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...Set: Chuck 4x07 "...vs. the First Fight"

I don't know about everyone else, but I think this episode was by far the best one of the season (so far). The ending twist was awesome, though I started to wonder if something like that was going to happen part of the way through the episode. Still liked it!
I'm feeling a little burnt out on recapping lately, so I'm going to keep this one brief. This episode was all about figuring out whether Mama B was telling the truth about being one of the good guys. She claims that while she did go rogue from the CIA 20 years ago, it was because Volkoff had figured out that she was CIA, so she did it to keep the mission going. She then says she hooked up with the British MI6, and that her handler is coming in to town, who could thus prove her story. Chuck gets this intel from her on the downlow, so he goes to meet this MI6 dude, Tuttle (played awesomely by former 007 Timothy Dalton).

Recap/review of Chuck 4x07 'Chuck versus the First Fight' by freshfromthe.comThings go terribly wrong at this meet (least of which was Morgan completely botching his part of the plan), and Chuck and Tuttle get abducted by Volkoff's crew. They manage to escape the plane they're on and get back to Los Angeles to go retrieve a special disk that will clear Mama B's name.

While they are having their adventures, Mama B says she'll help Sarah, Casey and Morgan find Chuck if they let her see Ellie. They eventually agree to this plan, and she and Ellie have a rather heartfelt reunion where they talk about this old 1968 Mustang that Papa B had back in the day. This discussion is rather convenient because Ellie had been wondering whether Papa B had left her any of their secret newspaper classified clues after he had died, but hadn't been able to figure it out. One such classified was for a 1968 Mustang with blue leather seats. Might that be the very one they used to own?

After this meeting, Mama B takes Sarah and the gang over to the same bank that Chuck and Tuttle are at retrieving the disk. Only while they are there, Volkoff's people show up to crash the party. Sarah and Chuck must break out their super spy moves, but Tuttle ends up getting shot. They leave him there for Casey and Morgan to retrieve (but - gasp - he's gone once the guys get there!) while they go off to read the disk, which is some super special disk that can only be read by this old computer Papa B kept in his super secret lair, which we also conveniently saw at the beginning of the episode.

This all turns out to be a big ole ruse, though, because once they get down to the secret lair, and Chuck and Sarah are waiting for the disk to read in the computer, it becomes quite clear that Mama B has ulterior motives. She sneaks off into the stacks and picks up some device that looks suspiciously like a PSP, and pushes it into Chuck's face. It does some kind of Intersect flashy stuff, and Chuck has barely time to register something has happened before Tuttle shows up. Only, he's not Tuttle at all! He's... Volkoff!

Volkoff and Mama B tie up Sarah and Chuck, and things are looking rather dire. All signs seem to indicate that Mama B really is a bad guy, but we do find out a couple of things. 1 - she never told Volkoff she had kids, even though she did tell him about her husband. And 2 - she gives Sarah a razor blade to cut herself and Chuck free before the place they've rigged with explosives blows up. So what are her true motivations? Hard to say. She and Volkoff take off into the night while Sarah and Chuck barely escape the exploding lair. Chuck also realizes that whatever his mom did with that PSP flashy thing appears to have turned off the Intersect.

Meanwhile, Ellie and Devon have gone to find the Mustang. Papa B has left her a note, and as they drive off, we see that there is some kind of device blinking under the seat. An Intersect device of some kind, perhaps? I bet so! And... I'm spent. Next week is a break, and then it's back to the Chuck action on Nov. 15.


"What are you looking at?" - Volkoff lady played by Ana Gasteyer
"Not that scar. Or that scar. Neither one of those scars. Or your mole..." - Chuck

"Oh cool, a tiny weapons stand off!" - Tuttle

"You might as well have just posted about our fight on Friendster!" - Sarah
"Friendster? Honey, people stopped using Friendster five years ago." - Chuck

"This is exhausting!" - Sarah
"Yeah, tell me about it, how do you fight these big guys all the time?" - Chuck

Song choice:

James Vincent McMorrow - We Don't Eat

(I really liked the song where Chuck was fighting on the plane, but I won't know what it was until this site is updated tomorrow!)

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