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SYTYCD S9: LA Auditions

Is this the first time we've ever had a two hour audition episode that took place in just one city? I was kind of blown away about that. Really? Necessary? Granted, there were a lot of good auditions, but I have to be honest, I think this show really gets going once it gets to Vegas. Making these auditions go for three weeks before we even get there is already wearing me out.
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What I will say, though, is that thankfully there didn't seem to be any fame whores showcased in these two hours in LA, which one could argue is probably one of the more fame whorish towns around. So, either bravo to the city for being classy, or bravo to the producers for making it classy. Either way, thanks.

Anyway! I'm just going to briefly touch on the contestants that didn't make it through to Vegas, but that were given a lot of screentime regardless. First we've got our second waacker on the show, Jontel "Johnny Waacks" Gibson, whose waacking (am I spelling this right?) was fine, but not as good as Princess Lockeroo from last season. Caley Carr was the surfer hipster mustache tapper dude (interjection - I hate hipster mustaches. the end.) whose tapping was pretty good, but could not handle the choreography. David Matz, the circus performer with the seer (?) wheel. Beautiful performance with the wheel, but also couldn't hack the choreo. And, finally, the Italian dude from seasons past, Jonathan Anzalone, or as I like to call him, the Joey Lawrence lookalike. While not as cocky as before, he definitely was still confident, but not good enough to make it past choreography.

Okay, now that we're done with those people, let's move on. I'll tell you my two personal favorites of the night: Eliana Girard and Cole Horibe. Eliana is an aerialist who has some LEGSLEGSLEGS, and I have to say I loved her entire performance. If she can do other styles as well, I think she's top 20 material. Cole Horibe was the martial art influenced dancer of whom I wrote: "strength power control intensity." Those are a lot of good descriptors. The best, however, was after he listed off all the styles he's studied. Guest judge Jesse Tyler Ferguson said, "Such an overachiever," and his response was "I'm Asian." HA. Love it.

Other highlights of the evening included the brother/sister duo of Marshea Kidd and Jasmine Mason, the survivors of a horrific car accident just six weeks before the auditions. They both made it through to Vegas, though I have to say personally I thought Jasmine's dancing was better. But hell, the dude was pronounced dead at the scene and was actually not dead, so major props for being able to dance so well so soon after such an ordeal. I also enjoyed Megan Branch, who had a cool jazz style about her. And here's the difference between her and someone like Sam Lenarz, whose dancing was fine but just got her to choreography at first... on the surface, they seem sort of similar. Little blonde things who have good lines and whatnot. But why did Megan get a ticket straight to Vegas while Sam didn't? She just had that extra oomph, the extra emotional connection. It really makes a difference.

Alexa Anderson had my favorite music of the night, and was a repeat from last year, having almost made it into the top 20. The song in question was either a remix or a cover of The Naked and Famous song Young Blood. I'm gonna have to find that because I really liked it. Edit: It's this one by White Sea.

And the last dancer to be featured was Stephen Jacobson, a rare case of someone given a second chance after performing an absolutely horrendous initial number that was nowhere near the ballet he said he was trained in. Turns out, he was actually good after they let him try again.

Finally, a special shout out to the hilarious ninja twin duo Nick and James Aragon. I often don't like the overblown theatrics on this show, but they really made me laugh, and are actually good dancers too. Alas, they're over the age limit. Oh well, I enjoyed them anyway.

But seriously. Is it Vegas week yet?

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