Monday, June 11, 2012

Supernatural: Top 5 Season Seven Episodes

Looking at the list of previous rankings I've done, I've kind of run the gamut. But hey, if you have any ideas for new lists, please let me know!

Here we are at another summer hiatus season. Normally that means I do bunch of these ranking lists for Supernatural, but I must admit, I am running low on inspiration for new ones. As you can see in the

Anyhow, below I have my favorite episodes from this past season. You may possibly disagree with these choices (perhaps you were a fan of the time travel episode, but I thought it was more half-baked than badass), so feel free to let me know which were your favorites in the comments, and be sure to vote in the poll!

Per usual, the title before each picture montage is a link to a favorite clip from the episode in question.

5. Plucky Pennywhistle's Magical Menagerie (7x14)

Sam fights clowns. There's a unicorn with a rainbow shooting out of its butt, and we see Dean truly laugh for the first time in a while. Also? Ball washer.

4. The Girl with the Dungeons and Dragons Tattoo (7x20)

Um, no, no that's not an afterthought "s" added in there at all. Whoops! Anyway, this episode featured the wonderful Felicia Day and an overall fun plot. Bonus points if you get all of the nerd references.

3. Death's Door (7x10)

This episode probably would have ranked higher had it actually had as much meaning as it was supposed to have had. Since Bobby came back as a ghost later on in the season, it kind of ruined the episode posthumously for me. Nonetheless, it's a poignant episode anyway.

2. Repo Man (7x15)

When first picking out my top episodes, I have to admit, this one did not rank as high. But then I was reminded of it, and slowly I recalled how actually really good it was. Hallucifer always makes an episode more fun, but it was also the other previously possessed dude who wanted to be possessed again that really made the episode.

1. Hello Cruel World (7x02)

I have to say, when this episode first aired, it made me super excited for season seven. It was all so very promising. Not that I didn't enjoy season seven, but honestly the show has lost some of its magic for me. Interesting that I have two Hallucifer-centric episodes as my top two. Or perhaps not, because he really does elevate the show anytime he's on. This was also the episode we were first really introduced to the Leviathan and how awful they were.

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  1. I think I totally agree with your assessment on the top 5 of this season. I enjoyed Plucky Pennywhistle for how light-hearted it was... Dean laughing, Sam getting him a slinky... awesome stuff. I also really loved Hello, Cruel World. Thought it was helping to set this season up for a great ride. You're not alone in feeling like it's lost a bit of the magic, though. I still enjoy watching, but not quite the same way I did during seasons 1-3. Wondering how season 8 will shape up.

    1. I think part of it is that the stakes just don't seem as high anymore. I'm wondering where else they can go in season eight, but I supposed we'll find out.

  2. You are right about Death's Door. It would have been #1 for a lot of fans, I think, if they hadn't shot themselves in the foot with the ghost storyline.

    Same with Repo Man. I actually didn't see the "I want my demon back" plot twist coming, and it's rare these days for SPN to throw something at me I didn't see coming.

    As soon as I saw Sam & Dean finally endure enough cranial and bodily damage to need an ambulance, I loved Hello, Cruel World! Plus the cliffhanging ender! Man, I was stoked, too.

    1. I'm glad I wasn't alone in hating the ghost Bobby storyline. I just think it was a really poor choice.

      I didn't see it at first either, it was definitely a cool twist. I think part of it was the guy was a good actor.

      Why do we love them having to go to the hospital so much? Haha, I don't know, but I do too!