Thursday, June 2, 2011

SYTYCD S8: LA Auditions

Omg, you guys. Please appreciate my dedication tonight as your faithful recapper, because I just had to endure 40 out of 50 minutes of completely f'ed up sound in this episode! It was as though I was watching it online and the sound was off. But, no. No no. I have satellite. Wtf!
Recap/review of So You Think You Can Dance - Season 8 - Los Angeles auditions by

Okay. Now that I have that off my chest, let's continue. Tonight was the last round of auditions before Vegas week, and was featured in my very own city of Los Angeles. And I tell you what, LA really brought it. There was only one bad audition that they showed the entire night, and only one pair of people that we focused on going to choreography and not getting a ticket straight to Vegas. That's pretty crazy, people!

In the first day of tryouts, there were four dancers featured. First up was Jordan Casanova, who I simply wrote down as "sexy." Tyce was going a little bit insane over her, but at this point, I hardly remember anything other than what she was wearing, so I'm not so sure. Next up was DC Chapman, a hip hopper with a pregnant girlfriend who had a really entertaining style to him. Was he as entertaining as one of the guys from last night? I'm not so sure, I guess we'll see what happens in Vegas with those guys. Next up was Arielle Coker, a repeat auditioner that I don't really remember from past seasons. But, that being said, her audition was pretty kickass. Also very intense. It could be her year to make it into the top 20. And finally, my favorite dancer from the LA auditions was Hero McRae, the awesome Japanse pop and locker. I guess that's what you'd call her style. But I literally said "wow" out loud, so you know it's good. If she can rock other styles too, she has a good shot.

On the second day there were also a few standouts. First up was Alexis Mason, little sister to season five winner Jeanine Mason. And she looks so much like her! I feel like she also has a kind of similar dancing style about her, which isn't a bad thing, I was always a Jeanine fan. Another standout was Patty Anne Miller, the tomboy hip hop dancer, who's also a drummer. And her hip hop was pretty straight up to match up to any boys dancing it too. It's not often we see female hip hop dancers, so if she has any ability in the other stuff, she could go far too. Plus she's got a very cool style about her. That always helps. And finally we had the sister pair of Natalia and Sasha Mallory. They performed a kind of African contemporary number that, while good, didn't get them straight through to Vegas. But after some choreography, they both got the go ahead. I have to say that I'm more drawn to Sasha at this point in the game, but who knows. Vegas can make or a break dancers, for real.

Okay kids, that's it for this week. Fingers crossed I don't have such sound issues next week. Vegas week is one of my favorite parts of this show! Don't mess with me, Fox, I can't take it!

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