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...Set: Supernatural 6x04 "Weekend at Bobby's"

Who knew I would enjoy a Bobby-centric episode so much? While I have always appreciated Bobby as a character throughout Supernatural's run, much like the boys, I think maybe I took him for granted. Because suddenly he came into sharp focus for me in this episode, which he somehow had not done for me before (considering I sort of hated the last Bobby-centric episode from last season). I think we can thank not only Jim Beaver for his continued excellence, but also writers Daniel Loflin and Andrew Dabb, AND! Jensen Ackles, who made his directorial debut with this episode!

This episode was all about Bobby working to get back his soul from Crowley, who had "leased" it in his efforts to help stop the Apocalypse. A year ago, Bobby summoned him to get it back, but apparently Crowley had put in a little disclaimer of sorts, saying he only had to try to give it back, not that he actually had to. So, Bobby was stuck. But our favorite truck-hat-wearing hunter was not going to rest easy for 10 years before getting sent to Hell himself. No, he will find a way! Because he's just that good.
We really got to see a showcase of just how involved and knowledgeable Bobby is in the hunting world here. He has his bank of telephones that people are constantly calling, not to mention Dean and Sam calling on his personal line. Then Rufus shows up with a body he needs to bury (of some new creature called an Okami, a Japanese something or other that likes to kill single white females in their sleep). And Bobby takes it all in stride, even when he's got a body of his own downstairs. You see, he had a crossroads demon tied up and tortured it to get the name of Crowley when he was a human. The demon finally came clean - his name was Fergus MacLeod - and then Bobby killed her anyway. By burning her original human body's bones. Spoiler? I mean, we didn't know for sure that's what he was burning, but what else could it really have been?

Before he can start digging up more information about the dearly departed, and now demon King of Hell, MacLeod, Bobby had to deal with the Okami not really being dead. It woke up and he knew it would go straight for his cute, flirty neighbor, Marcy. He saves her from the thing, but unfortunately she gets covered in its blood, so it looks like this flirtation is over. Ain't that the breaks? On top of that, Dean calls up to start whining about Sam and Lisa and Ben. But this time, Bobby has had enough. He gives the boys some hell for always being whiny bitch babies to him and asks them to help him for a change. Well, all you had to do was ask!

Recap/review of Supernatural 6x04 "Weekend at Bobby's" by freshfromthe.comMeanwhile, Rufus has turned up some information on Crowley/MacLeod. It turns out, he had a son, Gavin, who sailed across the Atlantic, but ended up dying along the way or something. But he had a signet ring that Rufus manages to steal from a museum in Massachusetts. Of course, he also managed to get the fuzz on his tail, so he swallows the ring for safekeeping. Bobby has to call in a favor with the local sheriff to get him back to his place so he can use the ring. He calls up the ghost of Gavin MacLeod, Crowley's son, to have a little chat.

Bobby then summons Crowley back again. When Gavin shows his ghostly face, it looks like all is going to be lost because he doesn't give a whit about his son. But it turns out, it was not Bobby's plan to trade Gavin for his soul. He just wanted to get the dirt on Crowley from Gavin. And that dirt included just where Fergus MacLeod's bones are buried. And what's this? Dean and Sam happen to be in Scotland with the bones just waiting to be burned if Crowley doesn't give Bobby his soul back! Crowley decides to do the deal, and Bobby gets his soul back, and gets to keep his legs. Way to turn the tables!

Random thoughts:

- I believe this is the first time we have ever heard of the Winchesters going abroad. I loved that they brought up Dean's fear of flying, because I was totally wondering how he would survive such a long flight! I also loved how Sam accidentally hit the horn in the tiny car they were driving in Scotland, even though Dean was the one at the wheel.

- I loved the scenes where Dean was calling Bobby for help, and we just saw Sam being tossed around in the background. Hilarious.

- The running thing with the peach cobbler was fun. Every time Bobby goes to eat some, the phone rings. And he always answers.

- OMG, the preview for next week! What in the... how in the world are they going to fix that?! I won't say any more for the spoiler-phobic out there.

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"Balls." - Bobby, about 10 times!

"Okey dokey. Wood chipper. That pretty much trumps... everything." - Rufus

"Sometimes you two are the whiniest, most self-absorbed sons o' bitches I ever met!" - Bobby

"Well you look like hammered crap." - Bobby
"And you're a vision, as always." - Crowley

"I don't need you to fight my battles for me, Moose. Get bent." - Crowley

"He white knuckled his way through four puke bags." - Sam
"Well at least I was sober. Some nut job decided to try something, I was ready. I had a fork." - Dean

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