Monday, October 18, 2010

...Set: Chuck 4x05 "...vs. the Couch Lock"

This week we thankfully got to take a rest from all of the romantic melodrama between Chuck and Sarah to focus on other things. Those things being some more developments in the Volkoff/Frost department, as well as Morgan, Alex and Casey. You see, a team that has since gone rogue, which Casey used to be part of, comes back on the radar with links to Volkoff. Don't you love the coincidental links everywhere you look? I know I mention this every week, but seriously.

Anyway, Chuck devises a plan to get the team to come out into the open. They need Casey's hand print to get into a vault holding a bunch of gold bars, so to draw them out, Chuck suggests they fake Casey's death, so the bad dudes will show up at the funeral. The plan seems to be going well, until the bad guys throw in a little twist of their own and manage to take Casey, who had been incapacitated by some kind of tranquilizer to appear dead.

The bad dudes are about to cut off his hand, but get distracted by a pizza delivery, which is great for Casey because he manages to stir himself from his paralyzed comatosis of sorts and escape. But not before one of the dudes shoots him with another syringe of the stuff. Casey manages to get one call off on his phone before he passes out - to Jeff and Lester. They pick him up and take him back to Chuck and Morgan's place, where Morgan is put on Casey-watch.

Meanwhile, Chuck and Sarah have tracked down the abandoned warehouse location the bad dudes were hiding in, and manage to get themselves caught. The bad dudes give Casey an ultimatum - he must show up at the gold hiding place and open it with his hand print, or they'll kill Chuck and Sarah. But he's still paralyzed! Morgan has to figure out a way to get his heart pumping and the drug out of his system, so he finally comes clean about something he's been hiding all episode - his burgeoning relationship with Casey's daughter Alex. That works like a charm!

Casey and Morgan head out to Iran to save Chuck and Sarah from the bad dudes, and this time it's actually Morgan who gets to save the day. After some bungling and bumbling of course. But in the end, he nearly kills himself to save everyone else, which earns a pass in Casey's book. For now, at least.
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In the ongoing story arc regarding Volkoff/Frost, Chuck manages to get some information out of the bad guys while they are locked up. Frost isn't a prisoner of Volkoff's, but more like a partner. Their boss, in fact. Maybe Chuck's mom is actually a bad guy. This has been hinted at so blatantly that there is probably some sort of double twist going on. After Morgan almost gets killed, though, Chuck decides he's going to give up searching for his mom. Of course, right when he decides that is when she calls him up. What timing!

Also, Devon and Ellie are going to be having a baby girl! Awwww!


"Pesky dress uniforms get a little tight when you haven't worn them in a while." - Casey

"What's it called? Fake-a-death-i-nol?" - Casey

"I'd like a little alone time before I die. Pay some bills." - Casey

"Whoa. That's freaky. I didn't know he could do that. Did you know he could do that?" - Morgan
"I knew he could do that." - Chuck
"Stop doing that. Don't stare at me!" - Morgan

"Don't worry, Casey, I know that dumpster." - Jeff

"Holy Goldfinger." - Chuck

"Ow!" - Morgan
"Is that a little girl?" - TI

"We wake up in some of the best dumpsters in the city." - Jeff

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