Monday, April 11, 2011

Chuck 4x20 "...vs. the Family Volkoff"

The word of tonight's episode was, by far, "cool." I think it was said maybe twenty times, no? Anyway! How has everyone been during this TV hiatus that's been going on? Good? Good. Let's get right down to business.
The main story of the evening had to do with this secret Volkoff weapon called The Norseman. The team caught wind of this weapon after setting up a meeting with Vivian, who had previously gone rogue. She gave part of the weapon to them as a sort of peace offering, but in order for them to figure out just what it was, they had to bring in the big kahuna - Alexei Volkoff himself. He informed them of the nature of said evil weapon - some kind of DNA tracking killing machine - and that it was missing a couple extra components, for which the team would need his help.

First stop on the zip a dee do da teleportation train was Somalia, where a pirate by the name of Ellyas had one of the components. They try sending in Chuck to get the stuff, but Volkoff has to make an appearance himself to get it. Oh, and did I mention that throughout the episode, Volkoff is claiming to be changed man - that he has seen the error of his ways, and wants to set things right with the people he has wronged? No? Okay, consider it mentioned.

Sooo they get the secret component thing, and then find out the next bit is some kind of super rare something or other that Volkoff has hidden in some sort of cave in the Swiss Alps. No problem when they've got their zip a dee do da teleportation machine! They can travel the world in a jiff! The team heads into the base and, yada yada, are about to get the last thing, when Vivian shows up. We're led to believe that she and her dad have been working together all along, but I totally saw it was a double twist brewing. She just wanted to get the thing for herself, so she can have all the power and do whatever. She claims that she wants to turn around the family business into something legit, but when you're going through such shady means to do so, it doesn't seem quite right.
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Meanwhile, Ellie has been working more and more on her dad's computer, uncovering stuff about the Intersect, and this mysterious Agent X. Mama Bartowski, upon hearing of such things, promptly begins stealing files and handing them over to Beckman. Though she wants to stop Ellie from researching further, Beckman orders her to let it continue, as Ellie's uncovering Intersect knowledge that they don't even know. Mama B goes to Chuck about it, and Chuck decides that he's got to come clean about the Intersect in his own head, but decides not to when Ellie straight up lies to him about what she's been doing on the computer. Guys, you need to work together. Seriously. Especially when it turns out that Vivian wants to put back together The Norseman in order to find this mysterious Agent X. I kind of feel like Agent X is Ellie herself, but does anyone have other theories?

And in other subplot land, it's almost time for Alex's graduation. She wants to set up a secret meeting with Casey on the day of, since he can't be there, since her mom doesn't know he's still alive. Though he seems okay with this at first, after a comment by Sarah, he realizes that she's being pulled between two parents, which isn't fair for her. So either he doesn't go, or she tells her mom the truth, and he does go.

Finally, in the last subplot, we have Sarah giving Chuck a prenup to sign, completely out of the blue. Though normally this would be prime material for Chuck to agonize over and talk to death, he instead follows the advice of Casey and Morgan and plays it "cool." In the end, Sarah decides to tear up the prenup herself. It turns out she had it made because she has some money saved away in case her dad gets in trouble again, or some other family stuff and whatnot. I'm not sure why she feels the need to keep that stuff hidden from Chuck, pretty much nothing can sway his feelings for her.

Aaaand that's all, folks!

Song choice of the night:

Kingstonlogic 2.0 - Waterhouse


"Eddard, you don't let your kids keep a direwolf, that's a terrible idea." - Chuck (ha! Game of Thrones reference for the win!)

"It's true. I cut in front of William in the cafeteria line. I admit, I have entitlement issues." - Volkoff

"Do you have Uno?" - Chuck - and they do!

"As my grandmother used to say, play your cards close to the vest. And wear a coat over the vest, otherwise you look like a jerk." - Volkoff

"Target's on the move, hot mama." - Devon
"Copy that, six pack." - Ellie

"Yeah, can't trust a Limey with good teeth." - Casey

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  1. Anyone else humming the rude 'Somalian pirates' song from 'South Park'?

    Things I never thought would be said to Timothy Dalton; 'Okay Oprah; park it!' :-)

  2. Don't know that song, personally, but maybe others!