Friday, February 11, 2011

Supernatural 6x13 "Unforgiven"

In case anyone was wondering just what RoboSam got up to with Grandpa Campbell before he tracked down Dean, wonder no longer. He was an overly logical badass who liked to have some sex with the ladies. Even Dean was impressed with how many girls he managed to shack up with in this particular town alone. Imagine how many he got with in a year! Whoa. Better get checked out for STDs there, buddy. Maybe your Herpexia ad will actually be true!

Recap/review of Supernatural 6x13 "Unforgiven" by freshfromthe.comYes, this episode took Sam back to his RoboSam days via flashbacks. You see, he and Samuel had previously been to this town in Rhode Island, pardon me for not remembering the name. I do remember the slogan had something to do with "memories," which is, of course, a hyuck hyuck nod to the general theme of the episode. In any event, Sam gets a mysterious text with the coordinates to said town, and he and Dean figure out that a bunch of women have gone missing there recently. Dean doesn't want to check it out, as it's definitely weird to get a mystery text, but Sam insists they must. Alas, he eventually will come to rue that decision.

Because, when they get to town, he slowly starts to realize that he had in fact been in that very town one year ago, hunting something that was also making people disappear. Only that time, it was men in their thirties. Suspicious! Why has it suddenly changed who it's targeting?! Did they not actually kill it the previous time? Full disclosure: I figured out the mystery pretty early on this episode. I said to myself: "it's targeting the ladies he slept with, duh." and then also thought to myself, "They aren't dead, she's turning them." Ring a ding ding, points for me! But I'm getting ahead of myself. It is my wont, I'm afraid.

Sam, after having gotten arrested for his past misdeeds, re-meets Brenna, the wife of the former sheriff, who went missing right before the Sams left town before. Sam has to convince her that he really doesn't remember what happened before, which he is eventually able to accomplish. By this time, Dean has figured out that all of the women who have now gone missing have a certain link to Sam - as in, they were linked. Physically. Being "loud" and "athletic" per one girl's former roommate.

Dean takes this as their cue to get out of town, since clearly the thing has lured Sam back there on purpose, but Sam, having his soul back and all, would not feel right doing that, so gets Dean to agree to stay and figure out what's going on. Yada yada, Sam remembers what went down. They had used the sheriff to lure out the monster - an arachne - only the sheriff got taken. They found the nest and killed the arachne, but all of the other men were already infected with her poison, so Sam shot all of them, and they burned the place down, thinking they were all done and dusted.

Of course, that's not the case, as the sheriff turns back up, having now been turned into an arachne-thing, set on revenge against Sam. He traps Sam and Dean, has a bout of monologueing detailing how the original arachne was breeding, and all those other dudes are out there somewhere doing the same, so Sam really only made things worse before. Dean manages to break free, Brenna frees Sam, and he kills the poor spidersheriff dead. By beheading, you know. Beheading usually works.

For their end of episode chat, Sam tells Dean that he was right - the second time in the episode too - that they never should have come there. He laments some more about the whole soulless RoboSam still being him and whatnot, Dean tries to cheer him up - and then! Then! I did not expect this to be happening so soon! Sam collapses to the floor with a memory of Hell seeping through - one of being burned alive. And... BLACK! Dang! I was actually surprised they already have the wall cracking. So quick! What's gonna happen!

Random thoughts:

- Spiders. Can I get a yuck? Yuck yuck yuck. Though, as with all Supernatural beasties, they basically looked like people. Gotta wonder what sort of monsters they'd envision with the right budget.

- RoboSam? Still scary, even in flashbacks. Perhaps more so, because he was acting more emotionless than we saw much of earlier this season when he was trying to hide his emotionless-ness.

- How far will the wall come down? Will Sam be able to handle it when it does, or will he really turn into a drooling mess, as everyone fears?

- I am jealous of any of you who may be at the LA Con this weekend! Sure, I live in LA, but that thing is dang expensive.


"So, Mel Gibson really took a turn this past year, huh?" - Sam
"Or he's possessed. Seriously, think about it." - Dean

"What was that? She just cougar-eyed you." - Dean

"One of dad's rules - you never use the same crapper twice." - Dean
"Everyone uses the same crapper twice." - Sam
"Not us." - Dean

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  1. Just watched the episode. The one thought I've been having -- everyone down on Dean for returning Sam's soul-- so it should have stayed in hell for eternity? Being horribly tortured for the rest of time? A drooling mess is a blessing in comparison, right?

    Not sure why Cass said Dean should have just killed Sam in the last ep. What would that have done? Would his soul have been sent to heaven then... or again with the unthinkable torture for all time but at least no soulless Sammy to be burdened with on earth?

  2. I've been thinking that, too. Like it would be better for his soul to just burn and burn down in hell? That's not right either. If there was a way to take it straight to Heaven and Dean instead wanted him on Earth, that would be another story.