Sunday, October 7, 2012

New layout

That's right, it's that time again - time for a brand new layout for the ole blogeroo!

You'll notice this one is quite a bit different than the previous one, assuming you're one who has been here before. If this is your first time here, then nevermind! Actually it's mostly just the general colors and design, not the layout itself so much.

You don't care about all that mumbo jumbo anyway. Let me know if you encounter any issues! I should hopefully now be able to actually reply to comments again. That wasn't working for a bit there, so if I didn't reply to your comments, that's probably why!

As a bit of trivia, that is my actual handwriting on the title and the set and oven topic bits on the right. And obviously the initials, because I just thought that was fun. 

Anyway, enjoy, and as always, thanks for visiting! I truly appreciate it! :)