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Supernatural 8x16 "Remember the Titans"

The last time we had an episode with gods in it, things did not go so well. As in, the episode was not so much with the being good. While I can't say this episode wowed me, it certainly wasn't terrible. Just kinda there. Can I be totally honest? I was kinda falling asleep again. I mean, this is sort of my curse lately in general, the falling asleep while watching things, but man. It needs to stop!

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To business. Sam and Dean are holed up in the batcave, waiting for Kevin to finish translating the tablet. Not sure why they don't bring him there as well, but then again, if Dean was hounding him all the time, as he surely would be, he would probably take longer to get things done. In any event, Dean is chomping at the bit to get out and do something. Sam just so happens to find them a case where a dude was found on the side of the road, dead, then a few minutes later stood up and walked off into the woods. Not weird at all!

The dude who saw that happen is sure that the guy in question must be a zombie, but when the boys go to investigate, and find the guy dead again, they know something else is up. Particularly when they test the guy, who re-alivens while they're there, with silver and holy water and such to make sure he's not a demon or a shifter or any other number of things. So what the heck is he, if he keeps dying every day, and doesn't remember anything before some years ago when some people found him atop a mountain in Europe?

Things become clearer when a woman shows up with her young son in tow. She knew the dude, Shane, back when he was first found. They got friendly, hubba hubba, and oh my, nine months later, her son Oliver showed up. Of course, she never told Shane because he kept weirdly dying and coming back to life, so she took off. But now Oliver has started to do the same thing. The boys figure it must be some kind of curse.

Recap/review of Supernatural 8x16 'Remember the Titans' by
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And boy is it. It turns out, Shane is none other than the Titan Prometheus, cursed to die every day by Zeus after he gave humans fire, blah blah. He's not supposed to be able to get off that mountain, though, so how did he? Oh yes, a hot woman shows up and looks annoyed when he doesn't recognize her, fights a bit, vanishes into the ether, and wields some kind of special god knife. She's Artemis, the goddess of the hunt. Or, maybe, hunters? Yeah, sure.

They decide the only way to try to break the curse is to summon up Zeus himself and ask him to do it. Or force him to. Per usual, things don't quite go to plan. Zeus is a sneaky son of a bitch and uses the kid against the mom, who ends up letting him out of the devil's trap of sorts they've got him in, so he can basically just wreak almighty havoc. Artemis shows up to watch it go down too, presumably because she's mad at Prometheus for not remembering her. Way to be mature, girl.

Sam uses some reverse psychology on her to get her to go against dear old dad, Zeus, and she whips out her signature bow and arrow to put a stop to his punishment of Prometheus and the kid. Only she accidentally ends up shooting Prometheus for reals dead this time. But he manages to also push her arrow back into Zeus too. I'm not sure if that means Zeus is also dead, because he disappeared whereas Prometheus stayed a body for them to burn. Hmm. In the end, the kid's curse is broken, though his dad is now dead.

Meanwhile, Sam is still bleeding from the mouth and hiding it from Dean. By the end of the episode, though, he's wondering if maybe he was naive in thinking he can beat the trials and come out okay. Dean plays it off, but in the end he does his version of praying to Cas, asking him to keep an eye out for Sam. Getting some major deja vu for some of this stuff.

The show's on a mini hiatus now until March 20th, though you'll be happy to know that it was already picked up for season nine. Unless you think it should end, then I suppose you're rolling your eyes. I have a feeling, personally, it's going to go for the magic ten number like Smallville, because why just go nine when you can go the round ten? Also, one last aside, on Friday I'll be posting an interview with the author of the newest Supernatural tie-in novel, so check back in then to see it!

Random Thoughts:

- I thought Artemis was supposed to be the celibate one of the Greek gods? Am I wrong? Granted, I am basing this information on fictional books I've read, so it's entirely possible I am completely wrong.

- How would one get Prometheus off the mountain, and why would it scramble his brain? Not that it matters, but it was kind of glossed over, his whole amnesia thing. Just seemed sort of convenient to make it harder for them to figure out what he was.

- Did Zeus actually die? Or did he just kind of poof away for awhile? Can he actually die by something coated with his own lightning, or would that save him in some way? Do we really care?

- Where's Cas been? Perhaps we'll find out when the show comes back since it looks like he's going to be in that episode.

- How will Sam survive the trials? Will you feel betrayed if he dies again? Honestly, too many deaths and it just gets ridiculous.


Dean: What's taking him so long? It's a book. Read it.

Dean: Damn straight I wanted to shoot some zombies.

Dean: What are you like, Kenny?

Sam: What do we know that has Jason Bourne fighting skills, dies a lot, and has a history with violent women?
Dean: I don't know. You?

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  1. This episode felt disjointed, and the Greek God part--I mean, these are GODs, for real! I don't know much mythology, but I recently rewatched "Bitten" and the kid staring into the mirror saying "I am a golden god!" seemed like a more appropriate response than "I gotta save my kid." That said, I did enjoy the Sam/Dean parts. For once, Dean isn't bzuh? about Sam and tells him as much. And Sam admits he's afraid he's too weak. These guys are actually talking to each other, something we haven't seen much this season.

    Sorry, I'm cuddyclothes on LJ, but this refuses to let me comment under that ID.

  2. I liked the continuity references Sam made in regards to Zombies. That said this episode was familiar Loflin written melodrama. It wasnt terrible but it certainly was better than a lot of the fodder we got this season. I thought the kid dying over and over to please Zeus would have been well awesome. Violence against kids is wrong but if you are gonna have a plotline revolve around a dying kid then well show it a couple of times. I would have liked to have seen him hit his head instead of a bizzarely calm mother bring him into the room after it happened. I also thought the mother was miscast. Any mother with a child would be freaking out everytime her child died especially when at the time she had no idea he was cursed. Any of these deaths could have been his last. Also to nitpick further Zeus should have been in a white or silver suit. It's pretty boring to see this over and over again a bad god or demon in a black suit.