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Supernatural 7x07 "The Mentalists"

OMG. I was sitting here watching the show, when I swore I could hear something scratching outside my door. Once, I put it off as hearing things. Twice, I start to get creeped. Three times, and I mute the TV and go wide eyes staring at the door. Then it hits me - it's those stupid ads people are always sticking in my door! Egads, that had me fa-reaked. It turns out there was a whole mess of papers scattered all over my porch, actually. How they got there, I'm not sure, as they weren't there when I came in a few hours ago.

Anyway! Let's get back to business. After last week's revelations, Sam and Dean have been split up for about a week or so. Dean jimmies himself a car wherever he's at, and hears about some psychics getting killed up in Lily Dale, NY. And who should he find there investigating the same thing? Well, duh. Sam! Sam is not really pleased to see Dean there, but reluctantly agrees to work with him on the case, though nixing any gooey self help yoga talk.

After Grandma Goldy and another psychic were both killed while wearing the same necklace, the boys think perhaps they could be dealing with some kind of cursed object. They track down Goldy's granddaughter Melanie, who informs them the necklace was already left to some shop in town. The estate? Who cares! They confiscate said necklace from the shop owner, only to find it's not some mystical object after all. That's one lead gone!

Recap/review of Supernatural 7x07 "The Mentalists" by freshfromthe.comBut hey, after the local spoon bender is killed by his cutlery, they find out he had some kind of vision beforehand about his death. And Melanie finds a message from her grandma saying the same thing. Sam and Dean aren't really sure what to do with this information, however, as the town is crawling with "psychics," who are all sort of magnets for this type of ghost haunting or whatever. Luckily, Melanie's friend has her very own vision of her upcoming death, and this time it's caught on tape. Ghost on tape! Melanie recognizes the ghost as someone she thinks she saw in the local museum.

Turns out said ghost chick is one of a pair of sisters from back in the day who had visions of people's deaths. Sound familiar? She also happens to be buried in the local cemetery. Time for every Winchester's favorite pastime - grave digging! Just as they're about to torch her bones, however, she shows up and tries to give them a warning - that she's actually been warning the people, not actually killing them. They don't figure that out until after they've already burnt her bones and Melanie's friend has been killed the way she foresaw, though. D'oh!

Yep, she was just trying to warn people about her crazy ghost sister. The boys head off to burn those bones, only to find the grave empty. Which apparently means that someone is doing some kind of binding spell on her bones to make her do their bidding. And the next person on the list to get ghost killed? Melanie, por supuesto! Dean sends Sam off to find the bones while he sticks behind to protect Melanie from the evil ghost lady with nasty teeth and, let's face it, a bit of a pompadour hairdo.

Sam goes to track down who would've bought some kind of altar that would've been needed for the ritual back at that shop from earlier. The shop owner sends him on a bit of a wild goose chase, though, until Sam figures out it's actually the shop owner dude who's doing the ghost bidding. See, he's an actual real psychic and can't even pay his bills, while all of these fakes are making bank. Thus, revenge. They tussle some, and Sam has to actually shoot the guy dead. We see a lot of monster killing on this show, but rarely do we see them kill other people, psychic or otherwise. Sam manages to burn the bones just in time. Day. Saved.

Throughout all of this, Dean has been trying to get Sam to stop being a nasty meanie toward him. At first he just tries to be jokey old Dean, but after he gets a little psychic help from Ellen via the museum curator, he decides to confront him. And wouldn't you know, it seems to work! What's this? Talking helps straighten out feelings? Bzzuh? But that's not the patented Winchester way of avoidance and melancholy!

Indeed, at the end of the episode, Sam decides he's okay with joining Dean again. He admits that if Amy hadn't been someone he knew, he probably would've killed her too, thereby understanding Dean's rationale for doing what he did. He does, however, push Dean into admitting that he's not okay either. And, wouldn't you know? Dean actually opens up a bit, saying he's had a hard time trusting anybody since the whole thing with Cas went down, and that he hates lying to Sam, and that's part of why he's been crawling the walls lately. Is this... growth? What! Hah.

Random Thoughts: 

- I have a hard time believing they wouldn't have burned both sisters' bones at the same time just to be sure. Come on, son.

- All of the little observations about the boys were great. How Melanie could tell just by their body language that Sam was pissed and Dean was stressed. And by the end that things were getting better.

- The "Campbells" at the museum. Clearly they were wondering whether they could be distant relatives, but it turned out they weren't actually brothers, but rather pretending so they could hide their, uh, secret relationship. Because they were gay! I can say it!

- The special effects for the burning bones were pretty cool this time. Seeing it go through Dean was especially neat.

- Next week looks crazypants! In a good way. I hope.


Waiter: You are a virile manifestation of the divine.
Dean: What the hell did he just say to me?

"He broke my spoon." - Sam (the new "I lost my shoe"?)

Sam: Well, um, we're not FBI Agents.
Melanie: I need a drink.
Dean: I support that.

"I feel naked doing this in the daylight." - Dean

"Ahh, I can't believe he was boning her." - Dean, always classy

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