Tuesday, October 19, 2010

...Set: Life Unexpected 2x06 "Honeymoon Interrupted"

I have to admit up front that this episode was much better than I had been anticipating. That's not saying a lot because my expectations were rather low. Perhaps I should just always go in with low expectations?

This episode was all about revelations and relationships, and for the most part, our three protagonists were mostly kept away from one another, which was actually a rather welcome change. So let's just talk about each of them, shall we?

Recap/review of Life Unexpected 2x06 'Honeymoon Interrupted' by freshfromthe.comLet's get the most annoying one out of the way with Lux. I'm sorry, but Lux has become my least favorite character on the show. She just gets so whiny and upset about the most ridiculous things. I suppose that is perhaps a by product of teenager-dom, but come on. So what's her story this week? She's getting all upset about Eric/Mr. Daniels again, particularly after she not only sees him come out of Paige's room in the morning, but also after she gets another F on a test. He decides to try to help her understand the material in a new way by bringing over the movie version, but this all somehow leads to yet another fight, wherein Eric has to admit he likes her, and that tutoring is the only way he gets to spend time with her. Later, her also tells her that he thinks she might have a learning disability, and that he'd like to help her in whatever ways he is legally allowed to do so. But then when she heads off for their next tutoring session, he's assigned some new lady to be her tutor. So... huh? That was a lot of bluster for nothing, dude. Also, he broke up with Paige because he "has feelings for someone else." Inappropriate, seriously.

Moving on to Cate and Ryan. Cate decides that since they never got to have a real honeymoon, that they should have a stay-cation. Meaning, they take a vacation in town. They head out to this new hotel, but the honeymoon is not meant to be. There are Baze shenanigans, and then mysterious women named Julia in photos that quickly derail the mood. It turns out, this Julia was Ryan's ex, who he hooked up with while he and Cate were broken up. Julia also showed up the day before the wedding to inform Ryan that she might be pregnant, but then she came to the wedding to tell him it was a false alarm (but was it really? for all we know she's secretly having a bastard lovechild somewhere. Cate did it, after all.). Cate finds all of this out and appropriately freaks out. But then, Baze happens to also let slip to Ryan that Cate was having doubts about their wedding and came to him the night before too. So, their relationship is left all in a shambles. I suspect they will make up, at least until Julia shows back up. You know she will.

Meanwhile, Baze is trying to get all lovey dovey with his boss lady Emma after last week's concert bonding, but she is having none of it. He maneuvers his way into going on this company retreat thing to try to flirt some more, but it turns out she's there with a guy. Some passive aggressive comments ensue between the dudes, which Baze later apologizes for during a poolside talk with Emma, wherein he gets all seductive-like and almost kisses her, but she puts the kibosh on it before he can. He thinks all is lost, but then sees her supposed boyfriend leaving with another guy and finds out he's not actually her boyfriend after all. He tries to convince her to go for something again, but she again puts him down. Well, Baze is really taking the bull by the horns here, because he goes back to her one more time back at work, and manages to work his magic into a kiss. As if we did not see that coming!

The next new episode features some kind of camp shenanigans. Cheesy cheese cheese!

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  1. I said in my entry on this ep that the Lux/Mr.Daniels stuff is creeping me out. I hope it ends soon.

    Any excuse for Jaime Ray Newman to be on tv is A-OK with me, so I'm not at all upset about the Julia story!!

  2. What really annoys me about the Lux/Mr. Daniels stuff is how she thinks they actually could have some kind of relationship. Get a grip! Ugh.