Monday, February 28, 2011

Chuck 4x17 "...vs. the First Bank of Evil"

I'm not sure about everyone else, but this episode wasn't that exciting for me. I give it a solid shoulder shrug. That would be a fun ratings system. Disgusted head shake, shoulder shrug, fist pump. Tangent alert!
This week we got to see just what was waiting for Vivian in her father's secret lair after getting the tease last week. So what was waiting? A plastic/glass/clear substance that had a number on it. What else was waiting? Volkoff's lawyer, in the form of Ray Wise aka Riley. Riley tells Vivian that her dad has set it all up for her to take over the family biz, but she doesn't want none o' that. She tries to politely decline, but when Riley becomes something other than polite, she goes ninja on his ass and escapes.

Vivian heads straight over to her friends in Castle and gives them the lowdown. Chuck, thanks to senor intersect-o, knows that the mystery card she has actually is a card for the Bank of Macau. Real country? Incidentally, yes. I looked it up. Beckman mandates that they must use Vivian as an asset to get into Volkoff's bank account and freeze the funds. So it's teleport to Macau time! Honestly, they must have perfected teleportation with the amount of bopping over back and forth between other countries they do all the time.

Recap/review of Chuck 4x17 'Chuck versus the First Bank of Evil' by freshfromthe.comChuck tries to pose as her bodyguard and go in with her to the vault area, but DUH, they don't let anyone but account holders back there, and I'm not sure why they're surprised by this fact. That is a general bank fact, is it not? Get it together, people, get it together. Chuck then spies his way through an emergency stairwell up to the vault level, and happens to see ever so conveniently into a secret room where there are a bunch of, apparently stolen, servers from the Chinese military. This bank is up to something shady! No time for them to figure out what to do about that now, though, because Chuck is spotted and Vivian has to get him out of a spot of trouble so they can be on their way.

After Beckman finds out about the servers, she wants to use Vivian again to get in there and plant some kind of digital tracker so they can see what info is being processed on those babies, because I guess the bank is doing deals with terrorists and such, black market style. Chuck makes a deal with Vivian that if she helps them again, they'll get her a visit with her dad. Because what was in the deposit box at the bank? Just some photos and clippings about her. She wants to know just what the deal is.

Yada yada, they go back, cause a scene while Vivian uploads the tracker. Riley just so happens to also be there, and tells Vivian to give him a call when the CIA renegs on their deal for her to meet with her dad, which unfortunately is exactly what they do when they get back. And what does she do? She goes to meet Riley. Way to mess that up, CIA.

Meanwhile, in subplot land, Sarah is feeling overwhelmed by all of the wedding decisions that have to be made. Roses? Orchids? She has not a clue. Chuck advises her to pick one thing to get excited about, and move from there. She chooses the dress, and from there it snowballs. Suddenly it's lilies and private islands and otherwise impossibly expensive things. They've created a monster, indeed.

Morgan, on the other hand, is having trouble finding a new place to live. He tries to post an ad on craigslist looking for a roommate, but Lester and Jeff sabotage those plans. He ends up staying at the Buy More, and inadvertently stumbles into the whole secret mission thing Casey has going on. We don't find out what any of that is about, but Morgan leverages his knowledge into a place to stay at Casey's. That should be interesting, living with the father of your girlfriend! Not awkward at all!


"I am growing mentally, and emotionally. Physically. Not so much physically, but some people are saying that I'm acting taller." - Morgan

"I have no idea what you're doing right now." - Jeff

"What's going on there, caselogic?" - Morgan

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