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Supernatural: Best Scenes of Dean Eating (Seasons 1-6)

As promised, I am focusing on some less than serious lists on here this year. We've had a ranking of Sam's Hair, so I figured it was time to give Dean his own list. Since his hair doesn't change much through the seasons, what better way to celebrate our love for him than to focus on one of his true loves: food.

Oh yes, Dean likes to eat. A lot.

Some of his "best" moments shoveling stuff down his gullet....

It's a Terrible Life (4x17)

What's this? Starting off with such an atypical scene?! It's true, this may be the first and only time we have ever seen Dean eating a salad. Of course, this wasn't our real Dean, but a version in another life, which was the whole point of this scene in the first place, to show us that something was terribly wrong with him if he wasn't eating burgers and fries and pie.

Provenance (1x19)

The best part of this little scene is Dean's total entitlement for the hors d'oeuvres and champagne, even though it's quite clear he's not really from some kind of art firm. Classic.

Nightmare (1x14)

One of the very first instances of Dean being inappropriate with his food needs, but certainly not the last.  Posing as a preacher, no less!

Mystery Spot (3x11)

Not the last time his food will come back to haunt him, but certainly one of the most memorable times. Technically two, twice in the same episode he died from his food intake. Maybe that's telling you something, Dean? Nah.

Wishful Thinking (4x08)

Of course the thing that Dean would wish for from a magical wishing well is a sandwich. And, as you would expect, the wishes don't exactly go so well. Cue vomiting up said sandwich! Note to self: don't make wishes in magical wishing wells.

Bad Day at Black Rock (3x03)

We've all experience this moment. Or at least, we all should have. What is life without an occasional ice cream headache? This was like Dean's dream come true - free food for, what, a year? I can't remember the exact details anymore! 

Tall Tales (2x15)

Another classic moment - eating some chili fries on Sam's bed. Don't worry, the moment you're thinking of from this episode is still coming, but I thought the fries deserved their own too just for the look on his face alone.

What is and What Should Never Be (2x20)

Probably the best part of this scene is Mary's "what are you doing" facial reaction to him eating that giant sandwich. A sweet moment that he never got to experience in real life, alas.

Folsom Prison Blues (2x19)

Even while in prison, he can't stop eating, going so far as to take Sam's food as well. Not that we ever hardly see Sam eating, so that's no surprise. Maybe he's always stealing his food. Unless it's a salad shaker.

Hollywood Babylon (2x18)

Dean and craft services = made for each other. Whether little Philly cheesesteak sandwiches or... whatever that other thing is. Food he doesn't have to pay for is always the best kind.

Tall Tales (2x15)

Ah yes, the caramels. Probably the most iconic moment, even though surely exaggerated through Sam's point of view. But hey, with all of the evidence, it sure looks like all he does is stuff food in his mouth, right? 

You know what is an interesting observation? Though it has been a well-documented fact that Dean loves pie, we've never actually seen him eating it. He's ordered it, had it in front of him even, but never actually taken a bite on screen. EDIT: Someone said he did actually eat some during Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid. You know why I forgot that? Because it's one of my least favorite episodes!

Sadly, I could not find individual clips of all of the scenes above, but I did find a couple of compilation videos that feature most, if not all, of the scenes above: here and here.

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  1. I would love to be able to eat like Dean without consequences!

  2. De-lurking here because of this:

    "You know what is an interesting observation? Though it has been a well-documented fact that Dean loves pie, we've never actually seen him eating it. He's ordered it, had it in front of him even, but never actually taken a bite on screen."

    Because you totally forgot about episode 5x15 Dead man don't wear plaid. Dean ate a pie made by Bobby's zombie wife and is on screen. I look it in YouTube just to be sure.

  3. Oh, I did forget. I just updated that section. I forgot because, truth be told, I hate that episode!

  4. I'm also pretty sure that he eats pie in The Hammer of the Gods, when he and Sam are at the buffet. I might be making that up, but I swear that we actually get to see him eating pie in that scene.

  5. Jensen commented at some convention (I think) or in an interview in the fairly recent past, that he has asked the writers not to give him any more food scenes where he is eating. So we will see what happens and if they will let him act without further mastication. I don't recall any eating scenes in Season 6. BTW, I love the scenes you chose to highlight.

  6. I mean it probably does suck to have to eat something over and over again when you're shooting scenes, so I understand. But you're right, I can't think of many scenes of him eating in season six either.

  7. We see him eating in Season 7 in 'How To Make Friends and Influence Monsters'. Jensen said that he had to eat so many Turducken sandwiches that his lips started bleeding!