Thursday, June 30, 2011

SYTYCD S8: Top 16 Results

Okay, first, I must give an ill-formed "we're not worthy" bow to the second guest couple on tonight's show. And also to the Axis Dance Company. I wish I was being more fastidious and listening to names and things, but, um. Whoops? If you know their names, please feel free to blast me in the comments! But seriously! That second couple was amazeballs. I mean, I was literally yelling with delight with every crazy move. They kind of reminded me of ice skaters without the ice. Anyway. Yes. They were, as Tony the Tiger would say, Grrrrreat! Yes, I did just do that.
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But let's get back to the competition, as that is what this show is supposed to be all about. The bottom three couples tonight were not very surprising, and I was only annoyed that one couple over another wasn't in the bottom. Can we guess which couple? Puh-lease. If you read this blog at all, you already know*! In any event, the three couples put in danger tonight were:

Ashley & Chris
Miranda & Robert
Caitlynn & Mitchell

And honestly, it's really no surprise who went home after that. Even though I feel like Miranda in particular had the best solo of all of the ladies. Robert also performed a pretty great solo (much better than his first one), but it's become clear he's just not very good at the other styles. Caitlynn and Mitchell did a whole lot of flailing about the stage for their solos, and while I understand strong emotions will breed such flails, it's generally not a good policy to rely on that alone. Ashley's solo, meanwhile, bored me. I enjoyed Chris', but felt he could've pushed even a little bit farther after seeing how explosive Robert's was.

And while I am not surprised at the decision to oust Miranda and Robert tonight, I will say that I can see why the judges were not unanimous on the decision for the girls. Because if it was my decision, I would've kept Miranda over Ashley. There is something a little off about the Ashley/Chris pairing, and I would've really liked to see Miranda and Chris do something together. But hey, I'm not a decision maker here, am I? Nope. I just win points on my fantasy league and call it a night.

And, Nigel? It was Robert who had the woodpecker routine, not Chris! Get it together!

Oh, and one more thing. Miranda and Robert had such graceful comments on their exits, it made it even sadder to see them go. Class acts, those two.

*Jess and Clarice. Duhhhhhhh.

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