Sunday, November 7, 2010

...Set: Life Unexpected 2x07 "Camp Grounded"

I apologize for the lateness of this recap (for anyone who cares!), but the show was preempted here in sunny Los Angeles for the election stuff this past Tuesday. Also, the outlook for the show does not look so great anyway, so these recaps may be coming to a screeching halt in a few episodes. In a way I wish I were more upset about it, but I have to say, I'm not going to be. Sorry, little show. You've kind of gone down the tubes.

And why? Because it's just so much of the same every single week. This week's show really did not advance any of the plotlines all that much. And by plotlines, I should just say relationships. Sure, there were fights, kissing, and sex, but in the end? Not a lot of change. But okay, let's take a quick peek at all of our regulars...

Recap/review of Life Unexpected 2x07 "Camp Grounded" by freshfromthe.comFirst up, we've got Baze and his lady friend Emma. Random aside: Emma is played by Emma Caulfield. Did they name her Emma because they had her in mind, or did that just happen to be a coincidence? Moving on. Baze was trying to set up an intimate date with Emma to prove to her he could, or something, but he forgot about this school camping trip (sponsored by the English department? Bzuh huh?) he had to chaperone. So, he sort of tricked Emma into thinking they were going on an intimate trip just the two of them when instead it was this big group thing. He ended up making it up to her by planning a special evening for them aboard the bus, complete with mood lighting and some sexy times. By the end of the episode, Emma decides she's just going to put her reservations aside and go with it, since she can't control her feelings.

Her decision ended up having an accidental repercussion on Lux's business, though. Because Lux's relationship issues are still revolving around Mr. Daniels, aka Eric, who also happens to be a chaperone on this trip. He's supposedly trying to keep distance between them to stamp down his feelings, but then ends up teaching Lux how to "swim" at night, alone in the lake. I think we can all discern here that "swim" = "kiss." But! Someone sees them making with the lip locking, so they have to stop quick. It turns out that it was just Tosh that some them, so she won't tell anyone, but she does tell Lux to put a stop to the whole thing. It looks like Lux is probably going to take her advice, but then Emma inadvertently basically tells her to go with her gut by explaining how that's what she's doing with Baze. So Lux tells Eric to basically either stop it altogether or just deal with the conscience and move onward and upward. He responds by "slyly" grabbing her hand on the bus on the way back. BAD NEWS.

Meanwhile, Cate and Ryan are having the mother of all fights, which only gets worse when Ryan doesn't show up to their therapy session. Cate expects him to also blow off the camping trip he had agreed to chaperone, but he ends up going. They bicker and bicker and bicker some more for ages and ages and some more ages until it all comes to a head in some break up/make up/who knows angry sex in, I guess, a cabin. Cate basically tells him that she's upset with him about lying because he's supposed to be the upstanding one in the relationship, blah blah blah. In the end, Ryan decides to go to their next therapy session, after some advice from Baze, the last person he would ever expect to get good advice from, I suspect.

And... blah. Next episode it just looks like more fighting between Cate and Ryan. I am so over the constant bickering between these two! I'm sure I'm not alone. I also get annoyed by how stupid Lux and Eric are being, especially when they have people telling them they're being stupid. Sigh.

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