Monday, April 18, 2011

Chuck 4x21 "...vs. the Wedding Planner"

I must confess, I have felt that this season of Chuck has been sort of lackluster. Not that it's been bad, but I haven't felt particularly compelled to watch each week. But! I actually really enjoyed this episode. It featured the return of Gary Cole as Sarah's dad, and also had some pretty hilarious hijinks. I always enjoy when the episodes bring on the funny.
As Chuck and Sarah's wedding grows ever closer, this week we saw them working with a wedding planner to finalize the details. A wedding planner that costs over $26,000! Holy crap, is that how much weddings cost?! That is ridic! Anyway, it turns out that this wedding planner, one Daphne Peralta, was actually a conwoman who took their money and ran. They try to track her down using their CIA skillz, but she's just too good. Not wanting to let her get away with it, Sarah decides to track down the one person who can help her figure out how to out-con a con. Her dad.

Jack suggests she get the CIA's help by faking something on Daphne, and gets Chuck to join in, pretending to flash on Daphne as having a connection to some evil guys. Things get a little out of control, though, when Chuck happens to say she has a connection to some particularly evil dudes, and the General puts together a whole team to take her out. Luckily, that doesn't happen, but Chuck and Sarah do get berated, and put on suspension. Even though Chuck has a real flash on some people in one of Daphne's other client's weddings.

Recap/review of Chuck 4x21 'Chuck versus the Wedding Planner' by freshfromthe.comWhen the General forbids them to do any spy work for a while, though, they decide they have to take things into their own hands. Because apparently there are these Klug brothers who carry around something called a Zephyr that is super important and whatnot. Let's face it, I care hardly at all about any of the actual spy work they do on this show. In any event, with Jack's help, they are able to set up a fake wedding and, after some shenanigans, of course, are able to take down the Klug brothers and their father, who was the one really in possession of the zephyr thingamajig. Job well done. Pats on the back. All is right in the spy world.

The episode also featured quite a few flashbacks to when Sarah was young, learning the ropes of the con from her dad. They had some father-daughter issues to work out. Like the fact that he never stayed around, and always left without saying goodbye. But though he might not have been the best father in the world, he does have good intentions, as he proves when he leaves her a bunch of money he has been saving over the years for her. She can have her fancy wedding after all. Aww.

In other father-daughter relationships, Alex wants Casey to finally come clean with her mom, Kathleen, that he is still alive. They've even arranged to have her come by the Buy More. Casey, however, does not want to have to lie to her and make her think he just works retail, and kiboshes the plan. But Kathleen spots him in there anyway, and later follows him to the fake wedding and confronts him. She thinks he just left her and now works some dead end job, but in the end she finds out the truth, that he's government agent keeping the world safe. Is this the last we'll see of her, or will they rekindle a little somethin' somethin'?

Only three episodes left of this season, and a possible fifth season is still up in the air. With the season finale called "Chuck versus the Cliffhanger," I'm not sure how fans will feel if it doesn't get renewed!

Song Choice:

Alexander Ebert - Million Years


"Oh, one of the Kardashian girls just got her GED.... allegedly." - Chuck

"Hey, cop face. Glad you could join us!" - Jack

"Spy high five." - Morgan

"Once you know all the cons you can never be a sucker." - Sarah

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