Sunday, December 5, 2010

...Set: Supernatural 6x10 "Caged Heat"

Sorry for the delay on this post, but I have been visiting Las Vegas, where I have learned that I am not a huge Vegas fan. This really should come as little surprise to anyone who knows me! Also, I'm attempting to write this on my iTouch in the airport thanks to a delayed flight. Oh joy of joys. Plus I had to do that full body scan x-ray thing. Anyway.

This week's episode (which I also watched here in the airport!!) was rather intense, no? Apart from a couple light moments with Castiel, it was all drama-rama. The episode started things off with Crowley interrogating a shapeshifter looking like himself on the whereabouts of Purgatory. Said shifter does not know anything about it, so Crowley kills him.

The Winchester brothers, meanwhile, get a visit from one of their old demon buddies, Meg. I use the term buddy very loosely, of course. Meg wants the location of Crowley and threatens the boys, but Sam figures out right quick that she is on the run herself. He suggests they work together to find Crowley to both of their own ends, with each of them secretly planning on backstabbing the other, I'm sure. Dean is against working with demons again, but Sam points out they are already working with one. Good point, dude.

Recap/review of Supernatural 6x10 "Caged Heat" by freshfromthe.comSam calls up Castiel for help, but only gets him to pop down from on high when he says that they've found the ark of the covenant (a la Raiders of the Lost Ark). Poor Cas is having a rough time up in Heaven these days. He also has some reservations about putting Sam's soul back after the torment he will have suffered while in Hell at the hands of Lucifer and Michael in the cage. Dean posits that they have to try, and Cas reluctantly agrees.

They decide the best way to try to find out where Crowley is, is by getting the information out of Samuel. Samuel is all bull-headed about it, and our suspicions are confirmed as to the reasoning behind his deal with Crowley  - Crowley said he'd bring Mary back. Dean tries to reason with him, but it's a no go. Dean, Sam, and Cas hang out and try to figure something else out (and Cas watches some porn!), when Samuel shows up, saying he has seen the light. He points them in the right direction.

The right direction is an old, creepy warehouse where Crowley is keeping all sorts of creatures. The team gets in rather quickly, which none of them thinks bodes well. And they would be right. There are hellhounds waiting for them, and Meg can't even black smoke her way out of her host. She stays behind to fight them off (after a major lip lock with Castiel!) and the three desperadoes delve deeper into the manse. They don't get much farther before Cas is angel-sigil blasted out of there, thanks to Samuel, who has turned out to be the major double crosser in this round.

Crowley's demon stooges grab the boys and lock them up int heir very own separate cells. They also capture Meg after she has managed to kill off the hellhounds. All that effort for naught! Samuel comes to visit Dean, and Dean tells him in no uncertain terms that the next time they meet, he'll kill him. And who can blame him? Mary would never forgive you for condemning her sons to get her back, dude. Anyway, some more stooges come and take Dean off and lock him up with some ghouls who are supposed to, apparently, eat him. Lovely! But action-robo-Sam has a different plan. While Dean and the ghouls grapple, Sam bites into his own wrist and writes a devil's trap on the ceiling of his cell! HARDCORE. It does work like a charm on his would be demon stooge captors, though. He escapes just in time to save Dean from being ghoul food.

Meanwhile, the demon in one of the Campbell cousins (the Corin Nemec one) has got Meg up on the torture rack we last saw one dastardly Ruby on. I'm not sure what information he's trying to get from her, but he's doing some nasty stuff to some rather intimate places. Yowch. Lucky for her, the boys come to her aid, with the newly reclaimed demon killing knife (she took it from them awhile back). Together again, they are able to use some special trap (I'm assuming it wasn't just a regular one) on Crowley, wherein Meg can do some hand scrunchy torture bits. Crowley claims he can't get Sam's soul back, and that they shouldn't want it back either. They're going to let Meg kill him with the knife, only he bests her fairly easily and is about to wreck almighty havoc until Castiel shows up, with Crowley's poorly hidden bones in a bag. Cas threatens him, and his song remains the same about the soul, so he must be telling the truth. All the same, Cas goes and burns up the bones anyway! Whoa! That was unexpected. Before they can kill Meg too, she jets out of there.

In our patented roadside end of episode chat, Cas confesses that things aren't going well for him upstairs, and he wishes he could be more help to them down on Earth. Dean tries to offer help, but it's not use. After Cas leaves (to go kill all the other beasties in the holding cells, naturally), Sam confesses that he doesn't think he wants his soul back after all, much to Dean's dismay. Dean tries to talk some sense into him, but he just straight up walks away, leaving Dean to shout his name as his back. Aww.

Random thoughts:

- I say this every week, but I can't wait for Sam and soul to be reunited. I have a rather disturbing desire to see just how messed up he will be. And honestly, they can't just leave his soul down there, regardless of whether they were to reunite it with his body. Poor Sammy! (And Adam?!)

- What's Samuel going to do now that Crowley is gone and no longer there to honor his deal? He was never going to honor that deal anyway, but you know...

- And who's going to take over as king of hell now that Crowley's gone? I really did not expect his death! Bad ass Cas!

- The porn stuff with Castiel was hilarious, of course. Aw, Cas, don't ever change.


"Guess I kinda lost my head." - Crowley

"This is very complex. If the pizza man truly loves this babysitter, then why does he keep slapping her rear? Perhaps she has done something wrong." - Castiel

"This is what you boys do, sit around watching pornos with angels?" - Samuel
"We're not supposed to talk about it." - Castiel

"I learned that from a pizza man." - Castiel

"I'm standing in pee." - Dean
"Consider yourself lucky." - Sam
"Yikes." - Dean

"I said can't, and I meant can't, you mop-headed lumberjack." - Crowley

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  1. Did you catch that one prisoner? The girl pleading with the boys to release her? Then Crowley comning in to start on her when the lights blinked, etc? I'm pretty sure she is NOT a demon, and there is more to her story, but I could be crazy. Just seemed like they spent more time on her than some random baddie.

  2. p.s. I doubt I'd be any fun in Vegas-- I'm married, don't drink, and don't gamble. =/

  3. She was the Djinn from the season premiere that Samuel captured. ;)

  4. Well there you go. I'm not crazy. ;)

  5. Well, this is one long break. In the meantime, I purchased season 1 and am rewatching, nearly onto season 2. TBS or TNT, one of those has supernatural reruns every morning back to back. I think they're close to starting season 2 now.

    It's fun to watch the story unfold, and I don't remember a lot of these eps, so it's very entertaining.

    I feel like we've been watching a different show almost this season. Not a bad show, but not the same chemistry or ideas between the brothers with one so not himself. Happy to have a souled Sam back. Three more weeks... ugh.