Thursday, March 28, 2013

Supernatural 8x18 "Freaks and Geeks"

Oh man, sorry guys. I know this recap is late, and perhaps not as good as normal. But I have an excuse. Family time at Disneyland! Jealous? I think you are. Except maybe not, because going there over Spring Break time was a totes bad idea. So many, many people. SO MANY. When I got home, I barely was able to keep my eyes open through the episode, so apologies in advance for any delusional bits, and the shortened nature of the recap.

Recap/review of Supernatural 8x18 "Freaks and Geeks" by
Deception! Murder!
This episode featured the return of Krissy. Who's Krissy, you wonder? You know, the girl from last season's Adventures in Babysitting with the dad and whatnot? Anyway, she's teamed up with some other teenagers and is now hunting down vamps that killed their families. Oh, right, yeah, her dad died from one such attack as well. She ended up with these kids under the protection/misguidance of Victor, another hunter. At first when the brothers find them and see their set up, it seems like maybe this isn't such a terrible idea. They seem to be happy with each other, care about each other, somewhat act like sort of a real family.

Recap/review of Supernatural 8x18 "Freaks and Geeks" by
The kids are not all right.

Basically it's like a foster home for kids with supernaturally killed families who want vengeance. But something seems fishy with Victor to the Winchesters, and when something seems fishy, it usually is. It turns out that Victor has been using the kids to basically sort of amass a teen hunter army. You know, preparing the next generation. Doesn't sound completely horrible except that he's been tricking the kids into thinking they are killing the vampires that killed their families when really they've been hunting and killing newborn vampires who don't know anything and can be saved if they haven't fed yet.

Victor was working with a vampire to infect newbies to train the kids, basically. I think said vampire was the one who killed all of their families, but honestly I was fully asleep during that bit and currently cannot re-watch the episode. But the point is, he was bad, Krissy found out, wanted to kill him, but because Dean had told her some words of wisdom about not killing everyone unless they're actually bad, and just generally being careful about who you kill, she didn't end up killing him even when she had a gun on him. Instead, he apparently offed himself? Wow, I was really asleep. Sorry guys.

Pretty much a standalone episode after last week's arc-fest. I suspect I would've enjoyed it more had I been more alert. Oh well.

Random Thought:

- The beginning bit between Sam and Dean, checking in on each other, was interesting to me. The way Sam asked with this knowing look basically about how Dean felt about Cas beating the shit out of him... that look was interesting. Some people are going to have a field day with that look.


Sam: What happened?
Dean: Teenagers, that's what.

Dean: I'm proud of you.
Krissy: Shut up before I punch you.

Krissy: You're all right for an old guy.
Dean: I'm really not that old.
Krissy: You keep telling yourself that.

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  1. It wasnt a terrible episode but I just didnt see the need for it, some good acting by the group and all, but alas just another pointless filler episode and too bad because those have always been my favorites of the series.

  2. No, you wouldn't have enjoyed it more had you been more awake. In fact, you might have enjoyed it less. It was just blah.