Saturday, October 29, 2011

Supernatural 7x06 "Slash Fiction"

Apologies for the tardiness of the recap this week! I was out at Universal Studios' Halloween Horror Nights getting scared out of my mind. Though it's true I love this show, it's also true that I don't really like to be scared by people popping out at me in real life, which is definitely what garnered the most screams from me last night! Anyway! On to the show!

This week's episode found the brothers Winchester in a whole heap of trouble thanks to their old buddies the Leviathan. Though they managed to capture one last week thanks to Don the witch doing some kind of witchy thing to him, now that they've got him holed up in Bobby's cabin (or Rufus' old cabin, depending on how you look at it), they still aren't making any headway into figuring out how to hurt them, let alone kill them. And we also find out, which I'm not sure we knew before, that when they take on someone's form, they also download all of their memories and thoughts - including Cas'.

Their Leviathan in the basement is the least of their problems, however, because it turns out that two other Leviathan have turned themselves into none other than Sam and Dean themselves - and have gone on a robbery-murder rampage around the country. This rampage gets the boys on the national news, and rockets them straight up to the second most wanted men in the country in two days. Uh oh. And just how did the Leviathan manage to copy them? Turns out, they went to one of their old motels and got some hair from the shower drain. Just goes to show - don't leave hair in the drain! Not only will you get yourself a clog, some creepsters can start cloning you!

While Bobby is all for the boys laying low until they at least figure out how to do some damage to these things, they are determined to go after them, as now it's personal (they're even driving their very own Impala!). He makes them take a pit stop at this guy named Frank's place, who gives them advice on how to lay low - no more with the rock aliases, new phones, a new laptop, and, gulp, no more driving the Impala! At least for now. You know they'll be driving it again eventually. Right?!

Recap/review of Supernatural 7x06 "Slash Fiction" by freshfromthe.comAt first, the pattern to the Leviathan mayhem seems to be random, but when Sam takes a look at where they've been hitting places on the map, realization dawns. They're hitting all of the places, in order, where the two of them had hunts after Sam left Stanford. It was kind of cool to see callbacks to those old hunts of yore from the pilot, Wendigo, Dead in the Water, Skin and Hook Man. They finally manage to track them down in the fourth place, but get grabbed themselves by the police instead. Whoops.

Meanwhile, one Sheriff Jody Mills has come to visit Bobby. She wants to thank him for saving her from the Leviathan a few weeks back. This happens to be a lucky occurrence for Bobby, not only because he and Jody have a certain chemistry a-buildin', but also because she happens to accidentally give him a way to hurt the Leviathan. Thanks to some leaky wood floor, some of the cleaning stuff she was using drips down onto the Leviathan in the basement, making him burn. The magic stuff? Borax. Is the secret message of tonight's episode to clean? Clean out your drains, clean your floors! Don't let Leviathan in your doors!

Back in the police station, the boys are separated. Dean manages to convince the local sheriff dude, played by BSG's Captain Saul Tigh aka Michael Hogan, to let him make a phone call. He gets the info from Bobby about how to slow these things down, but Mr. Sheriff is having none of it. At least until he tries to go back into the station and sees the Leviathan eating his other deputies, then morphing back into Sam and Dean. Yeah, that'll convince someone easily enough!

He lets Dean out just in time to face LeviaSam. They fight, Dean gets tossed around, and finally the Sheriff comes to the rescue with some borax. They borax him up and cut off his head. Ka-ching! Meanwhile, Sam's locked up in a holding room, and he gets a visit from LeviaDean, who decides rather than killing him straight off, to mess with his head some - and tells him about Dean killing Amy some weeks back. Uh oh. Brotherly angst, thy time has arrived. Dean busts in and takes out LeviaDean, then convinces the Sheriff to make it look as though they've been killed, but things have already gone rotten in the state of Denmark.

Back at the ranch, er, cabin, Bobby is saying goodbye to Jody. Though he did kiss her full on the lips earlier for her discovery of the borax solution, this time around he's just giving her a little peck on the cheek. Dang Bobby, girls do not like that kind of wishy washy mumbo-jumbo! I can tell you this from personal experience! The kiss on the cheek is so disconcerting - what does it all mean?! But Jody does leave with a smile on her face, and also the Leviathan head in a box, so it's not the last we've seen of her.

