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Supernatural 8x17 "Goodbye Stranger"

Welcome back from Hellatus, my Supernatural brethren! Honestly it felt like it flew by to me, though I'm sure some of you were chomping like a hell hound to get a new episode. And what a new episode it was! Probably one of the best of this season, yes? Yes.

Recap/review of SUPERNATURAL 8x17 'Goodbye Stranger' by
Team Free Will. Oh wait, wrong season.
It started off with Castiel in a fake out we were supposed to believe was real (yeah right) where he was killing Dean. Turns out, Naomi had him killing a bunch of fake Deans to get him reprogrammed or whatever so that he would be okay with killing the real Dean. Ruh roh!

Meanwhile, real Dean and his little big bro Sam cotton on to a new case. Sam coughs up some more blood, which Dean ends up seeing in the wastebasket, so he has certain SUSPICIOUS SUSPICIONS about his brother's well being. No time to dilly dally on that, however, off to figure out what's going on with some person who has some weird stuff going on!

Basically, this woman was possessed by a demon and started going around digging up bits of the town she was in, then, I think, she killed herself, or was killed? I think I was only half paying attention during this part, sorry not sorry. In any event, she dead, yo. The Winchesters go to interview the last woman who saw her, and find out she was looking for a map of the town from back in ancient times. Some kind of important orchard. Before they can find out more, the place is bombarded with demons. The demons almost look like they're going to get a hand up on the boys, but then wham bam, Cas shows up and kills two of them, leaving the last one to interrogate.

Recap/review of SUPERNATURAL 8x17 'Goodbye Stranger' by
Meg and her Clarence. Ah, Meg. Farewell to ye.
Here's where the boys start to get ultra suspicious of Cas, because he is being ultra fishy, like duh. He won't tell them what he's really been doing, other than the offing of demons. He says he's been searching for the other missing half of the demon tablet, but in actual fact he's been searching for the angel tablet. But Naomi makes him not tell the boys. Anyway, they do find out that the demons have a hostage who knows the whereabouts of all of Lucifer's crypts, where he tells them there is some special parchment.

They go to find the hostage in question, and it turns out to be none other than our favorite demon Meg! Meg, who actually mentions stuff that occurred back in season two, which is kind of amazing given this show's track record sometimes. Anyway, she spills the beans about the angel tablet to the Winchesters, which of course upsets Naomi, but whatevs man, they gotsta find it before Crowley and his demon wranglers do, because Crowley has found out about Meg's rescue and etc. Off to the special super secret crypt!
Recap/review of SUPERNATURAL 8x17 'Goodbye Stranger' by
Just had to include one of Jensen looking hot, you know?

Dean forces Sam to stay outside with Meg and keep a lookout, much to Sam's chagrin. But Dean lays down the law about the whole blood in the wastebasket thing, and how Castiel said the first trial did something to him that even he couldn't fix, and Sam's been kinda not super fighting power Sam like usual. Begrudgingly, he stays outside with Meg. And they actually have a heart to heart of sorts, which, you know what? I liked it. I wasn't always a fan of this version of Meg, but I guess she grew on me.

Meanwhile, inside the crypt, they find the angel tablet, and things go nutso. Because Naomi basically orders Castiel to kill Dean and bring the tablet up to Heaven, despite it being perfectly obvious to me that he could basically just reach over and touch it and foop up there without actually having to kill him, but okay I guess little details don't matter. ANYway, basically Cas just starts beating the crap out of Dean under the influence of Naomi, and it's all seeming extremely so very much like when Sam was possessed by Lucifer and beating the crap out of Dean too, and the only way to get through to him was basically say he was there and they were family and wow, is Cas as important to Dean as Sam? Hrmm.

Cas ends up fighting the power and also ends up touching the angel tablet, which seems to get rid of the sort of sire bond Naomi had over him. While you would think this would make things hunky dory with Dean-o, no. Cas has to protect the tablet from Naomi. And Crowley. And Dean himself. Cas, so untrustful!

But while all of that was going on, Crowley showed up. He ends up fighting Meg, and while the Winchesters flee, kills her. Dang. Meg appears to be dead for good this time, right? You never know with that one, but she was stabbed with one of the angel knives, so she'll never get to have her sexy times with Castiel after all. Sad face.

So, basically, Cas now has both Naomi and Crowley after him, not to mention the Winchesters are probably sort of going to be looking too. Oh boy. What does that angel tablet do?

Random Thoughts:

- Good GAHHG, the Dean/Cas shippers are going to have a field day with this episode aren't they? Dean's love saved Cas from going full dark side, omggggggg! I'm sorry, I'm not a fan of that. There, I said it.

- In the Impala end of episode heart to heart! You know, I feel like we haven't had one of these in a while, but it's quite possible we have and I'm just loopy and not remembering. Or it's happened so often that I just kind of shrug and go yeah whatever. Okay! Ramble city ahoy matey!

- I loved the use of Goodbye Stranger at the end of the episode. I was totally bobbing along to it.

- If you know certain things about who has been signed on for next season, much of what happened in tonight's episode may make you wonder a lot about what's going to happen to a certain character the rest of the season. I'm trying to be spoiler-free right now so as not to annoy spoilerphobes, but if you know who I mean and want to talk about it, hit up the comments, please and thank you.

- Are there any other tablets out there besides the demon and angel ones? What was the purpose of making them in the first place? Will we see one or more of them in use by the end of the season?


Sam: Does any of this sound right to you?
Dean: I like the part about killing demons, that sounds right.

Castiel: You know, I can hear you both, I am a celestial being.

Meg: Aren't you a little short for a storm trooper?

Meg: You really do know how to make a girl's nethers quiver, don't you?
Castiel: I am aware of how to do that.

Crowley: What's that old expression? If you want something done.... blah blah blah.

Crowley: Tart stole my move.

Sam: You realize you kinda just quoted Lord of the Rings, right?
Dean: Come on man, but it's the Rudy Hobbit, Rudy Hobbit always gets a pass.

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  1. Another female on this show murdered, and one with so much promise I was actually hoping for a Cas/Meg romance, after all that would have been the only thing this show HASNT done yet.

    As for Crowley and Naomi's lil tryst in Mesopotamia. When and how could this have happened when season 6 already displayed Crowley's origins as a 17th century scottsman who sold his soul for a bigger penis? The writers really fubared this one and now Crowley makes no absolute sense. Mseopotamia was a civilization that finally assimilated itself with other cultures in the 3rd century a good 1600 years before Crowley so seriously What the hell?!!!

  2. Y'know, I know that in the past, the Kripke (at least, I think it was him) said that Cas had to be removed from the show as much as possible because he was so strong and he made things way too easy for the boys...which is true. Think of all the people that would be alive if Cas had just been around!
    Anyway, knowing that Misha is gonna be a regular next season, I'm sure they're going to have to power him down. Maybe have him get expelled from Heaven and become human like future Cas? I would really enjoy that.

    1. It definitely seems like they'll have to do something to power him down. But I'm wondering if because everyone is speculating that he'll perhaps fall or become human means they'll go in a different direction? What that direction would be, I'm not sure!