Monday, May 9, 2011

Chuck 4x23 "...vs. the Last Details"

It's almost wedding time for Chuck and Sarah, and that means there must be some twists and turns a-coming, right? Right. Everything seems all well and good for the pair until a couple of days before their rehearsal dinner when they find out that Mama Bartowski has been captured by Vivian Volkoff. See, she was trying to steal the Norseman device and got caught. What's the Norseman device, again? It's this weapon that will kill someone using a DNA sample.
The team mounts up to go to Mama B's rescue in Colombia. They manage to reach her, but she informs them that Vivian is about to sell the Norseman and they need to get the weapon before she can. But the Norseman has already been moved, so the best they can do right now is get Mama B out of there, which they do after an encounter with Vivian and Riley.

Recap/review of Chuck 4x23 'Chuck versus the Last Details' by freshfromthe.comThey make it all the way back home only to hear from Beckman that they have heard that Vivian is planning on selling the Norseman to the highest bidder at a secret meeting in Moscow. Luckily for them, they happened to detain one of the dudes who was supposed to go to the meeting, and he looks just like Morgan, so Morgan gets to step in and pretend to be the guy, who will buy the Norseman. Easy peasy lemon squeezey, right? Of course not.

In Moscow, the plan is going well at first, until Vivian and Riley show up with the weapon and use it to kill all of the bad dudes who were there to try to buy it. Morgan has to fake being dead until they leave, and gets an awesome assist from Casey on the neighboring rooftop. He kills like six people in the room solely using these camera glasses Morgan was wearing as a reference, as the curtains were down. That's pretty amazing.

Meanwhile, Sarah and Chuck are going after Vivian, who still has the Norseman. They manage to stop her, and Chuck is able to tell her the truth about her dad - that he is actually a good guy, and therefore she is too. But Riley also manages to tell Vivian that the person responsible for turning Volkoff into the man he is today was one Stephen Bartowski, which of course doesn't sit so well with her. But she escapes to points unknown for now.

Back on the home front, Ellie has worked hard to make sure everything is perfect for the rehearsal dinner. Everything except for what was supposed to be Chuck's gift to Sarah - a romantic video showcasing their relationship. They tried to have Lester put it together, but of course he did something insane. But, it turns out that Jeff actually has some skill in making this kind of video, and it actually works out.

But all cannot be sunshine and roses, as we well know. As happier times are being displayed on the video, Chuck gets a call from Vivian, threatening to kill those closest to him since she has lost everything in her life. Chuck is convinced the person she's going to go after is his mom, but instead it's Sarah whose head starts hurting and nose starts bleeding, a classic sign of the Norseman device's deployment. Uh oh!

Kind of a meh episode for me, but I did love all of the Star Wars references. My favorite was probably when Chuck was getting Morgan psyched up to be the bad guy and started humming the evil Empire theme. Ha. Great.

Song Choices:

You Are a Tourist - Death Cab For Cutie
The First Day of My Life - Bright Eyes


"Why would you say that? Do you not watch movies?" - Chuck
"I finally watched Mannequin." - Sarah
"Oh? Yeah? Did you like it?" - Chuck

"We have voyeur. We have candid. We have nip slips. Of Chuck." - Jeff

"Move it along, Chewy." - Chuck
"Chewy? Why are you calling him Chewy? He didn't even eat anything off that disgusting platter." - Sarah

"I'll be right there. As soon as I get this guy's pants off. ... Oh shut up." - Casey

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