Tuesday, November 30, 2010

...Set: Glee 2x09 "Special Education"

What's this? It's already time for Sectionals? It seems like the our erstwhile gleeks have barely been preparing for it, unlike last year, when it was all about sectionals. Perhaps that's because they've got so much personal drama going on? In truth, they don't really have that much drama, it just likes to spin out of control. You know, teenagers, heightened emotions. Whatnot.
Recap/review of Glee 2x09 "Special Education" by freshfromthe.comLast week, Kurt left McKinley High for Dalton Academy, and now he's joining up with their glee club, the Warblers. Things work a bit differently with the Warblers than New Directions. They don't have an adviser a la Mr. Schue, rather a trio of elders that oversee things and basically make all the decisions. Kurt tries to bring his requisite flare to his new supposed comrades, but soon finds out that individuality isn't so much celebrated amongst the Warblers as tolerated. Though he is invited to try out for a solo for their sectionals piece, he doesn't get it, instead singing and shimmying with the rest of the guys while his new buddy what's-his-face gets the solo instead. I literally cannot remember his character's name. There are too many characters to keep track of on this show sometimes.

Back at McKinley, Will is looking forward to spending time with Emma at sectionals, but his hopes are soon dashed when she tells him she can't go, due to the whole Carl situation. Instead, Carl whisks her off to Vegas and they apparently get hitched, which she reveals to Will after sectionals. He gets the mopey face agoing, but hey, at least he has bigger fish to fry. Because yep, they get to go to Regionals again this year!

But I'm getting ahead of myself. Not only did Emma shoot down Will romantically, she also shot holes in what he had been planning for Sectionals, which was more of the same they always do. So, he decides to change it up. Rather than featuring Rachel and Finn, he decides he's going to feature Sam and Quinn, as well as Brittany and Mike's dancing skillz. Rachel, naturally, goes into a tizzy, which somehow leads to Santana spilling the beans about her dalliance with Finn back in the day. Tensions in the group continue to rise as Tina and Artie become suspicious of Mike and Brittany spending so much time together, supposedly "rehearsing." Their suspicions were completely unfounded, though, so the Asians get to have an Asian kiss, and Artie and Brittany continue on as well.

But Rachel and Finn? Well. After the group gets a nice talking from Schue to at Sectionals after some in fighting and bands together to rock it (though they did end up tying with Warblers), Finn and Rachel look like they are going to repair things. But then Rachel confesses that while she was so mad at Finn, she took up with Puck, and they might've gone all the way if Puck hadn't stopped it, not wanting to repeat what he did to Finn in the past. Finn can't take that Rachel would do something like that, and breaks up with her. Will they stay broken up? I suppose only time will tell.

As for the music tonight, the only song I didn't like was Don't Cry For Me Argentina. That's no surprise, I am not a fan of the Broadway-type ballads. I did like that we actually got to hear Tina sing a significant amount in Dog Days Are Over. We never get to hear her voice!


Don't Cry For Me Argentina - Rachel & Kurt
The Living Years - The Hipsters
Hey, Soul Sister - Warblers
(I've Had) the Time of My Life - New Directions, featuring Sam & Quinn
Valerie - New Directions, featuring Santana
Dog Days Are Over - Mercedes & Tina


"I'm paralyzed with fear. I've been here since second period. I really, really have to pee." - Brittany

"Glee needs you to be it's ambassador." - Will
"More like it's am-badass-ador." - Puck

"Where's Puck? I haven't seen him since yesterday and I need him to get me a churro." - Santana

"If we lose, we should throw opossums." - Brittany

"Buddah! Allah! Satan! Help me!" - Puck

"Have you noticed her ignoring you lately?" - Tina
"Not really, it's Shark Week." - Artie

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