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Supernatural 8x03 "Heartache"

I gotta tell you guys, I actually went out for the mythical "drinks" earlier tonight, something I never really do, and I may or may not still have been slightly tipsy when I started this episode, so bear with me if I'm not, you know, 100% here. Though honestly this was a fairly run of the mill episode, not a lot going on besides the monster of the week other than a few comments about Sam wanting to live a normal life and whatnot.

Recap/review of Supernatural 8x03 "Heartache" by
Papa and Jensen Ackles on set.
The monster of the week, this time, started with a somewhat pudgy jogger outrunning a rather fit looking jogger, then proceeding to rip out the dude's heart. Well, that just teaches you not to jog, right? I hate running, I really don't understand those who like it, but whatever! This was some time ago, and Dean has decided that since they can't seem to find Kevin and his mom, team GoGoProphet is on hiatus until further notice, and, as such, it's time to go back to saving people, hunting things, the family business.

The jogger doesn't actually remember ripping out the dude's heart, and they didn't actually catch him doing it, so that's at a bit of a standstill. But someone else got their heart ripped out in another town in much the same way, and this time the murderer was caught. This dude actually seems super nutso, mumbling some phrase over and over in some unknown language that is clearly not Latin, because then they would definitely know it for sure. So you know it's not demons. The crazy dude also manages to poke out his wonky eye, because oh yes, it turns out he had an eye transplant. And what do you know, this guy had his eye transplant around the same time the previous jogger also had some kind of medical work done and... are you thinking what I'm thinking? Organ donation gone awry! Now you're telling me not to go jogging OR accept donated organs? How dare you!

Recap/review of Supernatural 8x03 "Heartache" by
But Sam, we're only allowed to think about each other,
didn't you get the memo?
It turns out these organs were all donated from one football player named Brick Holmes. Though they don't know all of the people who have the donated stuff yet, they decide to investigate Brick himself, questioning his mother, who seems somewhat flighty, yada yada. Can I be perfectly honest? I cared not really at all about this storyline. It turns out that Brick was some ancient Mayan athlete who made a deal with this corn god Cacao to live forever and be good at sports, in exchange for some ritual sacrifices. You know, pulling out hearts and eating them, as one does.

But, Brick had grown weary of the whole ritual sacrifice game, particularly when the woman he fell in love with started to age past him, to the point where she was old enough to be his mother. Yeah, so, the woman saying she's his mother was actually his wife. Anyway, when his organs were donated, they basically transferred their power to the new people, and they feel compelled to continue the sacrifices. But, luckily for the Winchesters, they don't need to kill all of the donation receivers, only the one who received the heart, a woman still hanging around Brick's place.

Recap/review of Supernatural 8x03 "Heartache" by
Let's look as awkward as possible, and... go!
They confront her and fight rather anticlimactically and so on and so forth, she's killed, the curse is lifted, happy endings all around. Except for Sam. Because Sam, you see, has reverted back to his season one self. He wants out of the hunting game, because he finally had something nice and happy and real with Dr. Amelia and the dog. Dean is all not-understand-y guy, even though Dean himself had previously been quite disenchanted with the hunter's life and wanted to the normal life too, so why in the world of worlds is he coming down so hard on Sam for wanting just that? Hypocrisy, thy name is Dean Winchester.

Random Thoughts:

- Not only was this the third time in the director's chair for Jensen Ackles, we also got to see his dad briefly guest star as one of the police dudes early on in the episode. I feel like I would have no idea they were related if I didn't already know it.

- Every time they said the word Cacao, I could only think of Portlandia and that episode where Cacao was the safe word. Cacao! It's just such a weird word.

- I know some people will get all up in arms defending Dean not understanding Sam wanting to quit the life, but come ON. It's like they've tried to erase some of the stuff that's happened, to act as if it never existed. But when you have such a fervent fanbase as this one, that's just not possible. Just. Sayin'. Lisa and Ben? Jess? Dean crying in a junkyard saying he was tired of the life? No?

- Honestly I was expecting way more Sam flashbacks, but I guess that's not in the cards quite yet.


Look, dude, I get it. You took a year off to do yoga, play the lute, whatever. - Dean

You wanna guess who else had a transplant in the last year? - Sam
Paul Hayes? - Dean
I gave it away, didn’t I? - Sam

Really? Our king daddy monster is a stripper? - Dean

Smell that? - Dean
You're gross. - Sam

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  1. I absolutely loved this episode of Supernatural and I can’t wait for next week’s episode! I finally got my coworkers at DISH to start watching Supernatural recently, but they need to catch up and see how the first few episodes of season 8 have gone. This is an incredible season, so I’m recording every episode with my Hopper, so that they can watch them all as soon as they catch up. I can’t wait for next week’s episode, because the promo looks amazing. This has been an incredible season and it should get even better when we see Castiel return!

  2. I always enjoy your reviews, even when tipsy. :) Jensen and Alan Ackles also worked together in a fairly terrible movie several years ago. I agree, they don't look much alike. Jensen must take after his mother. But I loved their bitch-face standoff.

    I have a hard time with all the Dean-colored glasses of the fandom, too. So I try to stay away from it.

    Another quote, probably memorable to me because of my roots. (Can't remember who said what.)
    What part of Minneapolis?
    The Iowa part.
    (Probably funny to me because I grew up 30 miles from Ames.)

    You mentioned Dean crying in a junkyard. He also cried in the graveyard talking to his father's headstone in "What Is and What Should Never Be" (my all-time favorite episode.) Oh, Dean.

    1. I mean, Dean has cried a lot, let's be honest.