Friday, March 4, 2011

Supernatural 6x16 "And Then There Were None"

Wow. What an appropriate episode title for this one, right? I'm still a little in shock at how many people they just killed off. I had a feeling that Rufus was going to bite the big one after reading a couple of hints about upcoming episodes, but I didn't know they were also going to kill off ole Grandpa Campbell too! Spoiler alert, obviously, but if you're reading this, I assume you've already watched the episode. If not, um. Whoops?

The episode started off with a random trucker dude meeting our newest big bad - the Mother of All (Evil Creatures). She puts something in his ear that makes him go berserk and kill everyone in his path, including his family, though he has no recollection of doing any such thing. When Sam, Dean and Bobby come to investigate, they get their first look at big mama Eve, as she likes to call herself, and have no idea how they are supposed to battle her. No time to figure that out quite yet, though, because someone else has gone crazy.
Recap/review of Supernatural 6x16 "And Then There Were None" by freshfromthe.comBobby heads off to investigate while the boys apparently watch some more videos instead of going with him, even though they've seen nearly everything they need to see on the video, so it makes little sense. But, in any event, when Bobby arrives at the place, he encounters Rufus, who has also arrived in town to investigate. They join forces and figure out that both the people who went crazy had some sort of goo coming out of their ears, and were both connected to the cannery. Off to the cannery!

They meet up with Dean and Sam and head inside, only to find that someone else is in town too! This is becoming a hunter party! Except that these other people in question happen to be Samuel and Gwen Campbell. And last Dean saw his Grandaddy, he told him he'd kill him. He wants to make good on his promise, but the others stall him and tell him to go cool off. Gwen gets up in Samuel's face, because she didn't know that he had tried to sell Sam and Dean down the river, and goes to ask Dean about it. And what does Dean do? He SHOOTS her! What! That was unexpected.

But not entirely, because he was infected with some kind of parasite thingy that goes in through the ears. Once they find him, he doesn't have it in him any more, but now everyone else is a suspect. It could be in anyone. Bobby suggests they all forfeit their weapons so they can't kill each other as easily, which they do for a time, until Samuel reveals himself to be the newest infected member. They re-acquire their weapons to hunt him down, only Sam gets trapped alone with him. Though Samuel tries to convince him that the parasite is no longer inside of him, guess what? Sam SHOOTS him! OMG!

Bobby, having "of course" brought his cranium drill thing along, gets to work with Rufus on sawing open Samuel's brain while Sam and Dean wait outside. He was their grandpa, after all. Bobby tries to apologize to Rufus for something bad that went down in Omaha years ago, but Rufus is not having it. And it doesn't much matter anyway, because just as the drill/saw thing hits Samuel's head, he goes nuts, because he's not entirely dead! There's some scuffling between the three while Sam and Dean struggle to get inside. Luckily, though, Samuel ends up getting electrocuted, which causes the parasite thing to vacate his body.  Only they didn't see where it went.

How do they figure out that none of them have it in them? By electrocuting each other in turn, of course. That's healthy. Dean, Sam and Rufus all pass the test, but when it's Bobby's turn, he balks. Rufus advances on him, but it turns out he shouldn't have gotten too close, because Bobby whips out a machete and STABS him! Hunter number three down. And too bad, too. Rufus was funny. Sigh.

The boys manage to subdue not-Bobby and duct tape him to a chair to interrogate the creature inside. And the creature inside is more than willing to have a chat. It tells them that the Mother is back, and she's pissed, and she's going to be creating all kinds of new creatures to take over the Earth and outnumber humans. You know, just your typical evil villain plan, really.

But now the boys are faced with a quandary. How do they kill the thing inside Bobby without killing him too? They decide they've got to electrocute him long enough to kill it, and hope that Bobby survives. We're left to wonder through a commercial break, but they tried to fake us out by having the boys standing over a fresh grave once it came back from commercial, but I knew it was just going to be Rufus' grave and that Bobby would be okay. He confesses that Rufus was the one who helped him get started in the hunting life after his wife was possessed, and that they used to be sort of like Sam and Dean until whatever he did in Omaha.

Aaaand that's it for over a month! The preview for the upcoming episodes was so all over the place, too. Oh well.

Random thoughts:

- Dean had one of the biggest smiles we've seen on him in ages when he saw Rufus. Seriously, when was the last time he had a genuine smile like that?

- Every time Dean shouted "It's not in me!" I was reminded of the season two episode Croatoan where that dude was yelling that at Dean. Anyone else?

- I for some reason really loved it when Samuel brought up the fact that Sam was named after him.

- Whoa, Jim Beaver! Super creepy as the parasite worm dude. Did they ADR his voice, or did he just make it sound weird like that?

- I knew they weren't going to actually kill Bobby, because there'd be fan mutiny, but can you imagine if they actually had? I would've been totally flabbergasted, completely taken by surprise. As it is, I'm still surprised at how many people were killed. Though it does seem to be a trend that they kill people in bunches. Ellen and Jo, anyone?

- Was it just me or was Dean a little bit preachy in this episode about family? More than once he was going on and on. Particularly at the end. It just felt a little bit overkill.


"He's our grandfather." - Dean
"Oh, somebody needs a hug." - Rufus

"Why don't you buy me a drink first..." - Dean
"Second date." - Rufus

"Oh yeah, we're goo positive." - Rufus

"Well, I got a dump truck full of bupkis." - Bobby

"Just 'cause you're blood, doesn't make you family." - Dean

"Why do you keep talking about Herpes?" - Sam
"What? I don't. Shut up. Shut up!" - Dean

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  1. haha this is so cool. what do you mean for over a month tho?

  2. It sucks they're taking a month long break. Again. Have you heard anything about a possible season 7? I think there's plenty of fodder to keep them going.

    Bobby was brilliant.

  3. @Anonymous- the show won't be back with new episodes until April 15th!

    @Laura - No news yet on a season seven, but personally I think they'll get it. I feel like season seven will be the last, though. Sort of like Buffy!

  4. Yay, a Buffy fan! :)

    Well, I hope their season 7 is a little better than Buffy's. There were good moments, don't get me wrong, but while I can rewatch season 2-6 with joy several times a year, I usually stop short at season 7 of Buffy. Supernatural's season 1 was amazing, so they've got that one over Buffy.

  5. Yeah I didn't like quite a bit of Buffy's season 7, but on the other hand I really liked all of the Spike stuff from season 7, so I'm glad it happened if just for that alone!

    But the potential slayers were soooo annoying!

  6. agree with you on that "loved it when Samuel brought up the fact that Sam was named after him"
    me too :D
    i don't know but on some how i thought Sam was infected when he shot grandpa >> felt like he killed him too easy! not that he didn't deserve it though

  7. @Anonymous - yeah I was wondering too whether Sam might have had the parasite in him when he shot Samuel, but they quickly dispelled that thought!