Monday, January 31, 2011

Chuck 4x13 "...vs. the Push Mix"

Anyone know what that electronic song at the beginning of the episode and when Morgan was going through the lasers was? I really liked it, but could not decipher the lyrics enough to look it up! Something about a joy ride?? Help! As another music selection, the one from the end of the episode was Young Blood by The Naked and Famous.

Okay! Now that I've got that out of the way. You know, I was concerned that there was going to be some big twist ending to this episode after everything ended so well for everyone, that I was actually more surprised that everything ended like it did. When I saw that floor sweeper, I thought to myself, "Oh no. Evil dude." But I was wrong! They just did a cool cut away so we didn't actually hear Chuck propose to Sarah, just saw them in the background, which was a great choice, in my opinion. We've already heard them say everything they need to say to each other, so it wasn't really necessary to hear the actual words this time around.

Recap/review of Chuck 4x13 'Chuck versus the Push Mix' by freshfromthe.comI just jumped straight to the end there, didn't I? Terribly sorry to spoil the ending, but would you hate me if I didn't do a really in depth episode recap? I'm going to attempt to make it quick. I feel like I say that every time, and then go longer than intended, but whatevs. Basically, at the top of the hour, Chuck decides he's had enough of Volkoff ruining his family, and is going to take matters into his own hands to take him down and get Sarah and Mama B back. This leads him and Morgan to the ship named Contessa, where Volkoff, Sarah and Mama B are currently on, and also happens to house Hydra, the super secret special network of bad guys the CIA has been trying to track down for years.

Things seem to go pretty well for a while, until they don't. Volkoff shows up to stop the party, and Chuck, Sarah and Morgan are forced to leave, Mama B staying behind with a gun to Volkoff's head to ensure their safe passage out. Earlier on, Volkoff had received a message from Orion, and confronts Mama B about supposedly being in contact with him, even though he's supposed to be dead. The latest contact asked for Mama B to meet Orion at a cabin, so Volkoff decides he's going to go himself to face him.

Only, of course, it's Chuck who was posing as Orion to draw out Volkoff and get him to say the special passcode to get the Hydra thing to transfer over to the CIA computer network that his dad set up so many years ago. It was all his plan from the start for it go down like this, and it worked like a damn charm. Way to go, Chuck. Way to use the old noodle. Sarah and Mama B are free!

Meanwhile, Devon has been freaking out thanks to Ellie going into labor. Luckily, Casey wakes up to knock some sense into him so that he doesn't leave Ellie alone. But she wouldn't have been alone anyway, because the whole gang shows up just in time for little Clara Woodcomb to enter the world. Lester and Jeff tried to put their own spin on the event by doing a cover of "Push It" over the intercom system, but thankfully were hauled away by security.

And, of course, while all of that was going on, Chuck finally proposed to Sarah. And she said yes. D'aw.

Where do things go from here now that Volkoff has been captured? Who will be the next big bad that everyone is suddenly, magically connected to, even though we've never heard of them once before? Hopefully we'll get a break from a huge central bad guy for a while. I don't know about you, but I could use a break from it!


"He has no respect for the unborn." - Jeff

"I'm like a seal. A seal that does yoga. Yoga seal!" - Morgan

"But you're not due yet! What is baby Clara thinking?" - Devon

"Ew, pregnant women." - Lester
"Oooh, pregnant women." - Jeff

"Cover song by cover song, we're shaping the youth of America!" - Lester
"I'm not allowed to do that anymore." - Jeff

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