Thursday, July 21, 2011

SYTYCD S8: Top 10 Results

Tonight was a night of absolutely no surprises whatsoever, apart from maybe the fact that apparently the judges are still the ones dealing eliminations instead of it just being by the votes only? Isn't it supposed to be that way at this point? Because honestly why else claim that it's America's favorite dancer if it's never really our actual votes? Just sayin'.

I can also say with certainty that I am plum sick of solos. Maybe it's because the same people keep having to do solos every week, I don't know, but dang. I'm done with 'em. Please tell me in next week's performance show we don't have to be subjected to them all again? Pretty please? I'd much rather see two partner dances.
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Speaking of partner dances, the all star line up is apparently changing week to week this season, and next week's will feature: Ivan, Jaimie, Anya, Pasha, Lauren G., Neil, Ade, and Lauren F. I thought it was pretty funny that Anya & Pasha were just billed together rather than separately. Are they an actual couple or just dance partners? The world wants to know.

Anyway, on to the results of the evening. The two guys and two girls in the bottom four were:


And I think from that lineup alone it's pretty easy to tell who was let go - Mitchell and Clarice. I am not saddened at all, to be perfectly honest, and unless something crazy happens next week, I expect it will be Ricky and Jordan sent home.

That's it for another week, dance fans! Can you believe it's only 3 weeks until the top four?! Crazy.

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  1. Let's just call the show what it is: Nigel's favorite dancer.

  2. Ya I'm kind of pissed that the judges are still deciding. I saw Nigel tweet earlier that it is still America's vote because it's our votes that decide who will NOT go home. But the format changed - this has never been how they did it once we got to top 10. Last year was abnormal just because it was a top 10 instead of top 20.

    This was the first result show where I was just bored.

  3. I feel like the only choice made by the voters is going to be the very final one. I think people would get straight up outraged if they chose the winner at the end.