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Supernatural 7x22 "There Will Be Blood"

Recap/review of Supernatural 7x22 "There Will Be Blood" by
It's not polite to lurk, Ghost Bobby. Or to possess people.
In case you don't recall, the previously recap was so kind to inform you that last week we found out, thanks to the word of GAHHG on a tablet and the new prophet who could read it, just what can kill the Leviathan. Basically, it's the bone of a righteous man (as righteous and good as the Leviathan are evil and black, or something like that), dipped in the blood of a fallen angel, the worst of fallen humanity, and something else fallen that equals the blood of an alpha monster.

While the boys try to figure out what it all means, poor prophet Kevin has been taken by Dick Roman, who wants him to translate the tablet for him. Kevin resists at first, even when Dick tries to tempt him, but in the end it's just one of those bring-out-a-family-member-and-threaten-them deals that gets Kevin to cooperate. Though the Leviathan let his mom go in the end, Dick isn't ready to let Kevin go quite yet. Uh oh. Poor Kevin.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, aka Rufus' cabin, that they probably shouldn't be using if they're supposed to be keeping off grid by not using things they've used in the past, Ghost Bobby gets frustrated with the guys not figuring things out fast enough for his taste, and tells Dean that the fallen humanity bit of the word refers to Mr. King of Hell himself, our old buddy Crowley. They summon him up, and while he's pro sharing blood, he's not so much into sharing it with them right at that moment, but rather at the last second before it's needed. The good news, however? He happens to know that one of the alphas escaped death last season, and where he's holing up. To the Batmobile!

Recap/review of Supernatural 7x22 "There Will Be Blood" by
Everyone's favorite wise-cracking King of Hell.
Or to... whatever car they're driving this week. Impala, we miss you! In any event, the boys head off to somewhere and find a house full of dead vamps with sizzled faces. It takes the boys way too long to figure out that it's because of the new corn syrup Dick's been putting into the food supply, and thus into the humans the vamps have been eating, but I figured that out pretty quickly. I mean, duh. They only figure it out after they've discovered a girl in a creepy pink hidden bedroom. She's a pet of the alpha vamp, and she can help them figure out where he's currently hiding out while looking extremely shady-shifty in the backseat.

Eventually they arrive at a monastery, where the alpha vamp is holing up. While Dean is all ready to go in there, machetes slicing, Sam wants to take a calmer approach and plead their case through words. They do end up getting face time with Mr. Alpha, but only after being de-weaponed by some other vamps. And Mr. Alpha, it turns out, was expecting them, thanks to the girl, who was totally on his side. And he's also been in contact with Dick, who had assured him that he and his babies would be totally fine when they start Maui Wowing humanity. Before the boys can plead some more, second in command Leviathan Edgar shows up, requesting the audience of alpha dude.

Recap/review of Supernatural 7x22 "There Will Be Blood" by
This one's just to admire the beauty of the Winchesters.
Alpha dude gives him the benefit of the doubt, but of course the Leviathan plan is to not only make the humans complacent, but to wipe out all the other monsters in the process. The tainted blood will also take out werewolves, shapeshifters and zombies. Well, obviously Alpha is not happy about this, and proceeds to borax Edgar, but Edgar is just too fast with the healy. Luckily, Sam and Dean managed to escape their lockdown in the study with some needles from some bloodbags, and burst in to decapitate Edgar just in time. Alpha gives them his blood, and they leave for now, despite wanting to kill him oh so bad. 

While all of this has been going on, we've also had a side story revolving around Ghost Bobby, who has started to become less than nice in his ghostly ways. First he cracks a mirror when he gets minorly frustrated with Dean, then he goes crazy ghost on the hotel room when they leave him behind to go talk to the alpha vamp, going so far as to actually possess the cleaning lady. Okay, Ghost Bobby? Possessing people is not okay, dude.

Oh, and we also get one final scene with Dick, wherein he summons up Crowley and has him stuck in a devil's trap. Crowls, you probably should've just given that blood to the Winchesters earlier, yeah?

Random Thoughts:

- I was hoping that maybe Kevin would've done a fake translation of the tablet for Dick, but it doesn't look like that is the case.

- I was in love with Dean's brown leather jacket. Have we seen him in that before? Whatever the case, more please!

- Totally knew that Stockholm Syndrome girl wasn't legit, she was way too obviously shifty. Come on, boys. Get it together.

- "See you next season" from Alpha Vamp - quite possibly the least hidden hint ever?

- Now wait. Devil's traps work on Crowley, even though he's the king of hell? I confess it's been a while since I brushed up on my devil's trap rules, but it seems not so much with the right.

- Obviously the boys are going to have to get rid of Ghost Bobby come the finale, right? Or he'll have to get rid of himself.


Sam: That crap is in just about everything. Soda, sauces, bread...
Dean: Don't say pie.
Sam: Definitely pie.
Dean: Bastards. 

Crowley: Keep your friends close, your enemies... blah blah.

Dean: Man, I'm gonna go into toxic shock. I need my road food.

Dean: I can't do this. I can't live on rabbit food. I'm a warrior.
Sam: Dean, you'll be fine.
Dean: You don't know that.

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  1. I thought the Devil Trap thing was a bit lame considering Crowley should be the most powerful demon ever. I mean possessed Sam was able to break a Devil's Trap in season two.

    I found the episode kinda boring, like one big blood run where the boys are on a syringe scavenger hunt. Is it just me or does it seem like Bobby is turning into vengeful spirit way too quickly?

    1. So did Crowley see season 6.

      Yeah this thing was a bit boring and implausible considering how quickly Dick aquired Sucracorp. How was he able to whip up Corn syrup and ship it to different companies also having those companies add it to their product and ship out to all grocers and resturants in that little time? Plus I'm sure not every area was affected at one time some form of Govt must realize that something is up when braindead zombies are lurking about, time to call in the national guard, call for help from the british and any other ally we have to determine the cause and come up with a solution. This episode had so may holes in it's plot, and it's bild up to the season ender on friday was unfullfilling.

  2. - I was hoping that maybe Kevin would've done a fake translation of the tablet for Dick, but it doesn't look like that is the case.

    Likewise; I was so certain that he was going to lie, and I'm holding out hope that... I don't know, maybe he lied about something else. That said, the kid is 16. I'd forgive him.

    And ouch, yeah; the Alpha broke the fourth wall hard.

    1. The characters break the fourth wall rarely it has happened like referencing their lives to a tv show, but it's more subtle this was obviously written in celebration of CW's renewed interest in season 8.

      The kid had saw a Leviathan with a knife to his mom's throat I don't think he would have lied about anything that was on the tablet in fear for her safety.

  3. They've used Devil's Traps on Crowley several times. Bobby snagged him in a Devil's Trap in Weekened at Bobby's. In Meet the New Boss, they snag him in a Devil's Trap to get him to provide a spell to bind Death.

    1. Also in Caged Heat they trapped him but he managed to escape by using the dark side to whisk Ruby's knife away from Meg and fling into the ceiling. So I dont think using one on him again would do much good.