Friday, November 19, 2010

...Set: Supernatural 6x09 "Clap Your Hands if You Believe"

Though you know how much I love me some brotherly angst, I have to say that I really enjoyed a trip down Ben Edlund's crazy rabbit hole of wackadoo hilarity. Also enjoyable? The nod to one of Supernatural's television predecessors - The X-Files. We would probably not have this show if not for The X-Files (and Buffy), so yes, a very fitting tribute.

All righty then, let's get down to business. The Winchesters are brought to some town that I did not write down the name of after four people go missing. The local yokels think it must be UFOs, or really, let's be correct here and say aliens. Technically, a flying object does not denote a living thing, it's just what they fly in. Splitting hairs! Though there is one lady in town who claims that aliens are not responsible for what's happened (she says it's fairies), the boys think she's even crazier than the rest of them.
Recap/review of Supernatural 6x09 "Clap Your Hands if You Believe" by freshfromthe.comThings take a turn for the truly strange, though, when Dean goes to investigate the crop circle from whence these people seem to be disappearing. And what should happen but a big bright light appears in the sky, and he's suddenly gone! Aliens? Sam moseys his way over to see what happened, but doesn't seem all that perturbed. In fact, when he goes to talk to the UFO specialist dude, he barely even questions him before going on with a young lady who said she wanted to "help." Yeah, sure you do. Sure you do. As she "helps" Sam, Dean reappears in the field, shooting his gun.

Dean shows back up at the motel only to find Sam and the girl taking care of some naughty business, which he is thoroughly disturbed to see. Mostly because the real Sam would have been searching high and low for Dean all night rather than take up with a random girl. This current Sam, however, does not see what the big deal is, which just infuriates Dean all the more. But, they must get back to the case at hand. Only then a little bright light who happens to have nipples shows up at the motel while Sam is off at the library. And now they start to figure out that this is not aliens they are dealing, but rather - fairies.

They go to have a chat with the resident fairy expert in town, the aforementioned lady, and she tells them that they go after first born sons, love cream, get hurt by silver and iron, and when you spill salt or sugar, they have to stop to count it. What a ridiculous rule, but okay! The boys end up tracking down who may be responsible when they notice the father of one of the abducted kids is hauling away a lot of cream. Sam trails him down while Dean goes to check out his place of work, which is full of little elves working on watches. Yes. It's true. He heads out, but notices this weird dude who has been following him for a while and tries to lose him. He ends up tackling a little person and gets hauled away to jail. Whoops.

Sam catches up with the guy, Brennan, who confesses he called upon the fairies, or rather, a leprechaun, for help with his business since he was getting Parkinson's Disease. But the price ended up being his son, and now they won't leave. He takes Sam back to his workshop, where all of the elves have passed out from too much cream, and retrieves the magic book he used to conjure them in the first place. But, the head leprechaun dude, who was previously known as the head UFO dude, shows up. He wants to give Sam a deal to get him back his soul, but Sam instead decides to fight him. While Sam and the leprechaun tussle, Dean gets a visit from his mysterious follower at the jail, who proceeds to beat him up, though it's not clear why exactly. Just for the fun of it, I guess!

Sam eventually gets his wits about him and drops a bunch of salt on the floor to make the leprechaun stop in his tracks. He then whips out some magic fairy book language and sends all of the fairies back to wherever it is they came from. Bada bing, bada boom.

And in our patented roadside chat of the evening (which looked quite a lot like the farmland we see a lot of in Smallville, I dare say), Dean wonders whether Sam is having second thoughts about getting his soul back, since he didn't even try to see whether the leprechaun could make good on his word. Sam claims he's not, but you know whenever they leave it at something like that, he is. Except does he have second thoughts without a soul? It's confusing. It's darn confusing.

Random thoughts:

- Jared is killing it as this robo-Sam. Dare I say, he's better at it than regular Sam? Don't shoot me. Because I rather miss regular Sam, and from what I hear, we won't be seeing him before the holiday hiatus.

- I really loved the little bit where Dean's about to sit on the bed, then realizes what was just going on in that bed and steps over to the other one.

- I kind of wish we had actually seen where Dean went, it wasn't clear from how they set it all up that he actually had spent any time there until he explained that he had. For all we saw, it could have been instantaneous for him.

- Not sure why Misha was included in the credits when there was no Castiel to be seen.

- No new episode next week with the Thanksgiving holiday weekend, and I'm not going to be able to watch the new one on 12/3 until probably the following Sunday! I'll be in Vegas, baby!


"What, flying saucers not insane enough for ya?" - Sam

"Okay, if you want to add glitter to that glue you're sniffing, that's fine, but don't dump your wackadoo all over us. We'd rather not step in it." - Sam

"The only thing you're missing is a couple dozen cats, sister." - Sam

"Hey, you wanna be a real boy, Pinnochio, you gotta act the part." - Dean

"So you're saying you'll be my Jiminy Crickett?"- Sam
"Shut up. But yeah, you freakin' puppet, that's exactly what I'm saying." - Dean

"You should take a shower." - Sam
"Yeah, I should take a shower. I'm gonna take a shower." - Dean

"Nipples?" - Dean

"I'm not supposed to laugh, right?" - Sam

"Smurfs?" - Dean
"Fairies." - Sam

"Do you have bigger cups?" - Sam

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  1. love amo sam mas ele esta de dando medo jared sem duvida esta otimo , sam esta mas demónio do que sem alma . brazil

  2. I do think Sam is nailing the soulless bit-- both in believability and comedic timing. But I do miss the real Sammy. Shame he won't be around until Christmas.

  3. At least it looks like it won't be an entire season without the real Sam! I wouldn't care so much if I was sure whether the show would be back for another season after this or not!