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Supernatural 7x21 "Reading is Fundamental"

In last week's episode, the boys were able to get their hands on something the Leviathan(s? I'm honestly still not sure what the proper plural here is, as it seems to be used both ways in the show) desperately wanted their hands on. A big piece of clay. Hmm. That seems weird. We better get to crack-a-lackin' that clay, right? Even when there are big thunderous thunders of lightning and doom when we do! As Dean put it, oh well.

When they cracked open the piece of clay to reveal some kind of unreadable tablet, however, things went a little bit mental throughout a good chunk of the country. Babies were born all over the place, this kid Kevin Tran got hit with some kind of lightning bolt thing that has made him start driving to points unknown to him, and, oh yeah, Castiel woke up.

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Pull my finger?
Meg calls up the Winchesters to let them know about their friend's reawakening, so they drive on over to the hospital to check in. Well, Cas is awake all right, and seemingly chock full of angel mojo, but he also appears to be a little bit loopy, not entirely checked in with what's going on, and not entirely caring about it. He does, however, impart some crucial information to them about the tablet they're carrying. Namely, it's the Word of GAHHG (Great Almighty He Him God! I haven't been able to use this moniker in ages!). But, he can't read it either, it's not meant for angels.

Just who is it meant for? Why, none other than our new favorite character, advanced placement Kevin Tran, who has arrived just in time for Sam to act like a dope and leave the tablet in the other room while he chases after a stompy, indignant Meg, who's annoyed at being looked down on for being a demon and blah blah, demon prejudices and whatnot. I mean, Meg, you did do some terrible stuff, right? They have a reason to be wary.

Nonetheless! Kevin steals the tablet and a hilarious chase ensues, with Sam running all over the place to get to him. He and Meg finally corral the kid, find that not only can he repair a broken tablet if need be, but he can also read it. And it says something about the Leviathan! Oh me, oh my! Our literal Deus Ex Machina has arrived! But don't get too excited just yet, because Kevin's got some angels tracking him down after his lightning show. The reason he can read the tablet? He's a brand new prophet who must protect it and learn from it and whoa, that's a lot even for an AP kid to handle.
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Sucks being the Chosen One, yo, I can relate.

Before the angels can cart him off to the desert (no, really, the desert), Dean does the bloody hand wall sigil thing and zaps them away. They cart Kevin off to Rufus' cabin to start translating the tablet so they can find out how to get rid of the Leviathan.

While Kevin works on that, Meg has got herself a demon trail. She goes to take care of them, only when she does that, it kind of signals the other angels to where they are, despite their making the cabin angel invisible. Whoops! We also were reminded that Crowley is still around, so obviously he'll be showing up again soon. Prepare thyself!

The angels show up, one of them, a blondie named Hester, gets a little bit punchy, so Meg's like screw that and stabs her with one of those angel-smiting swords, which can now apparently be wielded by anyone? I totally thought in the beginning only other angels could use them, but I guess Dean used one on Zachariah too, so WHO KNOWS.

Anyway, with that pesky Hester gone, we're left with a nicer angel dude who agrees not to take poor Kevin off to the desert, but rather back to his house where they can protect him anyway. Oh jeez, this will not end well.

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Have some of my blood, no big.
But what exactly did Kevin translate for our Deus Ex Tableta? It's some recipe of sorts, the first thing required in it being some fallen angel blood, which Castiel is more than happy to supply in the handy bottle he keeps in his pocket, as one does. What else is required for the recipe or whatever it is? I suppose we'll find that out next week. And who knows what Cas will be getting up to, because he flits off to points unknown. What we do know? Crowley will surely know that he's back by now, and want his head for double-crossing him. The question is, will Cas start to feel stuff again, because otherwise he probably wouldn't care much about it. Actually he seemed to care more about Meg's well-being than his own. Bow-chicka-what?

But the episode can't end there, because that's not cliffhangery enough for episode 21. The angels take Kevin back home to his mom, who is lamenting to some apparent, obviously Leviathan, police dude about her missing boy. When he reappears in the kitchen with a couple suited dudes, though, all will be okay, right? Wrong, duh. Because apparently! Apparently, Leviathan(s?) can kill angels with a black goopy hand into the sternum. Dun dun dun!

Random Thoughts:

- Oh man, I miss me some Ben Edlund dialogue like this episode provided, I can tell you that much. My quotes section may be a little bloated this week because of it.

- Did you guys catch the radio commercial for the pie bar? Now that is the kind of bar I would be down with.

- I really liked Kevin, I hope he doesn't end up dead. Osric Chau did a great job.

- I'm kinda tired of Meg. Is she one of the only characters still around from season one? I think so. Man, how long ago.

- The show was picked up for season eight, which was kind of a foregone conclusion, but in case some of you didn't know. Now you know!


Dean: That sound like somebody saying "no, wait, stop" to you?
Sam: Uh. Yeah.
Dean: Oh well.

Dean: This one goes out to all the ladies.

Dean: So big daddy chomper lands here, he grabs himself some Dick...

Castiel: Did you now that a cat's penis is sharply barbed along its shaft? I know for a fact the females were not consulted about that.

Sam: Metatron? Are you saying a Transformer wrote that?
Dean: No. That's Megatron.
Sam: What?
Dean: The Transformer. It's Megatron.
Sam: What?

Castiel: You guys ate the apple. Invented pants.

Castiel: I'm surrounded by large, unhappy dogs.

Castiel: You seem troubled. Of course, that's a primary aspect of your personality, so I sometimes ignore it.

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  1. As we all know I love me some Ben Edlund stories, and this one did not dissapoint. Also does Meg look preggers to you all?

  2. Replies
    1. Well she was wearing scrubs and her puffed out face, I just jumped to conclusions I guess. Well it turns out she threw her back out, and the medication she's on puffed her face out. Also explains her more than usual relaxed behavior.