Wednesday, June 29, 2011

SYTYCD S8: Top 16 Perform

It's late, so I'm keeping this as short as possible tonight. For the top 16 performance show, we had two guest judges join Nigel and Mary - Lil C and Kristin Chenoweth. Now I know I've been kind of complaining about the stunt casting of judges this season so far, but I really enjoyed Kristin, despite her having very little criticisms. Then again, hardly anyone had any criticisms this week at all, so... Eh.

Let's barrel through the performances here...

- Sasha and Alexander - These two had a contemporary piece from choreographer Dee Caspary that will probably be forever known as the piano routine. Sasha, as always, killed it. Seriously, this girl is a star. I said it last week and I'll say it again - she brings the characters to life. Not everyone is able to do that very well, including her own partner Alexander. While he has certainly been improving in that department, he just can't quite live up to the spark plug that is his partner.

Recap/Review of So You Think You Can Dance - Season 8 - Top 16 Performance Episode by Caitlynn and Mitchell - With a Jean-Marc Genereaux samba, things could've gone bad. But they didn't. Caitlynn really moved her hips, I was pretty impressed, actually. I think there were a couple tiny rough spots but overall enjoyable. But whoever said Mitchell is the Chris Rock of the show needs to get a hold of themselves. Clearly he is much more like Chris Tucker. Was the routine memorable enough to keep them out of the bottom three, though? Not as sure about that.

- Miranda and Robert - You know, it's interesting. The judges were full of such effusive praise for almost everyone tonight, but I was not feeling this one like they were. It was a Tyce Diorio broadway number, which may be part of the issue. But I did not see any of the characters from the video package before. If that hadn't been there, I would not have known she was supposed to be a lady of the night at all. And they didn't seem to be dancing nearly fast enough for the beat of the music.

- Melanie and Marko - I still love my M&M's. They did great yet again this week in a NapTab lyrical hip hop piece that I really, really enjoyed. Maybe one of my favorites of the season so far. They brought such emotion to all of it, and that's what really sold the whole thing for me. Not to mention that kiss! Whoa. Are those things planned? I always wonder. A power couple, indeed.

- Ashley and Chris - One of the only couples tonight to receive any sort of criticism from Nigel, and I actually agreed with him. They had a Sonya Tayeh jazz piece that should've been crazy weird, but it just wasn't quite weird enough. There was just something missing, and all I could think was how I wished the perennial favorite Mark from seasons past was there. He and Sonya were like bread and butter. These two should be in the bottom, but then they should've their first week too and they weren't, so...

- Clarice and Jess - These two had a Jean Marc fox trot that the judges went mad crazy over, but I cannot get over Jess and his face pulling. Stop it! Ugh. And she was so much taller than him, which just makes these types of dances super awkward. I honestly wish these two were the ones going home tomorrow, but who the heck knows with how the voting has been going lately.

- Ryan and Ricky - I loooove the choreography in this one, thanks to one Sonya Tayeh. It was a contemporary piece about letting go, and involved an unraveling piece of fabric between the two of them. I still think I caught one or two vacant smiles on Ryan's face, but at least she's started to tone those down a little. But honestly the choreography itself was the start of the show here.

- Jordan and Tadd  - Another NapTab hip hop number that again was more exciting because of the concept than the actual dancing. What's this? I agree with a Nigel comment again? Egads, what is going on! But yes, he said basically the same thing. He also said that the two of them aren't going anywhere for weeks to come. Jeez, bite your tongue. Don't say that kind of thing, you might jinx them!

Who will be in the bottom three tomorrow night? I think it should be: Ashley & Chris, Clarice & Jess and Miranda & Robert. Will I be right? Who knows!

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  1. I picked Ashley/Chris and Miranda/Robert also but then Ryan/Ricky because I'm not sure how many people like Ryan. Though if Ryan is in the bottom, you know they won't cut her. And during her routine I kept checking to see if she was smiling. I don't always mind that she smiles but it is distracting when the piece is about loss. I tend to think she is just very happy to be dancing and that's something I can appreciate.

    I actually liked Jess and Clarice - I typically find the Foxtrot boring - but thought it was really good. I was surprised they didn't say anything about his facial expressions though.

    Totally agree with you about Mark and Sonya - I miss my season 4 crew.

  2. @nixxy - I think I just have a thing against Jess because of his personality. It doesn't help that Clarice seems to lack a personality. The two together are just so awkward!