Monday, November 22, 2010

...Set: Chuck 4x09 "...vs. Phase Three"

After last week's cliffhanger, things really got kicked up a notch this week. Is it me, or has it been a while since we got to see Sarah really let loose and kick some serious ass? Because boy was she doing a lot of that tonight!

In case you don't remember, last week we ended with Chuck getting captured by the Belgian, who wants to get the Intersect. The only problem is, Chuck doesn't currently have access to said Intersect, so they are having to resort to some mind-bending methods in Chuck's subconscious to try to get him to flash. But it's not really working, because Chuck always figures out that he's dreaming every time someone in his mind starts pushing him to flash.

Meanwhile, Sarah and Casey have been searching everywhere for Chuck, but have been coming up empty. She is ready to have a breakdown (though she was apparently still able to style her hair rather well) until Morgan comes by with some intel on a Thai official dude who has connections to the Belgian. Sarah and Casey kidnap said Thai dude, from the Thai embassy, no less, and try to get the information from him. Sarah is ready to go to some extreme methods, but Casey and Morgan derail her briefly to take a rest. During that rest, Morgan accidentally reveals to Sarah Chuck's master proposal plan, which only sets her back on fire to find him.

She finally gets the info that Chuck is being held in Thailand and heads out on her own, locking Casey in one of Castle's cells so he can't come with her. Of course, Morgan breaks him out and they follow her giant, blonde she-male reign of terror across Thailand to find her doing some serious fighting with a dude to get the information on where Chuck is being held. She, of course, beats the guy, and they go after Chuck.

Recap/review of Chuck 4x09 'Chuck versus Phase Three' by freshfromthe.comOnly, by the time they get there, it might be too late. Because Chuck has been resistant to the methods so far, the doctor guy has said the only way they might be able to get to the Intersect is by going forward with Phase Three, which is to wipe out everything in Chuck's brain except for the Intersect. Sarah and crew arrive just as this is about to finish, and Sarah is the only one who can reach through to Chuck and get him to mentally get himself out of it, by telling him about the proposal plan and how she loves him with or without the intersect. I'm really not sure how that worked, or how her getting him out of there at that moment somehow restored all the rest of his identity at the same time. Not that I particularly wanted some kind of Intersect robot Chuck, but it seemed kind of easy and convenient at that point.

Anyway, they get Chuck out of there and come back home, where Beckman tells Chuck that despite him not having the intersect, he is still worth keeping around as a spy.

Meanwhile, Ellie has found the mysterious computer that was hiding in the back of her dad's car that she got a couple episodes ago. They can't figure out how to get it working, so while she is at work, Devon calls in Lester and Jeff to get it up and running. It takes them all day, but they finally get it to turn on. Only now there's just a page with "Knock Knock" asking for a password. Luckily, Ellie knows the password, because it was something she and her dad had when she was little ("I'm here" instead of "who's there"). All we see is some flashing lights on their faces and an "oh my god" before the show ends! Damn it! I thought it was going to be like an intersect reboot for Chuck. I suppose it still could be, but who knows. The preview for next week did not hint at what it was at all. Sigh.


"Who's got a screw loose?" - Lester
"That has two meanings." - Jeff

"Anyone else wanna be my boyfriend?" - Sarah

"People have been talking much about the giant blonde she-male." - Thai dude

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