Friday, February 4, 2011

Supernatural 6x12 "Like a Virgin"

After having to wait an extra week for the return of our dear Winchesters, I can safely say that I think the direction of the second half of this season looks to be picking up quite nicely. We got a cool "road so far" recap set to Back in the Saddle (how appropriate) and this week's case took the boys to somewhere near Portland, Oregon! Hometown shout out! And! I have to admit, I was more than happy to have the old Sam back. Robo-Sam was downright scary, even more so now that we have regular Sam back and can see the difference so easily.

So what does it mean to have Sam re-souled? Apparently when Death put up that wall in Sam's mind to block out Hell, he also blocked out the memories of what Sam did while he was without his soul. The last thing he remembers was taking the big leap down below. Dean thinks it's pretty much a blessing, and doesn't want to look a gift horse in the mouth, while Bobby is less than enthusiastic about that plan, especially considering Robo-Sam tried to kill him not so long ago. Bobby also has the fortitude to tell Dean that Sam's going to find out eventually, and it should come from them. Voice of reason! Of course, Dean is like psha, I'll keep up the charade as long as possible! It's what I do! He may have said it more growly, I admit.
And without missing nary a beat, the boys are already back on a new case. What's happening this time around? Virgins are going missing, and all signs are pointing to a rather unlikely source... dragons. Indeed, dragons. After Community had an episode about Dungeons and Dragons last night, it's just a regular dragonfest on TV lately! These Supernatural-fied dragons, however, aren't quite like the ones in the storybooks. They can look like people, but sort of morph into bat-like thing with wings and hands that can heat up. And they still like to hoard gold. Typical.

Recap/review of Supernatural 6x12 "Like a Virgin" by freshfromthe.comWhile Dean tasks Sam with figuring out where the dragon in town is hiding, Dean goes off to talk to a Ms. Visiak. I'm not sure of the spelling, but oh well. She's a professor type friend of Bobby's who knows a lot about dragons, and apparently a lot about Bobby as well. Ooh la la! She gives Dean the lowdown on how to kill a dragon. In short, you need a sword forged from dragon's blood. There were only six ever made, and she just so happens to have one in her basement. It's not Excalibur, but it's just as stuck in a ton of rock as the stories of old, requiring a noble knight ready to slay the dragon to pull it free. Who's up to the task? Dean thinks he is, but finds he doesn't quite have what it takes to pull it out. Instead, he blows up the rock! Innovation! Only, he blows off half the sword too. Oops.

Meanwhile, Sam has cottoned on to the fact that Dean hasn't been entirely truthful about what happened in the last year or so. He tries to get some information out of Bobby, but when Bobby isn't that helpful, he turns to Castiel, who Dean was not smart enough to tell the plan to, apparently. Because Sam barely has to bait the hook for Cas to completely spill all the beans. And ah man, the look on Sam's face when he heard he was walking around without a soul? So sad.

But, he is able to table that particular discussion for the time being, because he and Dean have a dragon to kill! In the lovely and also really huge and spacious sewers. Seriously, are sewers really like that? I mean, I've never been in one, but it seems weird they'd be that big with, like, separate rooms and stuff. In any event, the boys venture down into the depths and find a whole mess of girls locked up, and not just one, but two dragons there waiting to try to kill them. They scrabble a bit, and Sam manages to kill one of them with the half-broken sword of Brunswick (I think that's what she called it, anyway). The other gets away.

After the dust has settled, Sam confronts Dean about the soulless thing. Only he's not angry, which was refreshing. Instead, he was apologetic, and vowed to right any wrongs he did when he didn't have his soul. Dean stressed to him that he shouldn't go digging up all of those memories because of what else might come with them, but you know what? I'm just glad they didn't fight at all in this episode. It was so nice to just have them be nice to each other, you know? A relief, really.

Instead of ending on the meaningful chat, though, the episode refocused on something else the boys found down in the sewers - a manuscript of some kind, fashioned from human skin, with instructions on how to open a door into Purgatory. But not for going in, for letting something out. What something? Mother. Mother of what, you ask? The Mother of all Evil, it appears. And that's what the virgins were for, though if they just needed to throw one off the cliff into the pit thingy to raise Mother, I'm not sure why they needed the rest. Perhaps she eats them? Or maybe she burns through them really quickly? Will this be touched on or simply waved away because I clearly was thinking too much into it?

All I know is, I'm happy to have the show back! 

Random Thoughts:

- The opening plane crash straight into the title card was pretty cool. Breaking glass and all.

- Everyone was wondering whether there would be a fabled Winchester hug in this episode - and there was! Did it fulfill all your hopes and dreams?

- Of course Dean likes a woman "with experience." Oh Dean.

- Loved Misha's "awkward" reaction with the non-hug with Sam. Ahahaha, too funny.

- When Dean was stretching to reach the sword through that grate, all I could think to myself was - go get Sam! He can grab it quick, he's got longer arms! Sure enough, when he went to get it, it was super easy for him!

- Jared could use a haircut, that's all I'm saying.


"What was that?" - Sam
"One part age, three parts liquor?" - Dean

"Looks like those other two missing girls both baked cookies for the Lord." - Sam
"What is that, code?" - Dean

"'I've decided, I'm going to give Stan my most precious gift.'" - Dean, quoting a diary
"Wow, that sounded really creepy coming out of your mouth." - Sam
"I think I delivered it." - Dean

"Shut up, I'm hilarious." - Dean

"Look, I would hug you, but..." - Sam
"That would be awkward." - Castiel

"You rocks think you're so smart..." - Dean

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  1. "I think I delivered it" was priceless.

    I admit, I was grading papers and watching more out of the corner of my eye, so I sorta missed that they found the book in the sewers. I assumed Bobby had found it. This is why I need someone to recap. :)I'm glad we've got a "big bad" that isn't roboSam.

    I feel like we didn't get much closure with Samuel-- whatever happened with that storyline? Did they ever figure out how Sam and Samuel got back? I think I may have just forgotten some of this stuff, that break was hella long, and I watched seasons 1-3 during, which might have me confusing seasonal plotlines a bit, but I could swear that's all still out there and will hopefully be resolved before too long.

  2. I'm pretty sure it was Crowley that brought them back? I can't remember if we found out whether Samuel was actually in Heaven or down in Hell, though. I'm pretty sure they'll have more with Samuel in the coming weeks. Last we saw him, he had crossed them, but they left him alive, so...

  3. Here's the thing. This is the second time Dean has made it clear that he's anti-virgin. The way Jensen delivered that line makes me think it's an inside joke. If anyone is privy to what that is, let me know, k?