P)

  2. You know, I totally missed that they had landed on Sam's car when I first watched it. I just thought it was a random car! LOL, derrrr.

  3. Nice recap. The stone that Balthazar uses on Raphael turns him into a pillar of salt (biblically, Lot's wife is turned into a pillar of salt when she looks back at Sodom and Gomorrah). Oh- and I think the debt Cas was referring to was the more immediate one. Balthazar saved him from Raphael, so Cas let him go when Dean and Sam had him cornered.

    I'm excited for the next 2 episodes now, too. They better not be taking a break next week!

    And yeah, I love Cas, but I really hope we don't get an overdose of angels this season. What's with the Apocalypse still being a possibility? I thought we were done with that. Bad Sera! Bad!

    "We're the Fed, Ed." - Sam Hahaha! I know! and then he was like "He's dead." I immediately exclaimed "Ed's dead!" This reminds me of an episode of Bones, in which a man named "Mr. Ed" was also found dead. It just cracks me up.

  4. Ah, ok. I am not so up with biblical stuff so that went over my head. And that makes sense that it was because Balthazar had saved Cas from Raphael.

    According to imdb and TV Guide, it's a new episode next week, phew!

    I totally wanted Sam to say "Ed's dead." rather than just dead. I was saying it out loud too!