Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Reese's Dessert Bars

Okay, confession. These are not baked. These are not even from scratch.

These are, in fact, from a... box! What!

This box, in fact. A Reese's Dessert Bar Mix. That is extremely, extremely easy, and just shy of extremely tasty. I'm not going to lie here, these aren't the greatest, most scrumptious dessert bars in the world. They're missing that extra little something. But, hey, when you only need some water and butter, I'm not complaining.

Also? I love Reese's. It's a fact. Except that I don't really like regular Reese's as much anymore, I like the eggs and the hearts and the trees and all of the various specialty offerings during holidays. More peanut butter equals more better.

Shush, I know that's not correct grammar.

In any event, really, I took some photos of the process anyway, in case there were curiosity cats out there.  Off we go...

You add some melty butter to the crust mix. It's some kind of chocolately stuff, a bit like crushed up oreos.

Press that into the tray they provide. Yes. They even provide a tray! How easy!

Mix in some more melty butter with the peanut butter stuff and the filling mix, which I took to be some combo of flour and sugar, to give it some consistency.

Add that onto the crust layer.

Meanwhile, you'll have put the topping bag in a bowl of hot water to make it easily pourable. Pour it onto the top. I had to use a frosting knife thing to smooth it all around evenly. This appears to just be straight melted milk chocolate. Though it must have something else in it to keep it liquid. Hmm.

After you've put it in the fridge for about a half hour, you can cut into the bars. They then recommend that you keep them covered and refrigerated. 

Like I said, not bad, but not wonderfully splendiferous by any means. They aren't quite... sweet enough. I think that's it. Maybe if I added a touch of powdered sugar to the peanut butter mixture. Hmm. Or I could just make my homemade peanut butter balls, which are nearly the same thing! I was just hoping the peanut butter middle would be a little more like the peanut butter middle of peanut butter cups, but it's not quite. So close, but so far...

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