Friday, December 9, 2011

Chuck 5x05 "...vs. the Hack Off"

Confession time: my favorite part of this episode was the cameo by Danny Pudi as a fake Nerd Herder with a double sneak attack cameo from Yvette Nicole Brown as another Buy More employee. Gotta love it. And seriously, a PSA for any of you who don't watch Community - you should. It's awesomesauce.
Recap/review of Chuck 5x05 'Chuck versus the Hack Off' by
Danny Pudi "joins" the Nerd Herd

Okay! Moving on. As of the last episode, both Casey and Lester were arrested - Casey for killing a bunch of dudes, and Lester for attempting to poison Jeff. Now they're both in the same prison. While Lester could get out easily by just promising Jeff he won't poison him, Casey isn't quite so lucky. The only way he's getting out is through Chuck and Sarah. They want to break him out, but he doesn't want to be a fugitive. Enter another option - Decker. Yep, the nefarious Decker has a proposition for them - they get this superpowered virus called The Omen, and he'll get Casey out of jail.

But without Casey there to help, Chuck and Sarah need some other backup, which comes in the form of Verbanski, who doesn't want to see Casey rot in prison any more than the rest of the gang. They track down the creator of the virus, Colin Davis, to a naked cult commune. He's got the virus on a chip that he swallows before they can get it away from him.

After getting the chip out of Colin, the next phase of the plan is getting some sort of device that the chip goes in that is at Colin's old workplace, I guess. Honestly, I was barely paying attention to the spy stuff, which is becoming a bit common lately. When they said this special virus could take out all the computers in the world, or some such, I was like "oh here we go, another doomsday device!" It's always some crazy, never-before-seen device that will RUIN. EVERYTHING! Dun dun dun.

Anyway! In what was my second favorite part of the episode, Chuck had to go in as a hacker to a place called The Collective, where he got to demonstrate his awesome computer hacking skills that we don't get to see enough of, and only seem to be around when the plot is convenient for them. He busts out his chardonnay and goes to town in a hack off. While another hacker races to beat him to cracking the Federal Reserve, Chuck is secretly breaking into the system of the building itself to get Verbanski and Sarah into the mainframe room and steal the doohickey that goes with the virus thingamajig. Because you can't have your thingamajig without your doohickey.

When they meet up with Decker later to give him all the technological mumbo jumbo, though, it turns out he was framing them. He had it on tape that Chuck had the Omen virus, and when he showed that to the FBI, Chuck would become the most wanted man in America. Luckily for Chuck and Sarah, however, they still had Verbanski with them. She did some slight of hand and got the thingy back while also placing a bomb on Decker. Boom goes the bomb, and bye bye goes Decker. Guess he's not the villain of the season after all!

But now Chuck and Sarah must figure out what's going on with the virus and blah de blah. Some sort of potentially life-threatening situation, I'm sure. Verbanski, having just realized she has true feelings for Casey, of course now has to make herself scarce for a while after killing Decker, so they can't get together. For now, anyway. Since Decker won't be getting Casey out of prison now, Morgan steps up to help him escape.

Meanwhile, Morgan and Jeff were determined to get Lester back in the right headspace, since he was clearly having it way too easy in prison (he managed to wire in cable and internet for the prisoners, after all). They hired someone to make it look like they were replacing him, and bada bing - Lester promised to not poison Jeff again. What would the Buy More be without it's Jeffster, after all?

Choice Songs:

Teddybears - Get Fresh With You

Blitzen Trapper - Love the Way You Walk Away


Lester: Okay, I admit it, I tried to poison you to keep you subordinate. What is the big deal?
Jeff: I could've died.
Lester: But you didn't!

"I'm gonna look like a Hin-Jew Michelangelo by the time I get out of here." - Lester

"We used to call this routine: The Routine." - Morgan

Morgan: You'd shoot me?
Verbanski: I'd beat you over the head with it.

"Imagine David Beckham. Lester is a shorter, feminine version of his wife." - Morgan

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