Friday, March 8, 2013

King of the Nerds Season 1 Finale - ARG!

Oh, Nerd contestants, how you let me down with your final votes. You let me down bad.

Who's the nerdiest of them all? Not the one who won!
I know these are real people, and I shouldn't disparage anyone when I only know them from a reality competition (although, you're kind of inviting people to judge you if you're on a TV show, just saying), but the fact that Celeste won this show over Genevieve is, quite frankly, a travesty. The fact that Celeste was in the finale at all is even more of a travesty.

Sorry Celeste, but you're not really a nerd.

There, I said it. I'm not really a nerd, either, even though I have nerd tendencies, so don't jump down my throat about that statement.

Any of the other three would've been acceptable, though we can all admit Danielle was riding the bitter train to bitter town with a case of bitteritis so extreme that I'm not sure anyone would've voted for her to win. But Ivan? I felt your tears, bro. You really should've been in the final two. At least the final three. Not that it wasn't cool to see three girls as the final three in a nerd competition, because honestly when you say that it seems really weird. But I digress.

The only real reason that Celeste ended up winning was because she had this whole silly sob story/journey arc about finding her inner confidence and overcoming self doubt and all the other nerds drank the Kool-Aid. All of that, despite Genevieve's well-written and well-pointed speech and her continual domination throughout the competition. She won three nerd offs! Everyone kept putting her in because they saw her as a threat. And Celeste? NEVER was voted into a nerd off. Not once. Why? Precisely because they didn't view her as a threat. She probably would've been eliminated if she had been in one, too. And she wins? What in the world!

This was a bit of a rant, and I apologize. Sort of.

But hey, if you want to ameliorate these wrongs and make them right, guess what? They're currently casting for season two. You can also watch the previous contestants' audition tapes. I happen to know some of my friends would probably rock this show, so go forth and enter!

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  1. I was very disappointed as well!

  2. Yeah I absolutely loathed the finale. Celeste didn't earn that win at all. I would have liked Genevieve or Ivan to have won. They certainly earned it and were solid all-rounders in the competition. Celeste coasted through.