Wednesday, July 25, 2012

SYTYCD S9: Second Live Performance; Second Elimination

This season of SYTYCD is kinda weird, right? I'm getting used to having the eliminations on the same night as performances now, and I actually kind of like it because those results shows are always so bloated. But now we're going to have another break in between new episodes. That's right, no new episodes until 8/15! It's because of the Olympics, so this shouldn't come as a complete shock, but still, it can't help ratings.

Recap/review of So You Think You Can Dance Season 9 - Second Live Performance by freshfromthe.comTonight's show featured guest judge Christina Applegate, who had some really great comments throughout the night. One of the better guest judges on the show, right? I think so. The opening group number was a sort of black and white themed thing that was choreographed by Tyce Diorio, and after finding that out I wrote in my notes, "No wonder I was eh about it." I feel bad always sort of dissing his choreo, but what can I say, I hardly ever like it.

Now on to the routines...

Tiffany & George - These two had a NapTab hip hop routine about babysitting. Can I be honest? I thought it was kind of boring. It was just really light, and I get it, that's how they like to start the show. Something light and fluffy, but I have to agree with Nigel a little bit (gasp!) in that he wants to see some more down and dirty hip hop. We've seen a lot of this lighter, story-based stuff, let's get krunk in here, people. That being said, they both danced this fine, but I'm not sure it's enough to get them a ton of votes. Particularly when we come to find out that George was in this week's bottom three guys.

Amber & Brandon - They danced a Ray Leeper jazz piece that unfortunately came a week too late. The judges rightly praised Amber for this routine, because she danced the hell out of it. Can you imagine if she'd had to do this sexy thing with her old partner Nick? I cackled at the mere thought! That being said, I didn't think Brandon had much actual dancing to do in the number in comparison. Nonetheless, it was sexyyy, but in the end these two were already in the bottom three from last week.

Janelle & Dareian - This pair had a latin ballroom piece choreographed by Pasha, and ooph. It did not go well. Not to mention that it was paired with the most annoying/catchy song of the moment, which is now, of course, stuck in my head. The dancing, though, was not great. That lift was super clunky. Janelle still isn't doing anything for me, I feel like she's more of a camera whore than a dancer sometimes. The judges gave both of them a lot of criticism, and I kind of have to agree. Dareian also was in the bottom three for the night from last week.

Lindsay & Cole - These two had a Mandy Moore contemporary piece that was probably my favorite of the night. It had a love/hate theme and was really quite beautiful, I may or may not have gotten some actual chills. I was especially impressed with Lindsay, who I wouldn't have said was a ballroom dancer based on just seeing that routine alone. Likely a defining moment for her, even though she was also in the bottom three this week.

Amelia & Will - Wait a minute, two Mandy Moore routines in a row? Yep, this one a jazz piece. It was an enjoyable, punchy, pretty cool routine, despite Nigel's poo-pooing on it. What was most hilarious, however, was in the pre-show footage how Mandy Moore was kind of obsessed with dancing with Will herself. Ha, loved it. I'm not sure I'm on the Amelia bandwagon. I know she's a good dancer, but there's something I'm not quite connecting with. But she and Will make a great pair, so I think they'll be around for a while.

Audrey & Matthew - They had a Liz Lira salsa routine and... yikes. First of all, that red suit they put poor Matt in? Hideous. And the routine itself just felt so lackluster. Everything about it was missing energy; it really just felt like it was slowed down a couple beats or something. I don't know, but it was quite possibly my least favorite routine of the night.

Witney & Chehon - These two had a Stacey Tookey contemporary number that everyone kind of went a little nuts over. Look, it was good. But the amount of praise heaped? I'm not sure it was that good. Though that jump fall lift thing was truly amazing, I will admit. I want to see that over and over again. But there was something not quite smooth enough for me in Witney's dancing, and the whole thing felt too short. I guess too short is better than too long, though.

Eliana & Cyrus - If ever there was a tailor made routine on this show, the NapTab hip hop piece these two had was it. A ballerina taken out of her shell to join a robot? I mean, I'm pretty sure they made it just for them, which is perhaps defeating the purpose of the competition a little bit, but does make for more entertainment value for the viewers. And let's face it, it was pretty great. Honestly the first one of theirs that I actually liked, which is weird since I like both of them. So I was pretty upset when it was revealed that Eliana was in the bottom three girls. Say it ain't so!

This week, after the bottom six reveal, the judges asked for two of each of the guys and girls to perform a solo, which you could then basically infer the one who didn't was already deemed safe. A little hokey, I guess, but nonetheless...

Bottom 3 girls:
Lindsay - not asked to do a solo
Amber - perfectly perfunctory contemporary solo
Eliana - beautiful control in a contemporary ballet solo

Bottom 3 guys:
George - not asked to do a solo
Brandon - stepping didn't particularly translate too well for me, didn't seem like much more than running around a lot?
Dareian - a lot of tricks, but there's something magical about them

In the end, it was pretty obvious who would be getting the boot after the reveal. There was just no way that Amber and Brandon weren't going. Particularly with Lindsay and Eliana in the bottom, Amber probably knew she had no chance. If Janelle had been in there, however, it probably would've been a different story. If she's not in the bottom next time, you may see smoke coming out of my ears.

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