Monday, January 24, 2011

Chuck 4x12 "...vs. the Gobbler"

Do you know what I discovered in tonight's episode? I've been spelling Volkoff wrong this whole time. Here I was, spelling it Volkhoff, and no one corrected me! Oh well.
In tonight's episode we got to see Sarah go over to the dark side. Or, you know, pretend to go over to the dark side. After completing various nefarious missions on the side that we just heard tell of through the boys back at home, Volkoff finally decided to invite her into his lair. And he presents her with a mission: she must break out Yuri the Gobbler from prison. Why's he called the Gobbler? Because he apparently eats people, though we saw very little evidence of that aside from one dude missing a few fingers.

In order to break Yuri out of the prison (which was located in a very-sunny-for-January Portland, Oregon), she needed help from the good guys. Their mission? To get Chuck into the prison as a new prisoner while Casey and Morgan disguise themselves as guards. This all goes off way too easily, incidentally, but whatever. Once inside, Chuck locates Yuri and is tasked with bringing this massive man down. He only just manages to get him unconscious before Sarah arrives to break them all out. I'm a little confused why Volkoff wouldn't have let her use some of his men for the mission. Whatever, I guess I'm not supposed to question it.

Recap/review of Recap/review of Chuck 4x12 'Chuck versus the Gobbler' by freshfromthe.comOnce she brings Yuri back to Volkoff, hoping that would mean she's been let into the inner circle, Volkoff just shoots Yuri in the head. And then what does he do? He scoops his EYE out! Gross! It turns out it wasn't a real eye, but rather some kind of tech device that held all of Hydra, his super secret network infrastructure that connects all of his bad guys together or something. He then proceeds to smash the eyeball, because he's apparently downloaded the info somewhere else. Mama B, though, manages to hide away a piece of the eye to give back to Chuck, so he can Mr. Wizard something out of it.

Volkoff's real mission for Sarah comes next: she is tasked with killing one John Casey. She gets him to meet her at this tall building in LA, and they proceed to fight it up, while trying to figure out how to make it look like he's dead without really being dead. Chuck, meanwhile, grows more and more anxious, because he wants to know what's going on, so he heads over there to find out. By the time Chuck gets there, Sarah and Casey have worked out a plan - she'll push him out the window onto a scaffolding some 40 feet below. He's sure he'll survive. She ends up having to do this in front of not only Volkoff and Mama B, but also Chuck, who of course shows up just in time to witness it. The only problem? The scaffolding breaks, and Casey goes plummeting all the way to the ground below, unconscious.

Volkoff knocks out Chuck and he takes the ladies away with him to points unknown. Later, Chuck tries to get in contact with Sarah via their super secret special secure line, but she, taking advice from Mama B, decides to get some distance, as that's the only way she'll be able to get the job done.

Casey, meanwhile, is in the hospital, hooked up to some very scary looking tubes and monitors. This is very upsetting to everyone, but particularly to his daughter Alex, who Morgan just realized he's fallen in love with earlier in the episode.

In the upbeat side plot of the night, Ellie was having problems getting Devon to agree on a name for their impending baby girl. She goes to Chuck for help, saying she's found the perfect name - Grunka. Chuck and Devon both agree this is a terrible name, so recruit the Buy Morians to dissuade her from using it. In the end, they decide on the name Clara. And Ellie reveals that she was never serious about the Grunka name anyway. I don't even know if that's at all close to how you spell Grunka. Groenke? It is Swedish, after all.

Next week it looks like everything comes to a head with Volkoff, which seems a little early in the season, but sure.

Music selection of the night:

Silvia by Miike Snow (looooove this song, I've loved it for a while)


"Grunka isn't what you name your beautiful baby girl, it's what you name... these people." - Devon

"Wow. Sarah, you look... evocative." - Morgan

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