That just leaves one more scene for the brothers - our patented by the impa--uh, random car, chat. Dean can tell something is up with Sam, so he forces the issue. And because Sam does not let things fester and rot inside him, he tells Dean what LeviaDean told him about Amy. Sam is straight up pissed, grabs his stuff, and tells Dean he really can't deal with him right now.

Uh oh. It never ends well when you guys split up, you know. But judging from next week's preview, it's not going to last for long anyway!

Oh! And, I nearly forgot! There were a couple FBI guys tracking down the brothers, but it turned out that one of them was also a Leviathan. He is forced to inform his boss that the Winchesters have escaped again, yada yada. What really matters is that later, said boss guy gets a visit from our favorite King of Hell - Crowley. Crowley wants to join up with them, but Mr. Leviathan refuses, knowing the only reason he let them out was to get all of the souls. Ah, Crowley, always looking out for your own hide.

Random Thoughts: 

- I really enjoyed the diner scene with LeviaSam and LeviaDean. I honestly thought it was real Sam and Dean at first, but then got confused by the dialogue and was all - oh! Duh. I had to rewind it to get the full effect. Dean loves those hamburgers so much, he almost equates them to sex. Sam's noggin is so full of Lucifer, they don't understand how he's still walking. It was pretty fun to see their opinions of the boys.

- I was never one who particularly cared one way or the other about Jody before, but I'm liking her quite a bit now. Hopefully she doesn't get killed! The ladies are always getting killed!

- Dean singing along to the song and trying to hide it = hilarious! Loved it.

- I wonder if the borax works because it has some kind of drying out properties? How long does it keep them incapacitated before they regenerate again?


"Well if you're gonna be stupid, you might as well be smart about it." - Bobby

The usual? - Sam
Rhymes with sing songs. - Dean... who apparently means something called bing bongs instead of ding dongs?! Hahaha.

"Now who sent you - NSA, the Feebs... march of dimes?" - Frank

"Nobody puts baby in the corner!" - Dean, about the impala

You know, I had a brother with this many issues once. - LeviaSam
Yeah. - LeviaDean
You know what I did? - LeviaSam
Hm? - LeviaDean
I ate him. - LeviaSam
'Course you did. - LeviaDean

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  1. I liked the episode. And I like Air Supply, was totally singing right along with Dean, haha. Great stuff.

    I also enjoyed LeviaDean and LeviaSam at the diner. I was relieved to see the boys together in the previews. I'm not a fan of the splitting up either-- who is?

    Great recap. An early Happy Halloween to you. :)

  2. It's true, I don't think anyone likes it when the boys split up. Though I must say, one of my favorite openings ever in the series was in season 5's Free To Be You and Me, when they were split up and it was showing their separate lives at the same time. Mostly because the music was awesome!

    Happy Halloween to you as well!

  3. I caught this episode late. All I can say is finally a way to defeat these black oil infested loud mouths. Borax, I was surprised I never would have thought of that. The whole episode was entertaining, a thrill ride with laughs and of course as you girls mentioned another rift between the bros.

    It was fun. Although, there was one thing I hated about it, the new character Frank he's so freaking annoying I never wanted so much in my life for a leviathan to feed on somebody as much as that guy.

    Another thing I thought would have made better sense, instead of just shooting people at random at Sam and Dean's past hauntings why not go after and kill the one's Dean and Sam saved before? Or shoot up the bank then kill the saved? This would have made better sense, after all the levia-Winchesters have their memories why go down memory lane. A wasted opportunity.

    Also since it's Oct. 31st here on the East Coast, let me wish you both a
    Happy Halloween!

  4. Darren-- I think that would have been interesting, having them kill people the Winchesters had saved! Great idea. Would still allow them to get found but would be this personal, more angsty thing. I like it.

    Happy Halloween!

  5. Jen-- Actually one of my favorite eps was the one in which they don't remember who they are (all orchestrated by the angel [can't remember his name]). They're separate in that one for a bit, then together and realize who they are. I hope they have some "out of the box" eps like they have in the past (trickster and the TV shows, Ghostfacers, the whole arc with the fans of Supernatural and Chuck/God(?).) I'm a big fan of the fourth wall going down a bit, and the writers at Supernatural are so good at it.

  6. Darren - Very interesting idea about having them kill their past saves rather than randomly shooting up places. That would've been pretty cool. But perhaps the pattern would've been too obvious then or something?

    Laura - It's a Terrible Life is the one you're talking about, I believe. I'm sure they'll have more of those types of episodes, they always seem to have one or two a season lately, and they almost always end up being my favorites!