Friday, December 16, 2011

Chuck 5x06 "...vs. the Curse"

In case you've forgotten, as of the last episode, Chuck and company are in possession of a device called The Omen - a computer virus that will basically wipe out everything, apparently. They were going to be framed for stealing it by Decker, but Verbanski killed him. Nonetheless, the CIA is now holding them responsible and are sending people to take them in. Uh oh!

Luckily, Beckman is able to give them a coded message to get the heck out of there before they're caught, which they do. Chuck gets to mope around about how he's worried he's the next in line to inherit a Bartowski curse. That is, leaving one's family in order to protect them from your crazy spy life. And even though at this point he and Sarah really should go into hiding at least for a little bit, their plans are about to be thwarted once more. When do plans ever really go well, anyway?

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Awesome shirtless? Yes, please!
You see, Ellie and Awesome had planned to have a swanky night out together for the first time in a while. Ellie used Chuck's open table account to reserve a table, so they have been mistaken as the Bartowskis. At first there's a fun little bit where they think they're both pretending to be spies to spice up their mini vacay, but soon enough they've been taken by Robin Cunnings (played by guest star Rebecca Romijn), who wants to use them as leverage against Chuck to get him to turn over The Omen device to her.

Robin and company pretend for Ellie and Awesome that they're really just waiting for Chuck to get there, but Ellie is no dummy. She can tell that they're going to be used as some kind of leverage and manages to knock out a dude so she and Devon can escape. Of course, Chuck has already agreed to bring The Omen device to save them, behind the backs of Sarah, Beckman and Casey, even though they would've totally agreed to do that too.

When Chuck shows up, he ends up getting tied up until he'll confess where he's hidden the device. Meanwhile, the escaped Ellie and Devon are devising a plan to save him, since his plan to save them sort of backfired a little bit. But the Woodcombs are not the Bartowskis, and Devon gets himself caught. Chuck gives up the location of The Omen in order to spare Devon some torture, and Robin unleashes it on the world.

With that done, she decides that she doesn't need Captain Awesome anymore. Come on, Robin, couldn't you use him for his handsomeness and amazing body alone? Have some imagination! Nonetheless, before she can do anything to his pretty face, Sarah and the others come to the rescue, even though Sarah is pissed at Chuck for leaving her. They manage to capture Robin, but don't find out much about why she was tasked with unleashing The Omen, or who told her to do it. All they know is that it's already started to cause havoc all over the world, apparently unlocking a door to some bad guy's cell in the process. Dun dun dun!

While all of this was going on, Morgan and Alex were reconnecting a little bit. Morgan was sent back to his and Casey's place to wipe out his computers, only Alex was there. Yada yada, some sort of useless bit about an apparent box of personal affects that he and Chuck both made that has never before been mentioned, and was clearly only used to make some jokes about pants. Anyway, these two will likely reconcile soon.

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Theophilus London - All Around the World

Memphis - I Want the Lights on After Dark


"Did you just compliment me? And insult me?" - Morgan

"There's one thing I can't live without. My pants." - Chuck, actually talking about his P.A.N.T.S.

"This is where we come on our darkest hours. Iran Contra. Nicaragua. The Clinton years." - Casey

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  1. that would be Iran-Contra. A dirty arms deal of the reagan administration.

  2. I'm a little confused about the ending. Are we really to believe that Robin Cunnings' confession let Chuck and the others off the hook?

  3. Gut feeling here: the person in the cell at the end ISN'T the man behind the overall plot, and is just a large cog in whoever is the REAL mastermind out to get Chuck and crew.

  4. @Juanita - Beckman could've pulled some strings, too. Some things are always happening too easily on the show, really.

    @Marc - Yep I'm sure you're right. The person in the cell could very possibly be Shaw from what the previews showed.