Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Glee 2x12 "Silly Love Songs"

Whoa, two episodes of Glee in three days' time, I don't know if I can handle it. This episode felt more like classic Glee than the big Super Bowl post show did, which is really a relief, because, you know what? I didn't really like the Super Bowl episode much. And here's the thing. This episode had no Sue, that episode had lots of Sue. And while Sue always has the best lines, she kind of overtakes things, and not in a good way. This is nothing against Jane Lynch, who is fantastic. I just feel like the writers do not know how to keep such a huge cast occupied.

That being said, this episode was mostly enjoyable. What I didn't like - the whole Finn/Quinn sudden romantic re-emergence. We had absolutely no hint that they still had real feelings for each other until the last episode, when suddenly they did. Um, okay. This week, Finn decides that he's going to win her back by having a kissing booth, thereby apparently goading her into kissing him, and realizing she wants to do more of it. Finn, who was so upset at being cheated on both times, now is encouraging Quinn to cheat a second time. Idiot. At least she pointed out this idiocy to him, but he just brushed it off and got her to kiss him again. Yeesh.

Recap/review of Glee 2x12 'Silly Love Songs' by freshfromthe.comMeanwhile, Puck has found himself suddenly infatuated with Lauren, and I have to say, that whole storyline had me laughing. Loved it. What's great about Lauren, Puck pointed out, is that she is just as much of a badass as him, and doesn't take crap from anyone. That means that Puck has work at it, and can't just expect her to like him because he's hot. He tries to profess his interest to her in song, but chooses an offensive one, so she's put off. He then tries to make it up to her, but she blows him off. In the end, she tells him that if he wants to have something, they have to take it slow. Will this last long? Who knows. But it made for some hilarity this episode.

Santana, however, was not so happy about Puck's sudden infatuation. So how did she decide to get over being rebuffed by the dude with the mohawk? By getting revenge.... on Quinn and Finn. Um. Okay? She noticed the way they were looking at each other, and devised a plan to give Finn mono via the kissing booth he set up, so then he would in turn give it to Quinn. And lo, they both got mono in approximately 12 hours. Does it really only take that long? Wait, this is Glee, believability is not always a strong point. Quinn and Finn have to go off to the nurse's office, where Quinn tells Finn that if they ever were to have a chance back together, they both have to sort out what they feel for Sam and Rachel.

In the last major storyline of the evening, Blaine confessed to Kurt that he wanted to profess his love for a friend, in musical fashion. Kurt, of course, thought that the friend in question was him, but actually it was just a guy that works at the Gap. The guy from the Gap does not like Blaine's big romantic gesture so much, because he, you know, got fired, and wasn't actually out to his coworkers. Whoops. This prompts Kurt to eventually tell Blaine how he feels about him, though, and they agree to be friends first and see here it goes. Seems to be a theme, no?

Anyone else notice that look between Sam and Santana? Are they going to have a love story? I think it would be kind of cool to see Santana actually fall for someone. I could get behind those two, not gonna lie.

Otherwise, Rachel decided that she's going to take a break from romantic entanglements and focus on her career. After how Finn acted in this entire episode, seriously, good for her.

Fat Bottomed Girls - Puck
PYT (Pretty Young Thing) - Artie
When I Get You Alone - Blaine
My Funny Valentine - Tina
Firework - Rachel
Silly Love Songs - Blaine


"Also, those candies you gave me? They all sucked." - Lauren
"But you ate all of them." - Puck
"I had to make sure they all sucked." - Lauren

"You know, I've kissed Finn. And can I just say? Not worth a buck. I would, however, pay $100 to jiggle one of his man boobs." - Santana

"That's my man, his legs don't work!" - Brittany

"Please, I've had mono so many times, it turned into stereo." - Santana

"I don't think I've ever made that big of a fool of myself. Which is really saying something, because I've performed at theme parks." - Blaine

"Can I be honest with you? I like you. I used to think you were smokin', but a lot of that had to do with the fact that I thought you were mixed-race, and that never fails to get me goin'." - Lauren

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