Wednesday, July 13, 2011

SYTYCD S8: Top 12 Perform

First, an embarrassing confession: Travis Wall was in my dream last night. We were hanging out, and then when I went to leave, I ran into his car, which was just some really old Honda or something. Ah, unconscious, what does it all mean?! That maybe recapping this show makes it infiltrate my brain more than it should? Probably.

Now, I know I usually get sort of snooty about the stunt guest judges, but if they were all as entertaining as Jesse Tyler Ferguson, I wouldn't particularly mind. He is clearly a big fan of the show, and I loved that he commented that Cat should be nominated for reality show host at the Emmy's. She blushed hardcore! But Cat, not that you will ever read this, he's so right!

Recap/Review of So You Think You Can Dance - Season 8 - Top 12 PerformanceEpisode by freshfromthe.comThis is the last week that these couples are dancing together, and they did two dances instead of one. Tomorrow night, the top ten will be revealed, as well as the all stars that will be joining them next week. You know what would be an awesome introduction to the all stars? Have them dance a group number together! Come on! Make it happen! If it does happen, I'm claiming psychic powers. YES. I mean, really, I had a few moments where the comments I wrote down were near exact quotes of what the judges then said. Psychic!

Okay, now on to the dancers.

Sasha and Alexander - For weeks now everyone has been saying it, whether directly or indirectly, that Sasha has been carrying Alex through the competition. It's the truth, she has been. If they had been in the bottom three at any point, he probably would've been sent home. Tonight, however, he finally started to shine. The couple started the night with a paso doble from Tony and Melanie, and though I do get the concept of both being the bull and whatever, I missed seeing her in a red dress. Have we seen her wear a dress? I feel like she's always in pants. Hmm. Anyway, yes, she was strong, but hey, I was actually watching Alex too! This is a first. He got even stronger in their second dance of the evening, a Tyce Diorio piece. What? A Tyce piece I didn't hate? It happens on occasion, rare but true. As Sonya stated, he finally seemed to relax into the dance. Only took him five or however many weeks. Yeesh.

Jordan and Tadd - It was a mixed bag for these two tonight. I looooved their first piece by Travis Wall, I can't understand why they didn't let them end on that high note by switching the routines, but... oh well. I really liked the vulture concept, and how Jordan would move her arms in that bird-like way to remind us of it throughout the dance. She's grown on me a little over the season, but only in regards to her dancing. Tadd, however, has been a constant delight, and didn't disappoint in this one either. But their second dance, the Spencer Liff broadway piece? Man. First of all: terrible song, terrible costumes. Jesse even made a comment on both of those, so I feel justified saying it too. The whole thing was just... meh. It was lacking that extra something. It makes me worry they'll be in the bottom three since they've already been there a couple times.

Ryan and Ricky - The only thing I can hope after the lackluster night from these two is that they don't drum up a bunch of sympathy votes due to harsh criticism. It's been known to happen in the past, and it drives me absolutely insane. Then again, they've already been in the bottom twice already, so with another not great night under their belts, I'm not sure it matters. Their first dance was a Spencer Liff broadway piece that I found extremely boring. There was just something so muted about the way they danced it, something about the arms not extending enough. I'm no dance expert, but I noticed that. Their second dance, a cha cha from Louie Van Amstel, while better, wasn't enough. Someone commented how Ryan is just trying too hard, and you know what, that might be exactly the problem with her. She wants it so bad, and we can tell, and it's coming across as desperate. Ricky, I mean, he wasn't bad, but he wasn't that great, so... eh.

Caitlynn and Mitchell - Okay, I have to say one thing. There were so many "message" routines tonight, right? I just... Look. I'm not an insensitive person, but when that kind of thing gets employed too often, my cynical side comes a callin' and I can't help but roll my eyes. Such was the case with their Chris Scott hip hop number tonight. The problem, as all the judges mentioned, was that they just weren't in synch. They really had no swagger, particularly Mitchell. It was just missing a groove or something, I don't know. And the message that was being presented would've been completely lost if not for it being emblazoned so brazenly on their shirts. Their second dance of the night was by Travis Wall, and was leaps and bounds better, though I did feel it was missing a certain magic quality. Maybe I am just hard to please.

Melanie and Marko. Aw, this is the last week they're a couple! It is a great shame because these two have such great chemistry. Take their Louie Van Amstel tango, for example. It wasn't perfect, I saw them make a couple mistakes, but you know what? There's something about them that makes you just shrug and go, "but I love you anyway." Sonya said it best when she said they dance with conviction. It doesn't matter if they mess up, they don't let it show. Their second dance of the night was a lovely contemporary piece choreographed by Dee Caspary, all about trying to draw Marko's character out of a dark place into the light, in a literal way, with an actual light. Literal and figurative. While it is not my favorite number they have danced together, it certainly showed why they're so great together. M&M forever.

Clarice and Jess - You know, I don't care how much the judges say they love these two, something about them just doesn't connect with me. Clarice just comes off as such a blank slate, I feel like I know nothing about her. And Jess is the opposite. Too much personality. You'd think they'd balance each other or something, but not so much. Their first dance of the night was a lyrical hip hop by Chris Scott, and you know what? They had way more swag than Caitlynn and Mitchell did in their hip hop. It was light, it was fluffy, it was fine, and then there was a creepy ass painting at the end. Get rid of that thing, yikes. Their second dance of the night was a Tony and Melanie choreographed jive, and, well, it was awkward. When she had to go under his arm: awkward. A lot of the partner moves: awkward. Labored. Like they were really tired, and it was showing. Particularly in Jess. It just got worse as the dance wore on. And the jive is not supposed to look labored. It's supposed to be fun and carefree.

But who will be in the bottom three come tomorrow? Keep in mind that means half the couples. The only two couples I feel certain are safe are Melanie and Marko and Sasha and Alexander. I mean, neither of them have been in the bottom yet. As for the bottom three, the only couple I feel pretty sure about is Ryan and Ricky. Any two out of the other three could join them, but with the way people have been voting recently, it seems like it's going to be Jordan and Tadd and Caitlynn and Mitchell. We'll see tomorrow!

What did you all think? Are you excited for the all stars, or wary? Is it totally weird that I have choreographers in my dreams?

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  1. I know who will be in bottom 3 based on who I think will NOT be in the bottom 3. M&M and Team Sasha (notice I did not acknowledge Alex) will be safe. No question. And based on the past looks like J/C will be safe. Whose going home? I hope Mitchell and Ryan. But we'll see...

  2. oh and Sasha wore a dress in the piana piece. When she popped out piano. That might be the only time though! lol

  3. Yeah I pretty much agree on who will be in the bottom three. As to who goes home, it might all depend on their solos.

    Maybe she'll get to wear more dresses going forward?!